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Black Fox Boards - East Coast Battery Building Services

It’s been a little long in making this post but here we are! The official public launch of Black Fox Boards’ battery building services!

I am by no means an expert at battery building, but over the dozen or so packs I have made I picked up a few tips and tricks, some shamelessly acquired by stalking the battery builders club thread, others developed by me in the rare stroke of intelligence I occasionally am privy to. But I’d like to share what I have learned in the form of making custom packs! I honestly really enjoy battery making, it allows me to practice skills and exercise a level of precision which I think is really good for me, what this means for you is that even though I do these services at profit, I am not here for profit and so it is not in my best interest to cheat you in any way, I strive to be as proud of every battery as I possibly can be, mistakes happen but I will be upfront and honest about everything I can and offer the best customer service within reason.


Costs vary depending on difficulty and I will need to work out what is needed for each battery but this is the formula I want to stick to is listed below. I can do other related services like other wiring at special request, but battery salvage is not an option (cells must arrive to me in a ready to weld condition).

  • Complete batteries
    – $80 initial cost (includes start fee, BMS, charge port with fuse, and pack termination)
    – $3.20 to $4.00 per cell (covers time and basic materials; dependent on assembly complexity)
  • Parallel groups
    – $20 initial cost (start fee)
    – $1.40 per cell (covers time and per cell materials)\
  • Cells, PayPal fees, special additions (PCB backing, cell spines, modular wiring, smart BMSs, antisparks, etc.), shipping (packaging, insurance, shipping label) are all at cost and can either be ordered to me or the cost added to the total
  • Per cell costs are discounted by 5% after every 50 cells up to a maximum of 25%

I ship via ground services using USPS/UPS/FedEx from 19711, or you can arrange to pick up the battery from me in person. Typically I will ship in a cardboard box with 1" or more of bubble wrap depending on the pack, but more robust packaging is available for a fee. I highly recommend purchasing inside a deck or enclosure as it adds another layer of mechanical and chemical protection during transit, it can either be ordered to me or added to the total cost. Shipping is in the United States only unless a prepaid shipping label and customs sheet is provided.


The best warranty I can offer is a promise of non-DOA (return at buyer’s expense, repairs and reshipping covered by me; void if package is damaged or tampered with in any way) and discounted repair services within 42 days of delivery (shipping and materials at buyer’s expense, labor covered by me; void if battery shows any signs of damage or abuse)


All sales are final once shipped, any cancellation prior to shipping will be partially refunded with a fee of 20% to 40% of the total battery value depending on the state of the battery at the time of cancellation. Alternatively I can hold on to the battery until you resell it, you must cover any increase in shipping expense, warranty is transferable under this condition.

Photo Gallery

These are batteries I made under Black Fox Board branding, if you PayPal me enough I’ll make one just for you!

If anything seems amiss or unreasonable please don’t hesitate to let me know, I just want to make some batteries at the end of the day. If you want to track my battery building you can follow me at, all validation is appreciated and I really like when I wake up in the morning to the little hearts on my home screen. You can reach out me to make an inquiry me via Instagram, email (, or forum

Zach Tetra from Black Fox Boards


You build beautiful packs man, no doubt about it. I wish you the best of luck. I’m glad to might have been your first customer a couple nights ago :rofl:


Haha thanks dude :smile:

But technically the first BFB customer was @Crispeasy with his Halo Board battery even though it was prior to a launch lol

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Yea that shit was magic. I’m still scratching my head how you did that lol. Definitely validates the fact you’re a dope ass battery buildr


It did take me a second try, the first time I wrapped it I didn’t have enough spacer in the middle and the whole thing turned into a taco that was 6mm out of spec…but that’s careful measurements and math there, it’s a tight squeeze to say the least.

If anyone wants a Halo Board battery I will be doing them with folded nickel from now on.

Packs look great, and organized. Wish you goodluck with the business :wink:


So no WW shipping yet?


If you need overseas shipping I would hit up LHB. He can send stuff anywhere with certs. Even shipping a pack to Canada is a major pain from the US. So most of us won’t mess with it due to the hassle.


Battery looking yummy

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If you can email me a printable shipping label and customs form so all I have to do is tape it up and drop it off somewhere near I can do that but I’m not messing with international stuff anymore


Looking good :metal: Can’t wait to try these out :fire:

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Quick and easy one day battery, 10s1p P42A for my single drive board. ABS spine, black HMA, 10mm * 0.2mm nickel

Will have a DALY 10s BMS bypassed and then it gets wrapped up…it’ll be cute

(I’m bored and I sold the battery out of that board, now I have 0 functioning skates…needed something quick and dirty)


Where’d you get that ABS spine? It’s really nice wth

Honestly I don’t even remember when I got them, I had them for a long time…it was some where on AliExpress and it arrived like 4 months later or something ridiculous but which point I long forgot I ordered them

But I have them in 21700 and 18650 sizes, both are 10 cell long double staggers…if anyone wants a heavy duty double stack pack lemme know and I will use them. They have little vents so they glue up super easy and they are way more tough than fishpaper so no risk of parallel groups shorting





All I have are analogs, the extra long and the rain board are all that remain, there should be 4 eskates and 4 analogs at a time but everything is down for repairs and upgrades


You bought these? I thought they were 3d printed. Do you have a link?

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They should show up as “cell spacers” on Ali

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If anything wants to see the cell spacers in use, here is a hefty 12s6p 30Q brick, all cells are adhered to the spine with HMA. The fit is absolutely perfect, just enough wiggle for heat shrink on the outside and the electronics down the side. Will be assembled with single piece 30mm * 0.2mm series/parallel nickel strip the length of the pack

If you want one of these with the water resistant enclosure for your eMTB or other top mount builds let me know! They are the most robust packs I can easily make, once packed in I can pot them with silicone and it because waterproof except for the charge and discharge leads

I can fit an extra 12 cells and a smart BMS in there without to much issue, these are ideal for any 12s7p 18650


The chunky one is all welded up…864 of those fuckin’ dots :sweat_smile: