BOB(s Your Uncle)

Bob(s Your Uncle)

  • TB40 V2 Decl/Enclosure Skinned by me, art by Mark Riddick

  • BN M1 GD’s

  • BN BH 6384/Flipsky 6374 BH Motors

  • TB110s/Bergs

  • Stormcore 60D+

  • METR Pro Can/SD/GPS

  • 12s4p P42a Moli w/LTT Bms @A13XR3

  • BN 220/270 Hangers with Adjustable Baseplates

  • Riptide Bushings/Pivots/Backing Plates

  • FreeSk8 OSSR Remote

A story as old as time, my second build started before I even finished my first. It fell into my hands, like many do, with a @Taraskasyanyuk sale. I purchased the deck and sled around Feb 2021 and purchased the rest of it though spring. The actual build took place from the end of August and the middle of Oct.

This build went a good bit smoother than my first. Mostly due to all the learning I did through out Kurby, but also due to parts ordered just fit(for the most part).
There is nothing revolutionary about this build, especially from an electronic/mechanical point of view.
Despite the hurdles being minimal, there was still plenty of learning opportunities along the way.

Once again, a huge shout out to the community here. Most everything I’ve learned has come from you guys, thank you!


Build Plan/Mock-Up/Fitment Issues

It all started with a deck and sled. Parts/skin was chosen in the background while I was working on Kurby

I sold the TB6’s and used a SC60D. That move saved a good bit of space from the esc’s themselves to cutting out the xt90 splitter.

Next up, Kevin launched his motors and restocked everything. So I picked up a full drivetrain of 220s/6384s/Adj Baseplates for the thane part of this build. Sir @Nacho was kind enough to hook me up with a good deal on some slightly used Black TB110s.

First bit of mock up

So from that I knew I was close but needed a bit more space. The mounts hit the deck on full lean, and the phases needed some more room because I don’t like them coming off the front of the motors.
A solution was needed, it was in a game of millimeters. My only option to keep a dropthrough config was to route out the mount area to flush the baseplate with the deck…
I was forewarned by @glyphiks that I might go ded if I do this, and was suggested that fiberglass reinforcement was the only way to possibly rectify the loss of structural integrity(though no guarantees). Fuck-Its commenced and I went for it

The deed was one, Hail Sk8tan :crossed_fingers:

I’m not a fan of voltmeters on enclosures, so I deleted that. I milled my own FG to mix as a resin thickener/strengthener. I taped the face, filled it, then fiber glassed the back.



The theme was inspired by my go-to beer while building Kurby.

I searched for a decently hi-rez image of it, but came up empty handed. @Zach’s build reinforced the fact that I wanted a black and white build. I searched near and far for something that stood out, then ended up in a Vice article about Mark Riddick, a prominent death metal artist, and this jumped out.

I brought it into GIMP, resized/cropped/upscaled to the best of my no experienced abilities and ended up with this.

My due diligence to keep the image within the dropdown paid off :partying_face:
I definitely owe the artist a good bit of beer. I plan on contacting him, and other artists I fancy, to try and purchase runs of skins :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, onto the fun. Let’s skin this deck!

It was my smoothest fabric skin yet which was helped by the large skull was the main thing that needed good alignment. I went with my go-to full ham fine frit: once you think you have enough… add more, wait a bit and add even more.

Despite the TB enclosure being a solid 5mm, I still wanted to reinforce it since it’s ABS. Since reinforcing the deck was my first foray into fiberglass, this was a learning experience…

This is where I missed a key step while researching the process…

I skipped the peel ply and breather layer :woozy_face:
Don’t worry, @glyphiks and @rosco were there to laugh at me again :rofl: Deservedly so
I quickly cut the vac bag open and went to town with a cup of acetone and a brush.
That move saved me quite a bit of sanding that was needed to fix my bonehead mistake.
Though, in the end, the mishap caused a decent bit of sanding and an extra coat or two of resin.

In the end, it turned out.

Then the masochist in me decided to try and skin it since I had extra fabric

That went way better than expected! The contours were quite the challenge especially with the clock ticking, timing was key. Really stoked with how it turned out, just a couple tiny creases that would take you a while to find.

Deck paint was an excursion. I tested 3 different sheens of black and 2 different clearcoats.
I settled on flat black with a gloss clearcoat. I feel it gives it a smokiness with an added depth to it.

Time for clearcoat!

Backing plates needed paint and clearcoat

(Green orings got swapped with black rubber washers)



This assembly was a bit smoother than my first board. There was much more room for all the bits and bobs. My end goal was to have it ready for the Halloween group ride in the middle of October.

Swapped from helical to straights

Worked on getting cleaner at soldering

I had to leave plenty of room for telemetry and OSSR receiver soon to come

Once again, the maiden voyage was at around 330 AM. Felt damn good :partying_face: :beers:

Got some sleep and went out and met @whaddys and @Posterduck for a ride the next day

Got some decent miles in that day feeling out the new ride. The deck wasn’t love at first ride like Kurby was, but it showed potential. In time over the fall, I’ve grown fond of it and can see a quiver spot for it.

It’s named after our families resident prop skeleton, BoB, he hung off my back on the Halloween ride :metal:


Bob’s Not Your Uncle(It’s never done)

We had a very mild fall/early winter so I was able to fit in a solid 250 miles before the salt hit the roads.
It was filled with modifications and optimizations.

I received my OSSR and installed it ASAP

I stumbled upon some TB130s and put around 50mi on them before I noticed all were at least partially delammed and the fronts were fully slipping :pensive:
They were fun while they lasted, but just ridiculous at the same time. I plan to mess with them over winter to try and figure out some adhesion. Oh well, back to 110s.

I had a 270 M1 6374 drivetrain laying around thanks to @Dizzie. So I badgered Kevin for one of his last sets of Berg adaptors. I’m such a noob, that this was my first personal set pneummies. They won’t be an everyday food for me, but definitely have their place.
It takes around 20 minutes to swap from thane to Bergs: kingpin, enclosure bolts, baseplate p-clips.
Having sensors passthrough the enclosure makes it longer than it needs to be and I want to rectify that in the future.

OSSR Bruce was lacking one major thing, a custom throttle curtesy of @poastoast :kissing_heart:

That’s about it. Over winter I plan to get the heatsink powder-coated, install robogotchi(need 5.3 Fw first), and hopefully figure out a panel mount sensors(or go ASS).


I’ve grown accustomed to the board over fall. The extra real estate that it lacked was found by utilizing the rear dropdown as a foot ramp while getting to upper speeds. It is pretty much a full stiffy, my FG work may have played into that a little. As of now, I have it set to 50/50 for ride height symmetry (sake amongst other reasons). The carve of the angles is fun, but I get a slow oscillating wobble around 36mph(58kmh). I’m unsure if I’ll mess with lowering the rear angle or not. The rear steer of the 50 degree baseplate is weird, but it is fun as well. Clearance issues will make me be creative if I do want to drop it.
Anyways, I had some good times on it already, and look forward to get some more miles rolling once spring rolls around. Stoked to have filled another spot in the lineup.

If ya made it this far, sorry for the novel, thanks for the read! :beers:


You’re killing it, dude! Board turned out seriously tasty!


Thank you Bill :relaxed:
I’ve gots much to learn, but am stoked to ride a couple boards I built


Great build Pedro! The image and skin on enclosure looks awesome. :ok_hand: I tried not to laugh too hard…:joy:


This board is damn gorgeous, you killed it dude! She’s a looker for sure.
Also I think you need a little more grease on your gears😉 jk


All in good fun, it was fair game :beers:
Much more stomachable when its fixable and the learning experience is valuable

It’s my reservoir bro! Take a torch and use gravity to melt grease off the gearbox and back onto the gears :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If it works for you then more power to ya :). My gears always end up pretty dry after a few rides honestly.
Btw you gotta let us hear those straight cut gears

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Just bench footage, I think I only have good riding straight cut audio on my shortboard


well well well I see someone got their build thread in just before the stroke of midnight of the new year :rofl::rofl:

Fuckin killer build and a pleasure to read. Perhaps somewhat biased but I know who may be getting my vote for BOTY :+1::+1:

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I was wondering when that TB40 build was coming! Looks good man.

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Really nice!! This and the Kurby builds, :fire: !


Smashed it again dude!


I still can’t believe how smooth that board is. Compared to my boards, it feels like there is absolutely no rolling resistance.
I want to see what you do with a MTB!