Precompiled VESC Tool Archive

Since each build of the VESC Tool is compatible with only a few particular versions of the VESC Firmware, every now and then we find ourselves searching around for a place to download a precompiled executable of one of the older versions. When faced with this situation you either have to find it by googling, ask around on the forum, or download the source code and compile it yourself. All of these take time and can turn a simple task into a real pain. To remedy this, we have decided to crowdsource an archive of the old VESC Tool versions.

UPDATE: The latest VESC tool is now backwards compatible with firmware versions as old as 3.55. It will automatically load only the options compatible with that firmware. Because of this, it is recommended that you only use an older version listed here if you are certain of what you are doing.

If you have a version of the VESC Tool that is not listed here and is not the latest version, please edit this post and add it to the list below.

Make sure to read Mr. Vedders README and comply with the guidelines listed there. Official, VESC branded binary (executable) releases may not be distributed on any other website than the VESC Project’s Website.

If you are looking for the latest VESC Tool build, it can be found there.

As always, if you make use of the VESC Tool or VESC Firmware created by Benjamin Vedder, please consider donating to further development by following the instuctions on the VESC Project’s Donation Page

VESC Trademark is Registered with the United States Patent and Trademark offices and owned by Benjamin Vedder
VESC_TM_5435550.pdf (56.0 KB)

VESC-Tool and the VESC firmware are published under the GPL V3. This allows you to work with the code, tweak it to your project needs, add extras and share your achievements with others, so that they can learn from your skills & achievements and vice versa. Open Source code allows you to understand how things actually work and in consequence it helps you to educate yourself and others.

VESC GNU Public License v3.0 :LICENSE (34.3 KB)

Code contributions should be made via Github
All binaries for compiled tools are located on Github

GPL V3 License can be found here

v3.01 with firmware 5.3

Download VESC-Tool from:
Or use App:
Google Play store
Apple App store

VESC-Tool with firmware 3.55 up to 5.2

Download VESC-Tool from: VESC Project’s Website
Use the archive function in the firmware section (archive tab top of the window). Download or re-download the firmware archive, pick desired firmware version and upload the firmware to your device. After re-connecting to the device, VESC-Tool will adjust the user interface to match the firmware found on the device. The firmware archive will be a standard feature of upcoming stable releases. Please note: Older versions may miss important and/or safety relevant features! It is highly recommended not to use older firmware than found in the archive.

v1.08 with firmware 3.52 & 3.53 & 3.54

Mac: (22.6 MB)
Comment:FW 1.08 support, SWD programming support
Binaries:FW 1.08 support, SWD programming support · vedderb/vesc_tool@61908a5 · GitHub

v1.04 with firmware 3.50

Win: vesc_tool_1.04.rar (14.7 MB)

v1.00 with firmware 3.48

Win: vesc_tool_free_windows (20.9 MB)

v0.95 with firmware 3.36 & 3.40

Windows: vesc_tool_0.95.exe

v0.94 with firmware 3.37 & 3.38

Windows: vesc_tool_0.94.exe (38.1 MB)
Comment: v0.94: Map BLE devs by address instead of name
Binaries: v0.94: Map BLE devs by address instead of name · vedderb/vesc_tool@f2e637f · GitHub

v0.83 with firmware 3.28 & 3.29 & 3.30

Windows: vesc_tool_0.83.exe (28.4 MB)
Comment: v0.83: embedded fonts, split ppm and adc wizards, plot performance fix, fw3.30 support, fw upload power warning
Binaries: v0.83: embedded fonts, split ppm and adc wizards, plot performance fi… · vedderb/vesc_tool@1fc2c83 · GitHub


Windows: (17.1 MB) tool source, firmware source (17.6 MB)

  • Custom Bin file: PACKET_RX_TIMEOUT changed to 1000 (To make it work with the OG Metr) USE AT OWN RISK
    Compiled by rpasichnyk.
    BLDC_4_ChibiOS.bin (206.7 KB)

Mac: (14.9 MB)
Firmware 410_411_412_default: VESC_default.bin (208.1 KB) source code (hardware 4.12, FOCBOX not-Unity)


Linux: vesc_tool_0.82 (12.1 MB) source code


Win: (12.2 MB)
Mac: (10.0 MB)
Linux: (1.4 MB)
Firmwares sources: GitHub - Ackmaniac/Ackmaniac-Firmware-Mod: Ackmaniac-Firmware-Mod 2.54
BLDC-Tool sources: GitHub - Ackmaniac/Ackmanaiac-BLDC-Tool-Mod: mod verson 2.54

Focbox tool 20.40 - 20.46

Windows: (18.4 MB) (18.4 MB)

VESC Tool for Firmware 3.40
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for some reason i cannot edit the wiki so adding as reply


Win: (24.6 MB)
Linux: (27.8 MB)


Mac: (22.6 MB)


Mac: (22.6 MB)

V3.10_ACKMANIAC (17.6 MB)
Mac: (14.9 MB)


Let me add the github from @rpasichnyk

There can be found pre compiled vesc tool versions for windows and Mac.


I love what @rpasichnyk is doing. This is the correct way of handling the release. Not only you have all the binaries at one place but they are also associated with revision tags and thus it’s easy to see the code changes that relate to the released version. Maybe just add the changelog entries to each release and it would be perfect.

It would be great if someone copied this pattern for Ackmaniac’s Tool and Unity Tool. Ideally this would be done by the main repository owners (Vedder, Ackmaniac, @Deodand) but could really be done by anyone. This of course takes time to maintain and regular donations (maybe via patreon?) would be appropriate.


It’s a wiki now.


I have been keeping a list myself for a few months now when I find them. Here you go:


With the upcoming updates the info above is not correct any longer. VESC-Tool will work with older FW in future. Also Benjamin implemented a feature saving all settings prior to a FW update, so that a FW update doesn’t require to re-run the wizards.

An archive of compiled versions of VESC-Tool is therefore not needed.


Happy new year Frank @Trampa !

Maybe it’s not needed therefore, but an archive of old vesc tools is never bad to have.
Especially if something goes wrong after a fw update and you want to check where the issue comes from.
An other scenario would be for trouble shooting third party components like remotes which might work with one vesc tool version but not with any updated version.


Well, Benjamin hosts VESC-Tool and he should be the only person to host it, no mater of version.
VESC-Tool = official Vedder release, published only by Vedder himself under the VESC mark.

Some older versions might have bugs and Benjamin Vedder made a newer FW to address such issues.
Old versions should not be offered for download to avoid that a safety relevant bug is finding it’s way back onto a device. If there is something like an archive it needs to have release notes and warnings that go along with the specific release. At least there should be a strong warning to potential users, stating that older versions might contain bugs that got fixed in later versions and later versions might contain safety features missing in older versions.
Such an archive containing official VESC-Software can only be managed by Vedder himself. It’s Vedder branded software after all!

The matter is a relatively complex one. If a user makes the decision to keep old versions, that is his personal choice. Distributing them is a different matter.


I don’t agree with that reasoning. There’s no guarantee that a newer version has fewer/less-serious bugs than an older version. There’s no such thing as bug-free software and with any code change you inevitably risk introducing new bugs. That holds true even if the new version only contains bug fixes (as opposed to new features). It’s not uncommon that a bug fix introduces even more serious bug.

That said, I would much rather use an old and battle tested VESC FW version than a brand new one. I mean seriously, people do find themselves in situations where their life depends on the correct functioning of the VESC. Why upgrade something that has been working well for you for years, especially if you don’t need any of the new features?

If there’s a new VESC Tool coming soon that supports any VESC FW, that’s great news and I would agree it would render any older VESC Tool versions unnecessary. Will it really support all the old versions though? Because I imagine that would be extremely complicated to implement. So I’m guessing what we’ll actually see is probably a support for the few latest versions and maybe a forward compatibility?

As much as I admire Benjamin’s work on VESC, both hardware and software, he hasn’t been doing a great job on the release side. The code lacks version tags though it’s a few clicks on github to add them. And the older VESC Tools are not easily available. If Ben wants to do improve on the release, great. I don’t think anyone will want to compete with his efforts. Many will happily donate. If it’s not a priority for him though (and I do imagine he’s super busy), I can’t see why you’d want to prevent activities that aim to fill in the gap. Compiling and distributing GPL software is perfectly legal.


Considering the number of bricked non-Trampa VESC’s from the latest firmware revision I think keeping an available repository of all versions is not only necessary but an important part of troubleshooting.


Here are some more from my small collection. Edited them into main post.


Win: vesc_tool_1.04.rar (14.7 MB)


Win: vesc_tool_1.09.rar (15.3 MB)


Win: vesc_tool_1.13.rar (15.3 MB)


Win: vesc_tool_1.16.rar (15.3 MB)


Win: vesc_tool_1.18.rar (15.5 MB)


Win: vesc_tool_1.21.rar (15.7 MB)


Has nothing to do with Trampa or third party HW. They all have the same STM and DRV chipset.
If a unit runs on older FW successfully, it can run the latest FW successfully.

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It everything to do for Trampa. No need to asking your permission to hosting this. As community we need to doing this because of bad maintain for codebase and version.


The hosting entity ( @longhairedboy ) would need to ask Vedder for permission to host VESC-Tool. It is his software release with his branding. It’s 100% a Vedder decision.

The correct way forward is to approach the Copyright and TM owner Benjamin Vedder and have a chat about the matter. Damon could send Ben a mail or open a topic here:

There are various aspects that need consideration. It’s a fairly complex software environment.


Is no need. Is open source software. Not trampa software. We can host in many place that don’t need permission like license say. Good luck frank.


You confuse Open Source with I can do what I want. It is Benjamin Vedder’s Software release and VESC branded. Vedder put his source code under the GPL license.
A compiled, branded software is a different matter! If a songwriter publishes his song text under the Creative Commons license, it doesn’t mean you can host his music album. You can record your own song, using the lyrics, and host that song.

So would that mean a compiled version for Mac would be possible to host without issues?


It’s up to Vedder and he should be asked. That is all I want to say.
Ask Vedder and then go forward. It’s a matter of respecting him and getting in touch with him first.
I’m 100% sure that he has good reasons why he publishes the software the way he does.

Blah blah blah blah.