Category Topics

How-Tos & Esk8 mechanics

Want to share how you do your thing? This is the place. Want to share how you should not have done that thing you did that resulted in terrible and glorious fail? This is the place for that too. (Level 0 +)

DIY Builds

If you built your own esk8 and want to show it off, put it here. The more photos and details the better. (Level 0 +)

Build Of The Year

Every year someone builds the most awesome board out there. This is where we talk about BOTY.

Esk8 Electronics

This category is for everything to do with esk8 or other PEV electronics. Questions, comments, concerns, and development of motor controllers, remotes, lighting systems, battery management systems, telemetry devices, display screens, etc should be posted in here.

Site Feedback & Updates

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. (Level 0 +)

Vendor Corner (SERIOUS)

This category is for vendors to put up “storefronts” where they can showcase their products and update with special offers and promotions. We encourage vendors to, whenever possible, put forward offers that are specific to us here at forum and to also be open to the possibility of group buy pricing on their goods. (Level 0 +)

Product Warnings

Just like it sounds, this is the pace for products that are iffy in quality, break during use, or are otherwise unsafe or unsatisfactory. Let’s try to keep it fact-based instead of accusatory or inflammatory, and if we can help the manufacturer improve their offerings in some way, let’s try to do that first.

Esk8 Dev

Trial category for all ESK8 Dev projects. Once product inalized/ready for sale, will move to “New Parts for Sale.” (Level 0 +)

Esk8 Parts Market

Since marketplace posts tend to get messy and you have to comb through everything to find what you’re looking for or discover something you didn’t know you wanted, we’ll try breaking them out like this. If it sucks, we’ll address it later. (Level 0 +)

Esk8 Ride Videos

Post your ride videos in here!

Prebuilt Board Discussion

While DIY is the dream for most, many don’t have the time or inclination to build. (Level 0 +)


This is just here because Damon LOVES EUCs. Especially riding them drunk and barefoot. (Level 0 +)

Analog Rides

This category is for everything analog you ride, build, or build and then ride. Longboards, park boards, unicycles, high bikes, low bikes, chopper bikes, tricycles, or whatever else is human powered and has at least one wheel and is stood on, sat on, or laid back in.


Discussions Surrounding Safety Gear and Best Practices

The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8

References and WIKI Resources for building electric skateboards (Level 0 +)

Other languages

We’re trying to make it easier for our friends from all over the world to interact with, inform, and improve our forum. So if you would like to see another language category added to help achieve this, please let us know. (Level 0 +)

Events/Group Rides

This is a place for Events, big and small. Remember to mention where, what, when, how much, and what to bring. Be responsible and try not to die at these things. (Level 0 +)


This Category is used to house Images and Videos for the Site.
59 articles articles (Level 0 +)

Esk8-related Politics

The place to discuss current, potential, and pending local policy, ordinances, laws, and all those other legal terms for rules we have to follow when out and about. Where to ride, where not to ride, local safety requirements, state and federal laws, etc. (Level 0 +)

Article, Review, Interview Requests

Is there something you’d like to see covered on Post about it here and we’ll see what we can do. If there’s enough interest in it, and we’re not doing it already, we might just do it! (Level 0 +)