What should the vendor policy be now?

Now that some restrictive shackles have been shed, how can we create a welcoming place for vendors to reach out/interact with us while making sure there are reasonable constraints in place?



Report facts only. Private content stays in private. 1 week without reply is minimum time to start posting here the concern


Vendors have been mostly cool even if there has been and is some dubious product

Esk8 anti-wobble springs
Weird Australian Scientologist CF electronics enclosure makers
Soulectomied vendors that only care about shifting product and don’t engage in any discussion besides their own product on their own product thread…that’s right I’m looking at you

But what really gets my goat is shill accounts, that’s right Flipsky I’d flip you off in a heartbeat with both birdies

We’re all starting again and sometimes restraint is called for…sometimes…guilty here, pretty sure I only called out FS in the use cases above. Will try and be more constructive ugggh


maybe it is an idea to create a thread for each vendor just for issues (quality, faults during warrenty) and questions regarding orders etc.
This would be a summary and mirror of the company itself. people could read through it and find out how the vendor handle with issues and which product might be better not to buy or to buy.

For me it´s always an issue to find good information about a product or a vendor as there is no standard to name threads and the search function not always show up 100% of what I was looking for.

So what i have in mind, as soon as there have been complains, issues etc with vendor X, we open up a thread called “Vendor X Troubleshooting” or how ever. After that all conversation will be contained in this thread. As soon as an other person has an issue with vendor x and start a new thread about it, moderators will just move that new thread into the VendorX troubleshooting thread.
so everything stays in one place and don´t get spammed all over the place.


Good idea. Less risk for flooding the forum with everyone’s faulty boards /parts threads.

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That’s a nice take.

I would like to see as many vendors here as possible. I would also like to see them contributing and not getting special treatment.

I don’t want vendors being blocked or censored, and i don’t want them getting extra benefits.

they should be allowed to argue all they want about whatever they want, just like anyone else. The community will decide if they’re full of shit or not and call them out on it.

since this is a community funded site, we’ve already eliminated a good amount of potential influence leverage. No ads in your face means nobody gets to pay to be in your face. No special links or marquees because of deals. No deals. Everyone is a user here.

Vendors are users here. I mean there’s a lot of us behaving that way already, so lets just make that the norm.

Vendor threads about products should be a good thing. I want to know if Frank has a new throttle stick. I want to see what people have to say about it. User threads about products are also a good thing. Some dude grabbed Frank’s throttle stick the wrong way and now its broke and he wants a refund, well… lets make jokes until frank shows up and offers advice and then make more jokes.

A nice, level playing field is what i want.


And we want Dexter’s picture on his thread


This is really important, EVERYONE is just people.

Im glad you said it was ok, 'cause it was gonna happen anyway :).


Everything should mostly be transparent. We should all try and improve quality.

Feed everyone to the wolves. More testing.


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What does it mean? If a vendor want to give a special deal because of a new product or just because he like this community so much, it’s not allowed?

I would like to see vendors posting there new stuff with some advertising so that we could start a discussion about it afterwards.

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@longhairedboy haha :rofl:



I don’t mean thay can’t “post thier deals” I mean they won’t be making deals with me or other admin to get thier stuff made a priority in some way.


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