eMTB | Pan de pita | DIY deck | MakerX DV6 | Flipsky trucks and 8" wheels | Dual Turnigy SK3 6354 | 10S 10Ah LiPo

This is it, guys, I’m converted. Longboards are out, mountainboards are in. Of course, my conversion project is ugly and uninteresting…the one that I put most of the work in is this yellow and black beauty:

UPDATE!!! This is its final form, to read more, go here

The Deck

The first mountainboard I built was for my brother-in-law and the cheapo deck we used was by far the worst thing on it. He decided to try his hand at creating a mould (that honestly I didn’t think would work for maple) but…

…he definitely proved me wrong. The first board to come out of it would be for my GF, who had tried his and loved it.

The deck is a lot shorter (80cm tip to tip) than a typical mountainboard and has pretty radical curves, with the intent being 55 degrees. Even though the wood didn’t fully get them, we measured it to almost 50 degrees which I still think is pretty impressive. Makes the board a hybrid between a carver and a mountainboard, but still has enough ground clearance for offroading. We had to get the wood wet and we let it sit for a week after gluing. When we got it out of the mold, weird things started to happen:

Several layers split longitudinally, but overall it looked solid enough so we went for a jump test…aaaand it failed after 10 or so jumps. The failure, however, was not around the cracked veneers but simply several layers around the center delaminated. This event lead to my GF naming it “Pan the pita”, which is spanish for pita bread :joy:

Fortunately, separation was clean (7 layers on top, 3 on the bottom) and clearly due to lack of glue…so we reglued and again let it sit.

This time, it passed with flying colors! Time to fill cracks with epoxy, cut, and sand the hell out of it:

On to priming and painting:

Some imperfections remained, but we weren’t sure that it would stay in one piece so no more effort was put into it.

Drivetrain and battery

The rest of the components are a lot less interesting, being one of the goals to make it as cheap as possible:

  • Flipsky trucks, mounts and and 8" wheels. Of course not the best, but at 200€ is tough to beat for a first mountainboard.
  • CheapFOCers 2 (salvaged from her longboard)
  • 15/72 gearing
  • Turnigy 6354 SK3 motors.
  • 4x 5000mAh 5S LiPos for a total of 10S 10Ah (salvaged from both our longboards)
  • Flipsky VX1 remote (again, from the longboard)
  • Noname aliexpress bindings
  • 3D printed boxes (I’m pretty proud of the thumbscrew locking mechanism, by the way). Tomato slices for the battery box, a full kebab for the ESC enclosure. She has a weird sense of humor.
  • Hella cute 3D printed motor protectors that double as spacers (the flipsky drivetrain has incredibly lose tolerances, one of the mounts required some hammer love)

First rides

The deck is unbelievable. Carvy, yet stable, takes smallish jumps like a champ and can do offroading just fine. The only thing I would change is that at 10 layers and being that short, it is very stiff. Next time we’re gonna try fiberglass and see what we can make. One problem we had was the FOCers cutting out on very steep hills at 50 motor amps, which is kinda low for offroading…so we upgraded her to a MakerX DV6 and it’s a freaking beast now (stuck with my OG focboxes again, but hey, if she’s riding with me, I’ll let her have the fancy gear).

Still some polish required on the process, but not too shabby for a prototype…more than 100km on it and doing great (I completely expected the deck to delaminate again). We are still expanding the comfort zone and pushing it to its (and our) limits, but after 15km of bike trails today I’m so stoked. Being able to just ride outside of the city adds another whole dimension to this hobby and I don’t think we’re going back!


Absolute beauty man. I love the deck shape and am stoked to see what you and your brother come up with. I wish my brother esk8d!


You even got your bonita señorita helping you wow awesome build bro :call_me_hand:


Thanks a lot!! Next one is gonna be for him, first time doing epoxy composites…


She’s the boss and lead designer :grin:


You are a very lucky man señor :sunglasses:


Update: I can overheat the motors with a little effort :joy:


Great to see more people making their own decks.


Great build!
Are those Trampa replica bindings from ebay? How are they so far? Are they well made and pretty sturdy?

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They’re from AliExpress, let me find a link for you when I get home…for the moment they have been holding up just fine! I’m just missing the heelstrap

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Wish I could get mine to your level! Hats off to you sir

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Yeah, I see them on Aliexpress, too. They do come in pair, right?

Yes! My only gripe is that they use M5 bolts, and I’m used to oldschool M6 windsurf bindings…

This build got a facelift! My GF graduated from the short deck and 6354 motors that kept overheating in VERY rough terrain, so we build a new board for her (with a sick new deck in our DIY mould, keep your eyes peeled for the build thread!) and gifted this one to her father.

As crazy as it seems, the 60yo man loved the idea of eskating, tested it and wanted one right away “for chill rides with you guys”. He really likes the steampunk aesthetics so…

A LOT of sanding, red/black stain, mineral pitch, copper paint…not a mountainboard anymore, but a urban carver/garage queen. Really pleased with how it turned out!

His face was priceless!


Damn dude, that is gorgeous! Really well done and so cool that he wants to cruise with you :call_me_hand:


That looks so fucking cool! :smiley: Great job!


Thanks a lot guys! I honestly don’t know how long the copper paint is gonna last (it is clear coated, but still…). But it sure does look better than the original blue anodized!

Also, I’m never painting a deck again, staining is where it’s at. I just LOVE the result, next time it’s gonna be blue!


How are those can protectors connected? If they are in between the base of the can and the mount, you are missing out on using the mount as a heat sink for your motors

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They’re just between the crossbars and the mount, so I keep the cooling effect!

Basically Flipsky’s tolerances were so freaking terrible that I had to supplement the crossbars with 5-6 washers on each end. At that point I thought I could make use of that space and created the motor cans, but I’m still working on them because they either break too easily (printed in PETG) or rub against the motor too easily (printed in TPU)


@MrDrunkenMobster this one please!