[WIKI] Trusted Battery Builders (Serious)

Felt that this was needed.

A list of approved Battery Builders / Shops

Please provide Information if you bought a battery from one of these builders and experienced any problems

@Eboosted eBoards Peru Custom Builds For His Enclosures
@longhairedboy Long Haired Boy

US only
@thisguyhere eSk8Life Custom builds
@M.Hboards thread
@DuckBatterySystems DuckBatterySystems
@Skyart thread
@ZachTetra Instagram Thread PM
@A13XR3 Thread Instagram PM
@TheRef [Online] (https://www.bigredsboards.com) Facebook Instagram
@JoeyZ5 Thread PM
@mariocontino Instagram PM

EU only
@pjotr47 Instagram Custom builds PM only
@Acido PM only
@EboardSolutions ElectricBoardSolutions
@tinp123 PM only
@Simeon Forum PM Battery Thread and Instagram @eskate.dd

UK only
@davdBanner Street-Wing (currently PM only)
@Anubis (EU Shipping possible too)

Australia only
@TinnieSinker Custom Builds (PM only)
@Marsen Marsen Custom Batteries
@glyphiks Custom Batteries Thread
@danieloath Evolve upgrades Bolt Mounts Website

Not sure yet

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FYI put in wrong category, plz delete
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Thanks for the baseline, @Venom121212 :heart:


Can confirm, @Dirt_Bag is not a reliable battery builder


This list already :scream:

Pretty irresponsible to put Psychotiller on this list TBH…

edit: and you missed @M.Hboards


Good catch, thank you!

NOTE; @Dirt_Bag is unreliable and untrusted due to his previous actions and poor quality builds. @Psychotiller is MIA and unreliable to deliver a ordered product

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Alien Power System @ ALIENPOWERSYSTEM1- irrelevant
DIYElectircSkateboards @torqueboards - doesnt make custom batteries, and the prebuilts look pretty dodgy if you ask me
UNiKBOARDS @ okp - isn’t with Unik anymore
eSkating @ fottaz - scammy
@darkkevind - fire hazard


Reputable battery builder?

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I have absolutely no experience buying from these fellas, so feel free to make the amendments yourselves.

The one thing i ask, is if you opt to add/remove someone, drop a comment with a little explanation why

the ones to avoid :joy:

and thats being kind.

This list should be cut in half

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go for it

Thanks for adding me on the list :grin:


Lol am I maybe approved or maybe trusted?


Maybe open to commissions, didn’t want to sign you up for something you didn’t agree to

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I’m open to commissions mate, cheers for the mention :call_me_hand:

@Tony_Stark comes recommended by me if he is open to being on the list.


I can ship globally.


How do you pull this off? You find a shipping company that will take them by air?

@Zach thanks for putting me on this list!


Yes. Get a commercial FedEx account and you’ll have super powers too.


I wish I have some of your powers :superhero:


Can we also put none reputable battery builders as just so people know clearly don’t buy from those guys

Also @tinp123 Eu only