🏆 2021 Build of the Year - Voting - ROUND 1

What’s up all you party people?!

We enjoying 2022 so far? What’s not to love? This year has it all! 3rd year of the pandemic? Check. Rapidly deteriorating climate crisis? Check. A ubiquitous geopolitical policy of “la la la I cant hear you”? Check.

But there is at least one thing I know you all have been looking forward to, and now its here!

Things are a little different this year - DONT PANIC:

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are excited to be introducing categories to BOTY!

Here’s how that’s happening:

  1. The builds have been nominated, and the builders (or me, if they are silent) have selected the category they want their build to compete in. Each build is only competing in one category.
  2. Voting will happen in two rounds; the first round determines the category winners, the second round will be the category winners competing against each other for the BOTY crown!
  3. I will be building trophies for 1st place in each category and BOYT, and we are working on getting together some other prizes for the winners as well :slight_smile:

The categories this year are:

Street Builds
  • Any build which is primarily designed for on-road use.
  • This category is hardware-independant. The hardware of your board has nothing to do with this, it’s entirely up to how you use it.
  • If your board has an eMTB deck, top-box enclosure, MTB bindings, and big knobby pneumatics, it doesnt matter so long as you designed it/use it primarily on the streets (pavement, sidewalks, bike paths, skate park, whatever).
Off-Road Builds
  • Any build which is primarily designed for off-road use.
  • This category is hardware-independent. The hardware of your board has nothing to do with this, it’s entirely up to how you use it.
  • If your board has a 32" popsicle deck, underslung enclosure, spray-on grip tape, and 85mm urethane wheels, it doesnt matter so long as you designed it/use it primarily off-road (dirt tracks, grass, gravel, sand, snow, whatever).
Most DIY Elements
  • Any build which capitalizes on it’s use of parts and components where the builder truly "did it themselves."
  • The builder did not assemble their board purely from off-the-shelf components, and instead opted to get their hands extra dirty and build some amount of critical components themselves, from scratch.
  • Did you design/build your own ESC based on the VESC open source project? Did you turn a block of metal into your own trucks/motor mounts/etc.? Did you write your own code for a custom peripheral (lights/datalogger/dashboard/etc.)? Did you wind your own motors? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this may be the category for you!

Our list of candidates are…

Street builds!

BOB(s Your Uncle) by @PedroMcJimenez, nominated by @whaddys!

#Choovid19 by @Lobap, nominated by @janpom!

Gettin’ another build together by @tomiboi, nominated by @PedroMcJimenez!

KURBY by @PedroMcJimenez, nominated by @rosco!

Kushboard Athena by @Linny, nominated by @glyphiks!

MCRN Rocinante by @jack.luis, nominated by @glyphiks!

NightTrain by @rosco, nominated by @glyphiks!

OutRun by @EreTroN, nominated by @UFOskada!

Ronin by @Jaws, nominated by @JeffyJ!

The Green Oni by @Dunkan, nominated by @glyphiks!

The Prototypical Resurrection by @mariocontino, nominated by @rusins!

The Purple One by @abusfullofnuns, nominated by @PedroMcJimenez!

Off-Road Builds!

EVOLUTION by @ducktaperules, nominated by @PedroMcJimenez!

MoonRover by @whaddys, nominated by @PedroMcJimenez!

PSYCHOFRAME by @NoWind, nominated by @Cyanoacrylate!

the crab raccoon by @Evwan, nominated by @rusins!

The Sherm by @Paul77, nominated by @UFOskada!

Most DIY!

Capt. Jack’s Arrow by @DerSi, nominated by @Dinnye!

Mark I by @moddedlife, nominated by @JeffyJ!

Octagon by @MarkVa1, nominated by @DEEIF!

Pan de pita by @thunkar, nominated by @Venom121212!

The Cyboard by @jack.luis, nominated by @Evwan!

TÜÜB by @Flyboy, nominated by @whaddys!

(You are strongly encouraged to read every thread! Each one of these threads represents dozens or hundreds of hours by the builder, and each thread is a journey. I guarantee you that reading all of these threads will make you not only a better builder, but a better community member :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Big thanks to everyone who nominated so many awesome builds! Ya’ll have done some amazing things this last year, and it’s really great to see them all showcased like this :slight_smile:

Nominees, if you want me to use a different cover photo for your board please PM me!

This is a community event, for this community! Please respect that, and keep voting to active members of this forum, only.

We ask that you do not campaign for your or anyone else’s board on other social media platforms. On this platform, however, GO NUTS! I would LOVE to see the pictures thread flooded with campaign posters! (Please dont spam any inappropriate threads.)

When voting closes we will make a thread announcing all the amazing things that have been donated to the prize pool :wink:

Thanks for a lot of awesome in another shitty year,
-BOTY team: @glyphiks , @xsynatic, and @MrDrunkenMobster

P.S.: If you or someone you know is one of the amazing vendors in our community, we are still looking for donations to the prize pool, and we would love to hear from you!


Street Builds!
  • BOB(s Your Uncle)
  • #Choovid19
  • Gettin’ another build together
  • Kushboard Athena
  • MCRN Rocinante
  • NightTrain
  • OutRun
  • Ronin
  • The Green Oni
  • The Prototypical Resurrection
  • The Purple One

0 voters

Off-Road Builds!
  • MoonRover
  • the crab raccoon
  • The Sherm

0 voters

Most DIY!
  • Capt. Jack’s Arrow
  • Mark I
  • Octagon
  • Pan de pita
  • The Cyboard
  • TÜÜB

0 voters


I would like to highlight this real quick. I’m dead serious, I really want to see people putting up campaign posters and “get out the vote” and all that shit. When BOTY just lives in this thread, I think it can get lost. Spread the word! Get out the vote! Bring the whole community in on this!


I still can’t believe that none of my actual builds made it, but the 1 hour pennyboard meme did. I’ve been laughing my ass off all day. Good luck everyone!


I swear to god, if you Boaty McBoatface your way to winning this thing Evan, I’m never inviting you to my birthday party.


Well, if I do magically win, any of the prizes go straight to second place as I don’t deserve it. I wanna win as a meme, not as a dickhead who wants prizes.

The title “BOTY THIEF” (pronounced booty thief) would be hilarious too, but that’s a wonky fever dream.


I’ve been thinking of it as BBOOTY (best build out of the year)

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my votes are in. i voted crab raccoon over psychoframe. this is how america got like this.


A-fuckin-MEN brother.


aint failed yet and i aint involved, so imma roll with it, ya ol cork screw pea Ness.

BTW sorry if any of you are in the wrong category. I tried really hard, but there’s always the possibility for mistakes. Unfortunately I cant edit polls once they have started, so better luck next year I guess :sweat_smile:

Any and all complaints about this Duck’s subpar performance should be directed to @jamie and @longhairedboy. Fingers crossed they dont let me run this shitshow next year :joy:


theyll be back with their cigs any day now, the line at the store was nuts xD

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So many good builds this year, I love it.

I’m still drooling over your two builds @jack.luis


Let the votes begin! Good luck everyone, i’ll spend the evening reading the build threads again, some i have read once, and some i have not.


I feel like this was written specifically for me :joy:


That’s an excellent use of your time. MASSIVE props to everyone who took the time to write up a build thread this year, whether you got nominated or not! (RIP Mistfall :cry:)


Anyone that hasn’t followed the Pyschoframe story, definitely go read it. And go watch videos of it on instagram Definitely one of the craziest builds I’ve ever seen

And Outrun, so beautiful. I need to do a pink and blue build sometime


And also makes it even harder to vote cause you learn the struggles and triumphs that went into each build.

Bet this comp represents 1000+ man hrs of work.


I’m super honoured and humbled to be featured amongst all these other amazing builds, makes me motivated to make an off-road monster :smiling_imp:
Good luck everyone!


What would help is if it would be possible to pin this thread on the home page of the forum.

I don’t know who has enough powaaaa to do that but I guess @longhairedboy and @jamie