(US) 12S5P Custom Built Battery

12S5P battery custom built by @A13XR3
Battery has not had a single cycle run on it yet. Was hooked up for a brief time, like 1 minute. Other than that it’s been stored in my near constant 18⁰C shop.

It’s built with 21700 Molicel P42A cells and it has 150A continuous discharge, 21Ah or 907Wh of capacity.
The dimensions of the pack are 8"x5"x2.75", this allowa it to fit perfectly inside of a Pelican 1150 case.

Here is a link to Alex’s post detailing his battery building.

Here is a link to the charger

$700 for everything, shipping included


Hello! In order to help you sell faster, I would list the dimensions of this pack. Good luck with the sale.

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What bms was used? Looks like a Bluetooth dongle sticking outta that pack?


That’s an LTT smart BMS, bypassed based on the size


Yep, what he said. Discharge is bypassed

Good deal. Alex builds great batteries. GLWS

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Would you do me a favor - would you weigh this battery? Curious what a full finished 12s5p 21700 comes in at

Bumpintines day is upon us fellas.