Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

You can get a dual off-road kit, dual ESC, dual motors, and battery + ESC enclosure for $350 from dickyho

Easiest battery for cheap is a pair of 5s lipos and a balance charger, about $100 for that

Decks should be $30ish on eBay

Around $500 for a complete ‘off-road’ build of decent quality


Any chance you have his link? I know I’ve seen it around eBay but can’t seem to find it under that name. How good are the lipos? Easy to connect together? Sorry I’m basically Adam Sandler in the water boy when it comes to batteries.

Make a build thread for it and I’ll link you stuff there, makes it easier to sort out

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I know Zach Tetra just posted before me but I already typed hella stuff so I’m just going to keep going :joy:

Hello, I’ll answer your questions in bullets because there are a lot of them :+1:

  1. There are some really good motors out there but they are expensive so I would recomend sk3 or sk8 motors on Hobbyking
  2. Definetly go with a VESC, every single person here was scared to program a vesc but they are super easy! There are tons of tutorials and although it looks really complicated you are just putting some numbers in here and there. Check out the FocBox Unity or a 6.6 from Flipsky.
  3. As for trucks and wheels check out Haggy Boards (not sure if they are on this forum yet but they are on esk8 builders). Also maybe check out Psychotiller he has some really awesome pnumatic wheels on his site
    4.Psychotiller also has a wide array of enclosures on his site (he is definetly on this forum). Use some weather strip sandwiched between the enclosure and the deck for weather proofing
  4. There are a ton of other setups like the one you want, but because this is a newer forum there aren’t as many build threads on here. Maybe just head over to esk8 builders just to browse for a while and look at some build threads there
  5. For your battery check out
    @pjotr47 @Psychotiller @longhairedboy
    those are a few awesome battery builders that come to the top of my head right now

This will be a great resource once we get it all together but for now a WIP

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If I could be of assistance, it would be to choose your items in a certain order. Don’t choose anything else until you’ve chosen your deck and enclosure. Because you need to know if it will even fit. Enclosures are much more difficult than you think, and you need to know if flexibility will be something you design for, or not. So go in a certain order, along the whole way making sure you choose things that are compatible with each other.

  1. helmet
  2. deck + enclosure (flex?)
  3. battery (flex?)
  4. ESC(s)
  5. drivetrain & trucks & motor mount
  6. wheels
  7. motors
  8. {everything else}
  9. remote
  10. aesthetics: grip, colors, lights

Leaving enclosures until last as an afterthought is a surefire way to end up in a less-than-ideal position.

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You’re the reason it went full Nelson Mandela

welcome, We are short on content but you will get anything you need answered by the cadre of clever crazies here

Read what you can here and the other place, it will help you immensely


Hi !

I’d like to sell a pair of Trampa infinity trucks on this forum. I looked for rules but I only found rules about posting pictures and prices.

Is there any requirements needed before posting in the buy/sell category, like reading time or trust level ?

Has anyone tried TB hangers w Paris 44 deg baseplates? I’m currently building one for a friend. I got it installed and got one it to test it out. I feel a weird “flat” spot when I try to rock back and forth laterally. It seemed like the pivot cups and/or the baseplate is not meant to be used w the TB hangers.


@mmaner @Lunasi @jamie. Have we set guidelines for selling items? Other than the obvious, up to date profile with location, pictures, condition and price. Are we worried about lower member level allowed to sell? And I’m not talking Group Buys either.

@J0ker there are not specific guidelines just yet.


My opinion…

  1. Don’t be brand new, put in the time
  2. Post pics, oh and post pics, btw, post some damned pics
  3. When someone lowballs you, be cool or ignore
  4. Don’t be a dick, your gear ain’t special
  5. @b264 US, EU, whatever in the title

I’d add that photographs and your country should be mandatory for any sale.

A sale listing with no country is just wasting folks’ time.

To add to that, it’d be even better if the country needed to be on their profile and not just on the sale listing.


That’ll do


@mmaner nailed it. I’d also add: Don’t us PayPal FnF unless you and the vendor have a very close relationship and there is implicit trust!


Even then, I’d stay with non fnf. It keeps you and the seller honest and any dispute is easily resolved.

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I would just make it a rule to never use F&F and if folks mutually decide to break that rule, then they can’t hold anyone else accountable. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if single drive cruise control is possible ?

It’s definitely possible.

Ive been trying to figure it out on my new remote, Ik my mini remote had knobs that when moved would set a slow pace, But I moved away from that remote.