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What could go wrong?

I had this idea for a collection thread where we literally list everything that can go wrong. Street build, offroad build and everything in between.

We could then reference it for troubleshooting or helping new people to identify issues in their build.

Spread out into sections like:


  • Wheels
  1. Urethane
  2. Bearings
  3. Core
  4. Spacer
  5. Speed rings
  6. Tires
  7. Tubes

and so on…

If we as a group collected a complete list of everything that might go wrong with each part it would make future troubleshooting very easy and perhaps even open some of our regular’s eye’s to the crazy stuff that can happen when you’re hurtling down the road on a vibration plank.

If you’re interested in contributing just start saying random shit that’s happened to you and I’ll collate it all and then tidy it into sections. Say whatever comes to mind, we don’t need a system really. Eventually we’ll get everything!

  • radio interference while braking

  • thermal runaway

  • direct drive / hub motor axle failure

  • direct drive / hub motor urethane slippage / failure

  • phase to phase short circuit

  • system over-volt from back emf by using 2 different kv motors


if using BMS for discharge, if battery sag brings voltage down below bms lower-cutoff, BMS will shut itself off.

battery’s sagging because you’re drawing current from it, meaning you’re on the throttle, so a sudden cutout will throw you off the board.


Motor bearing failures

Unplugged wire/s from a bump and no tools on me to open up enclosure and fix (zip ties fix)

loose screws in drive train and no tools on me to fix (loctite fix)

Dead remote battery (charge it up before ride fix)


Magnets? How do they work? They like to shatter sometimes.



  • Over Erpm

  • Over current draw on battery cells killing them/unbalancing pack. (Can be caused by too much rolling resistance when something is going wrong)

  • Sparking XT60s when plugging in.

  • Too thin of guage/nickel on battery


Write something useful Brad, you penis.


-Proper remote calibration during vesc setup
-setting up battery cut out below bms threshold “when discharge feature is being used”

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Alien Power Systems remote:

  • Don’t press the trigger as you turn it on, as that sets up the failsafe in case of interference / disconnect. It can also make the value jump suddenly, causing full acceleration when braking.

Remotes in general:

  • Remember to set them up in vesc tool with them in fast mode, not slow mode.

Board doesn’t want to remain straight: change your pivot cups

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I feel like a list of what will go right would be easier :thinking:

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Hard to troubleshoot with that list :man_shrugging:


True. I usually go from left to right and top to bottom during my pre-ride checklist

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I shall add an obvious to the list.
“My battery doesnt charge fully”
Troubleshooting tip:
“Is there any obvious signs of burn or melting?”
“Have you checked the charger output voltage?”
“Have you checked every p-group voltages?”
“Have you checked all connections?”
“Does your bms read the same as the pack?”

This exact problem coupled with these exact troubleshooting tips have been seen so many times here :slight_smile:

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For me I experienced the below before…

  1. Bent truck axle causing bearing seizing
  2. Wheel lock nut getting loose mid ride and the whole wheel fly out
  3. Remote interference, disconnected in the middle of a very busy intersection
  4. Small rocks on the ground that got jammed between the truck and the ground

Clicking noise (not otherwise specified)

-Likely coming from rear motors (if ur a 4wd fuck)
-clicking From heavy foot (your heal side), check your bearings
-clicking on any wheel regardless of motor at low speeds only with turns? Bearing is wobbling around in hub bearing seat (hello evolve, wanna race?).
-no clicks at low speed? Check your magnets. How do they work?

-have you overheated your magnets? The epoxy holding them in place can cook and weaken. Stop now damn it and open ur motors.
-concentric Ground out rings on all the magnets means it time to battle harden your shit.
-let’s get hard together


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:man_shrugging: 5? I’m guessing 5.

I’ll bring my motors to California and a camera. I’ll even pat your back when it’s all done and hold your beer.

Lol just realized you must have unblocked me :laughing:

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This thread is literally deconstructing Murphy’s law. Since the first word of that law is “anything” I think we’re going to be here for a while…

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