🏆 2022 Build of the Year - Planning

Sup bitches. BOTY 2022 is cumming.

Its almost that time again. Can you feel it? Is your body ready?

Anyway, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints that you want to put forward, now is the time to do it. We changed things up a lot last year, so lets hear your thoughts. Did you hate how BOTY was structured last year? Do you want things different this year? Why?

This is not the nomination thread. Nominations will open Jan 1st, as usual. If you want to be eligible for nomination, your build (and build thread) must be complete by 11:59pm Dec. 31st.


Anyone interested in being a BOTY organizing assistant? The job is three parts:

  1. Proofread my BOTY posts.
  2. Reach out to vendors for donations to the prize pool.
  3. Organize the shipment/delivery (from vendor directly to winner) of those prizes once winners are selected.

The more organizing assistants I have, the less work everyone has to do. If you are an organizing assistant, you are disqualified from entering the contest.

If you’re interested, let me know. I’ll tell you if you’re in or not.

Love you, bye!

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Get back to work

Also, first !!11!11!!!


Jezz, I just realized its almost BOTY time and I havent even started my build thread… not to mention my board is in shambles.
oh boy


You’re not my real dad


15 days left


Another year passes with no valid build for me to even have nominated. Sad times, the things YouTube and client work do to you. lol

Time to trawl the DIY Builds category so I can remember what was even built this year. I know there was one incredible DIY but I don’t remember when it was built.


The job is 4 parts.

Part 1 is to keep forgetting about the other parts.

i speak from experience.

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Oh yeah, Marcel could you do me a favor and go close the old BOTY threads? I put links in the first post

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I’ll close this one if you keep up this tone!


Dont threaten me with a good time. Ban hammer me harder, daddy.

I’m excited to see the winning builds! I’m aiming for Nagini to be on the podium next year;)


how many categories we gonna have this year?

Jenso still haven’t make a build thread this year, but we probably should reserve a categories for him in “ridiculously overkill build”

guessing we still doing “street” “offroad / mtb” and “diy-diy” ?
ideas, anyone?


Thats exactly the purpose of this thread :grin: What do yall want to see? More categories? Less catagories? Different catagories? Fuck this catagory shit, back to one BOTY to rule them all? Try something new?

Lets hear it folks!


I’d say we should include a category for most colorful / aesthetic build but that is just because I’ve spent way too much time sanding and painting aluminum and other metal parts :rofl:

Also I know I’ll never win based on parts/overall build because I have low standards and don’t care about getting the latest and coolest parts. also my board would be considered a death trap to most people on here :rofl: It is perfectly safe though just tall and wobbly


Special category should be called “crab”
I win by default


don’t be so sure man, there is someone planning to kick u off that throne

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Personally I think the 3 category was great. Once you get more than that, it’s really dilluted


1: Innovation

2: Performance and reliability

3: Creativity

  1. Waterproofing and Durability

  2. Meme

  3. Niche