⚡ Z Battery Solutions LLC - Battery Building Services in the US

Hey guys! I am excited to announce the official opening of Z Battery Solutions LLC! Since the beginning of my journey, I have been spending countless hours learnings and practicing the art of batteries. It quickly turned into something I love to do. I am definitely not an expert or even close to one, but over time I have learned to create some safe, powerful, and beautiful batteries. My goal is to provide this awesome and rapidly growing community another option for high quality custom packs!

Here is more information on the service:


The price is calculated in a spreadsheet I made that uses many factors such as cell, layout, materials required, BMS, etc. Here’s what the pricing breaks down to:

  • Cell cost - varies based on cell and availability
  • Labor cost - $3.15-4.15/cell based on layout and complexity
  • Material cost - $0.50-0.70/cell based on layout
  • BMS cost - Based on BMS used (Daly/Smart LLT)
  • Termination cost - Charge/Discharge port wiring
  • Shipping - UPS or Fedex ground, insured, orders over $500 require a signature
  • PayPal Fees - Approx 2.9% + $0.30

Once we figure out what battery you would like, I will send the PayPal invoice to you with a breakdown of costs. This is done through PayPal G&S. Note that these prices may change over time.


Once you receive your PayPal invoice, you have two options to start the build process:

  • Pay the “Minimum amount due” which is the cell cost to start the build, then pay the rest prior the the battery shipping.
  • Pay all at once. This option is more simple, that’s about it.

If you want to cancel an order, there are 4 scenarios.

  1. The invoice has been paid but the pack has not been started yet - In this case, you will get a full refund. If specific materials were ordered for this build already, there will be a 5% fee.
  2. The build has been started - In this case, there will be a 20% fee as I have to either finish and sell the pack to someone else or disassemble it which wastes time and materials.
  3. The pack has been finished but not shipped - In this case, there will be a 20% fee as I have to now find a buyer for the pack.
  4. The pack has been shipped - There will be no cancelation or returns at this point, all sales are final once shipped.
Lead Times

Builds are completed on a first come, first served basis. The order may change if I am waiting on materials for a specific build. I will let you know how long the build que is before ordering. Depending on what materials I have in stock, I may be able to begin the build immediately. If I am out of stock on something it may take up to two weeks for it to arrive. Build time depends on the size and complexity, but is usually only a few days. I am a student with family and friends so I can’t always guarantee that these times will be accurate, so take these as an estimate.


All batteries will be shipped UPS or Fedex Ground, within the continental US only. They will be packed as I see fit. If you would like extra special packing, I can do it for a fee.

The address must be able to accept UPS/Fedex deliveries containing lithium batteries, no PO boxes.


I understand that mistakes can happen so please feel free to contact me if something goes wrong and I will try my best to work things out.

If a pack arrives DOA, I will be happy to repair it, I will cover shipping both ways and repairs; void if pack is damaged or tampered with in any way. I can offer repair only within 90 days of you receiving the package; also void if pack is damaged or tampered with in any way.

Terms of Service

Before the invoice is paid, you must complete the electronic waiver which will be emailed to you. This is due to this service being offered to customers building DIY boards, in which I can not be held responsible for the way you use the product.


All new builds will be posted in the replies below, but here are a few from my past:

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If you have any questions or are interested in a custom battery, please feel free to contact me through direct messages (preferred) or email(zbatterysolutions@comcast.net). You can also find me on my new Instagram, @ZBatterySolutions, or my still in progress website, ZBattery.Solutions.


Congrats Joey, looking forwards to seeing your thread fill out just like @Skyart


Congrats @JoeyZ5 I’m so excited for you :star_struck: Your one of my favorites on this forum can’t wait to order from you :call_me_hand:


Your work looks amazing, my man! Keep up the quality and being an awesome part of this community! We need more builders like you :muscle:


Really clean, unusual batteries there. Good luck in your venture.


Thanks for the compliments everyone! I’m so thankful to be a part of this awesome community, you guys are the best :heart:


Looks amazing, good work my guy!


Those batteries are sooo clean! Great work man!


Man those batteries look mint! Good luck on your venture!


Sending out some Funwheel packs today! 12s2p P42A :muscle:



Very cool. Looks more robust inside than the usual builds of these.

Have you test fit them at all? I’m curious how much convincing, comparatively to the other $$XR packs, they take to get the box shut.


Yep :+1:

From what I could find they require similar amounts of convincing as the other major brands out there.


Wicked. Nice work. :+1:


In progress builds!


What gauge wire did you purchase for all of the balance wires? Is it 22 AWG?


I just use the stock Daly balance wiring for most, if I need extensions I just solder on a piece from the closer groups wires that got cut off. It’s 24AWG and feels like PVC or something.

For anything else I just use 22AWG silicone.


Or are you talking about the Onewheel BMS connectors? That is 26AWG. I used silicone but might switch to PTFE for that because its a bit thinner/tougher.


I was talking about the ones on the main pack not the OW ones.

Okay yeah 22 is what I thought. I’m not sure if my daly wires will reach on the current pack I’m building so I may have to extend, which is always ugly haha

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If you have enough scraps left over from the closer cells you can probably just extend it with that wire like I did here, its barely noticeable.