Sellers - Policy Update, READ THIS NOW!


In an effort to make this easier for everyone involved, I’m going to break this down.

You must post a price
You must post a picture or pictures
You must post a location

If these rules are not followed the thread will be closed until the op corrects the omission. If after 24 hours the thread issue is not resolved, the thread will be deleted. If the op does this multiple times, I will give you a title…a title that you will not like, but its fun for me so yeah :slight_smile:.

Additionally, this is not elementary school and esk8 parts are not juice boxes. There will be no calling “dibs” or “reserves”. We, the mods, do not want to make rules covering this as it’s a PIA and everyone should know better. However, if it keeps happening we will and that will make @Zach very angry, and I promise you don’t want to see him angry (he gets all green and muscly and stuff).

To be clear on this topic…

If you are selling anything at all on it is required that you post a price, pictures & location. When I say pictures, I don’t mean links to pictures, I mean actual images. When I say location, I mean the country of origin. An example…US, EU, AU. This is a non-negotiable requirement. If you don’t post a price, pics and location, then the thread WILL be closed.

To this point, we (mods and active members) have tried to point out when either the price or pics were not present so the poster had a chance to remedy the issue. That has not been well received so from now on, no pics or no price and the thread will be immediately closed and de-listed. If the same poster does it again, they will be silenced for 24 hours. After that, I can only assume you are just screwing with me so I’m gonna have fun with it.

If there are multiple complaints against a seller regarding quality, safety or accuracy of a product then we, as mods, will contact the seller for clarification. If the seller responds that it’s “none of your business” or doesnt respond at all, the seller will be silenced until the issue is resolved.

Also, please remember no “best offer gets it”, “PM me for price” or “selling raffle tickets to win items” sales.

The objective here is not to make it more difficult to sell, its to protect buyers from false claims, irresponsible construction, etc. If you have a problem with this policy then feel free to PM me, @BillGordon, or the overlord himself, @longhairedboy with your issue.


Additionally, a common sense approach…

  1. If your interest is in making money then rethink if you want to sell here. If your interest is to innovate and be a part of the community by offering services or products that are valuable, then welcome.

  2. If you are selling 3D printed or manufactured items which are open sourced, then make sure you have a release to sell them. If your using someone else’s design and selling $1.50 worth of filament for $40 bucks you will be called on it.

  3. Posting something for sale on another sellers topic is not cool, its actually pretty low. Don’t do that.


Quick question about the it needs a price part. If we are creating a service post but there is not a specified price because each service if custom what would we put for a range for the price?

For example I have someone who wants a wood burned triangle on a deck and one person who wants a geometric elephant. Obviously they would be 2 different prices cause the triangle is less work to create.

So how would we address that situation?


I would suggest example prices for a previous product, something to give an idea. That, or layout how the price is figured. It doesn’t have to be exact if it’s a service that can vary in value.


Ok sounds good thanks for the help.


What if you have a group buy and get prices later, because you don’t know actually how many people hop on the train. Would you be fine with it?

I think it’s easy to put a target price and mention that the final price can be different depending on which quantity of orders you will reach. For most group buys a ranked pricing is already available from the first request to a company. Even if I price will change during a group buy I think it’s not a big issue as long as it’s transparent from what the price changes came. Just be honest and all will be good.


I think a group buy will have a top and bottom price that is dependent on the amount of people.

None of us are saying that you can’t sell something without a specific price defined, we are saying that that putting up a piece of gear and saying make me an offer is not ok, it every time ends in someone making a low ball offer and the seller saying “really?”.

We are all just saying make a good faith effort to define an approx cost.


I agree with all of this. No shady shit. Be real. Be a member of the community.

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