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Hey all,

Some of you know me some don’t, I’m by no means a huge influence in the community, but I try to help and add value where I can. I’ve been skating for 4 years now and have built 6 or 7 boards for myself in that time frame. I’ve also been building battery packs for about 2 years and crossed over my 100th paypal invoice recently, so I’m somewhere above that in number’s of packs built. Through that journey and growth the most consistently annoying part of building a pack has been sourcing all the various materials that go into it.

Ordering battery building supplies from all loads of sources that sometimes take painfully long amounts of time to arrive, so I’m going to try and fix that situation for everyone else. Moving further, past my battery building services, I’m opening up a shop for battery centric DIY materials. I’ll be stocking what I have found most necessary and useful for building packs. I’m also very open to suggestion on what other materials people are looking for.

This thread will serve as the introduction while I work to have my website completed and continue to order and receive everything. Just for products, not for my battery building, but that will be on the website as well. So for now, shoot me a PM for order info. When it comes online, you’ll be able to find me here at

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I’ll edit the posted information below as inventory changes.

Currently in shipping or production I have:

  • 200W Chargers; 10S5A, 12S4A, 16S3A, all with 5.5x2.1 barrel plug/us wall plug
  • Fishpaper; 70mm, 65mm, rings

Current stock:

  • DALY charge only BMS’s 10S, 12S, 16S
    – $21+ship, no additional shipping on orders with multiple BMS’s.
  • Solid nickel strips
    – current sizes: .2x30mm, .2x25mm, and .1x8mm.
    – $12+ship, per 100g
    – please contact me direct for any order over .4kg

Of the item’s currently being procured, I will not be doing presales. Other than the context of group buy’s, and custom battery packs, I feel this industry does not need any more presale companies, so I will only be selling products I can ship immediately.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to helping move the community further!


You sir are a legend
Really useful service you got here
Sadly your in the US
Would be amazing if someone had this service in the uk

I’ll look into international shipping in the future, but one step at a time. Apex has a good bit of this stuff as well so I’d bet they can help you in some way too


yeah hes great
but would be great if more people could stock the basics
just nickel fishpaper and bmses

eitherway good luck mate

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As far as suggestions go, what else does everyone needs/wants, that I can make more available to the community, I will have a poll below for suggestions. Already working on 50mm and 15mm Kapton and Fiberglass tape rolls. Cell holders 21700 mainly, and 21.7mm P42A compatible. Smart BMS’s? XT and such connectors maybe, I’m not sure I can cost effectively compete with amazon on most of those.

Below will be a very general poll with loads of options for people to select that they want to use in building packs and would like to see offered:

Pack Materials Interest
  • 10S BMS
  • 11S BMS
  • 12S BMS
  • 13S BMS
  • 14S BMS
  • 15S BMS
  • 16S BMS
  • 17S BMS
  • 18S BMS
  • 25x.2mm solid nickel
  • 30x.2mm solid nickel
  • 50x.2mm solid nickel
  • 8x.1mm nickel (for tabs)
  • 21mm fishpaper rings
  • 18mm fishpaper rings
  • 70mm fishpaper sheets
  • 65mm fishpaper sheets
  • larger 100(?)mm fish paper sheets
  • 50mm kapton tape rolls
  • 10-15mm kapton tape rolls
  • 50mm fiberglass tape rolls
  • 10-15mm fiberglass tape rolls

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BLESS YOU SIR. I just started out building packs for money and this is a lifesaver. Those 12s Daly’s look kinda big. I’ve been using the super small 13s ones and then shorting the last two pins. Either way, great work!


The 12S daly’s are 64x50x12mm, same as the 16S, definitely not small, but I haven’t had to many issues with the size in any battery/enclosure larger than 12S3P+. But those small 13S ones, you may need to check that they actually have the balancing circuit populated or not, I had gotten a few of them and they were not equipped with balancing, so in other words, useless trash. Not sure about 11S but I think after 10S they jump to this size. Then increasing again after 16S, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

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I will find where I got mine and edit in a link. They have the balancing circuit.


I’ll look into it! Might still be worth cutting one open to check. Kevin did it some months ago on the mini 13S ones and found that info out. Also mine say “with balance” in English if yours might too?

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Congrats, it will be nice to get all of this stuff from one place.

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Where were you a week ago lol. Looking forward to what you can get for the community


did i hear international shipping battery pack :eyes:

probably just my brain

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Hurriedly waiting for my shipment of BMS’s so I actually had something to post lol

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as me and @skyart spent a long time doing last year, it can be done but not easily

I can’t make any promises, that’s seemingly one of the hardest thing’s the ship out of the US. But it will be on the list of stuff to get to.

My other major concern with that is repair, if there is any sort of problem the last thing you should be doing is international shipping a pack with a potential hazard in it. So one party is likely going to be screwed in that scenario.


talk to @longhairedboy who does it with his board

that’s very good to hear already

battery in equipment and just battery pack undergo different regulation duing international shipping via air freight


Exactly this. I can ground ship to Canada and probably Mexico without must more than customs paperwork. But as soon as it needs to go on an airplane, boy is it a world of hurt for the shipper lol


“technically” u can build the battery pack into an enclosure and attach to a deck, ship it out as battery in equipment, it might work that way, but then u will need enclosure and deck for each pack you send out :joy:


you can
me and skyart did that in order to get a battery to me

the law is really stupid in uk
if i ship by itself illegal
if you ship with a torch that requires some batteries then perfectly fine and legal