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First one. Woooooo. All your esk8 are belong to us.


Why is everything so expensive? :frowning:


Supply and demand. Next question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What other decks does @BigBen’s 9two5 enclosure fit on?


That explains your going street corner rates vs @SeanHacker’s


What are these tools for?

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Not sure if serious? Chisels for air hammer.

Actually take it back. The end wouldn’t be correct for holding in an air hammer. Just chisels I guess.

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Yeah I’m serious :joy:. I have just never seen these. Never hear of an air hammer though.

But what do you use them for? I mean chisel’s for wood I know but on an air hammer? And what about the screw bit? Hammers don’t turn? :sweat_smile:

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Busting heads off bolts, rivets, or knocking things out of holes. High speed repeated impacts when it’s in an air hammer.


Ahh I see… Sorry if that was extra noob lol, but that’s a first for me.
I got given them by friend, didn’t know what they were for!


Does antenna equal antenna?

My ESC has this antenna but the…well antenna part ripped off.

is it enough to solder a regular wire to it to extend it or does it have no effect?


My VESC doesnt recognize the hall sensor from one of the two motors anymore… Detection fails and the VESC blinks quickly 6 times. Any way to fix this?
Happens on all vesc… So it’s the motor for sure…
I’ll get my refund I guess…

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What does the terminal say?

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Now it’s a new error…

After this, I went to terminal and typed faults - nothing… :confused:

The red light however, is gone!

When trying to read R/L of the motor, it says “could not measure the motor resistance and inductance” and the red led now flashes red 6 times again

When unplugging the sensors and running sensorless, everything works fine, but since I want to use sensorless, and my other motor does it without any issues, I really want this to work again…

I think it’s some sort of hardware damage though… I might make use of refund on

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I’ve tried to re-solder RC receivers before and it never seemed to make any difference after they broke. It could be that at the time I sucked at soldering or something else but my experience is that soldering them doesnt really work. YMMV

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i want to change the micro usb port on my remote for usb type c but i only see one trace, could it be that there is a big fat ground trace next to it?

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was a hot day and my bored throtling to much if i just put start and stop at 120 and set eatch motor to 25a can we be done with this ? currently at 95c start and 120 stop

Very likely, yes

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It isn’t enough to solder a wire on the end. That gray wire is actually a coaxial cable.

That said, it’s pretty easy to make it at least somewhat functional again: Strip off the gray jacket and the braid underneath until you’ve got 29-32mm of the inner conductor/insulation exposed.