Builder's Wiki-start here! (SERIOUS)

Hey guys-

Please add what kinds of resources you think are needed, and if you’re in a position to help out, add your name after it. No one will expect anyone volunteering to go overboard, but just help out when they can. And let’s keep all of these resources in the “Serious” format. Thanks.

Is DIY right for you? Link

Forum Policies [Update] 2020: @BillGordon Link

Improved/Updated Vendor Trust Resource+: @BillGordon Link @ShutterShock Link

Vendor Policy [Update] : Link

Improved/updated Glossary Of Terms:@wandagoner Link

Pneumatic wheel compendium: [Under Construction] @ducktaperules Link

Is DIY right for you?: (complete-candidate for updates?) @Sender Link

How To Make An XT90S Loopkey: @b264 Link

How To Bind The Mini Remote: @b264 Link

Torque Vs Speed - How Much Do I Need: @PixelatedPolyeurthan Link

Loctites: Differences And Their Uses: @PixelatedPolyeurthan Link

Forget the grip use Glass Frit: @Briman Link

Proper esk8 gear testing protocols:

Compendium of wiring diagrams:

XT-90 Parallel Connector Tutorial: @bwahl602 Link

Vesc Tool Archive: @Ricco Link

ESC - List Resource: @jaykup Link

How To Solder | The Complete Tutorial from A-Z @PixelatedPolyeurthan Link

Builder tips Link

TorqueBoards 6355 motor shaft retention repair - applicable to other motors


TorqueBoards 6355 motor shaft retention repair - applicable to other motors

Mounting an enclosure: Link


The “Is DIY right for you” post contains a lot of links back to the old forum, many are useful and should be brought over here and possibly updated, others we already have a thread for; just need to change the link.

To name one, I think we’re missing a post explaining what parts to buy in what order and how to check for compatibility. What obvious tools people MUST have, and so on. Something like this, but more in depth.


Can we have a list of common problems thread

Such as if your motor is struggling on startup check hall sensor value so if sensored and if not make sure you are using push to start etc…

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I have that here but it’s buried


I think the master list should also have the how to solder because that is essential to DIY.


i am creating that asap
@Briman it did exist but the guy who created it left the forum (s5300)

I didn’t realize he left so when a person shuts down their account does that mean all the topics created by them are lost?

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Depends on whether or not that departing person gives a shit about the community. He did not.


Is that what happened with deckoz? I was wondering where all his stuff went. I was looking for his post about stance on your board, and i couldn’t find it, or him, or anything.

That might actually be a good thing to add to the list; How to ride/stand/stop/etc. in all kinds of situations. How different set ups ride differently, etc.


Yes, unfortunately, Deckoz rage quit as a result of an ongoing conflict with none other than s5300.


I will try to write a resource thread on batteries when I have a chance.


Damn thats a real shame. Know anyone else with experience/insight/interest to do a write up on the technical aspects of riding these lighting powered murder boards ( @mmaner your royalties check is in the mail)? After seeing some videos of how he rides/races, i was thinking @kfromthebay , but what do I know :man_shrugging:

I think that its a topic that the community (or at least I) need.


Actually, @KfromtheBay would be great choice since he races as well as rides hard. Try to sweet talk him into it.


Pretty in depth write up on builders we could probably port over? I can also give it some thought and see if I have anything to add


Just got through that thread (and all of the rabit holes that it took me down). Thanks so much for sharing that!

@BillGordon another potential resource thread could be “Wiring Diagrams” both general (such as this from Vedder himself:

as well as more specifics such as battery packs, BMS’s, ESC’s (and their accessories), example light systems, etc.


That diagram has always struck me as kind of silly. If you have a properly made loop key, the you don’t need an AS switch. If you have a proper AS switch, you don’t need a loop key. I understand that for a safety net, both would be nice, but literally no one does it. Plus, who has the room in an enclosure for extra gear.

Feel free to delete this post when you get your data outlined, just wanted to share.

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Is there a way to get Deckoz back dude was a wealth of knowledge.


He was a little cunt too lol