[#Choovid19] | ChooChoo #1 | FatBoy Helical v5 | TB110 | Hammocks | FB220 SurfRodz | Focbox | Puck Puck Bruce | Davega | Robogotchi | 10s3p p42a

Hola everyone! :love_you_gesture:

Being under lockdown for so many months had almost driven me crazy and I feel in need to shout a big THANK YOU to this forum and its members for the knowledge provided and the uncountable hours of enjoy, it helped a lot to keep my sanity in place :smiley:
Special recall to @rey8801 @BigBen @3DServisas @Anubis @DerelictRobot @b264 @poastoast @rusins @pjotr47 @janpom @natch and many others at Discord and Telegram groups.

This is my 3rd DIY build and the first one I open a build thread about, so I’ll try my best to reflect on this post all the labour and effort has been invested to revamp my beloved ChooChoo and turn it into the following…


Parts list:

Deck ChooChoo #1 by @rey8801 sprayed with 3 layers of black Line-X + texturized gray + fine glassfrit on stripes
Enclosure ChooChoo #1 by @bigben sprayed with 4 layers of Line-X
ESC 2x Focbox fw v5.1
Heatsink FatBoy DualFocbox heatsink by @3DServisas sprayed with texturized grey
Telemetry Davega X by @janpom
Robogotchi + GPS module by @DRI / @DerelictRobot attached with inserts on the outside
Hangers 2x FatBoy CNC raw ALU 240mm SurfRodz profile by @3DServisas
Geardrive 2x FatBoy Urethane Helical v5 1:2:6 by @3DServisas
Baseplates 2x Hammock for SurfRodz by @rey8801
Wheels 4x TB110 74A by @torqueboards
Bearings Bones Reds
Bushings Riptide KranK FatCone 93A + TallFatCone 96A by @RipTideSports
Remote Puck Puck Bruce + nubbed throttle by @DRI / @DerelictRobot
Battery 10s3p Molicell P42A 432wh by @pjotr47
Motors 2x Turnigy SK8 6354 140kv
Others 10s 42v 5A charger and all hardware and washers are steel made

ChooChoo based build evolution

When she was young... and free

She had bergs and PU FatBoy geardrives… epoxy all over the place to keep her naked and dry… and a shitty Enertion Nano remote:


Pandemic isolation and madness

Dirty paths were not for her so going back to the streets… sales, shopping and DIY time :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

This ChooChoo deck just has something special… I have ridden many boards with many different decks but this one is a perfect balance between size, maneaurability and performance.

So, I hope you enjoyed the pics! :smiley:

Stay tuned to the Complete Builds category as I am planning to sell it either as complete (without battery) or by parts sets, already looking for new challenges and I also because I have an ongoing Omakase build (with again the enclosure #1 from @BigBen) that I think will better fit my daily needs.

Cheers and see you on the streets!


Incredible :open_mouth: I love the Line-X sprayed enclosure, the texture looks awesome


Nice deck bro


Beautiful work man. :ok_hand:t2:

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Wow! It looks great! I love the raw aluminum/steel look :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Where did you buy 419D in the EU?

And what did you use to paint the deck? Looks really cool! :smiley:


On Amazon: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07B8RY7M6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3DR144CNQ0W52NFPYK31

Deck was painted first with line-x (used to paint truck bumpers) then with a grey granite spray as well as the heatsink :star_struck:

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Yeah this thing is awesome, it also gave some strength… the idea behind was for protection rather than good looking but apparently I got both :heart_eyes:

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grrr :angry:

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I like the after pandemic version :grin:
Super nice


I can buy some and send them to your place if you want :wink:

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I was contemplating PMing you about that actually :laughing:

Let me first consult with my brother on whether or not he would like to buy your deck in case you part out the board :upside_down_face:

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Me too. @skate420 has told me I’m banned from using it on skateboards henceforth though. :frowning:

Beautiful build @Lobap !


I’m going to ship you stuff sprayed with LineX to fight back :open_mouth:


Sweet build
Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the heat sink? to… give off heat

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Yup but since I run these shitty motors + I usually don’t go over 50kmh + no hills where I live… motors nor VESCs never heat up :wink:

But anyway the spray is a metallic + granite based spray and only 1 layer went to the heatsink… shouldn’t be too bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh the butyl tape!

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What does it weight? Looks like a perfect city board :heart_eyes:

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It was exactly 10kg with bergs, 30q and lights… now with p42a, tb110 and no lights i guess its between 11-12kg… :wink: