Trusted Vendor List

Hey guys, recently a thread was opened talking about who we trust in the electric skateboard community to provide quality parts and purchases. Let this list serve as a resource to all who are searching for the numerous vendors on this forum. If this should get moved or pinned @mods do whatever you need to.

Please feel free to post additional vendors that I have missed in the comments on this thread! I will start this as an alphabetical list and change it to categories if necessary. However categories may not work out because there are many vendors that cover 4 or 5 categories.

This is compiled from the vendors I have used in the past as well as all those mentioned in the “Who do you trust” thread, several threads on the old forum, and research here on this forum. Like I said, if you want to be added to this or are a vendor, leave a comment and I will add you :slight_smile:

If someone has a suggestion on how to make this prettier, I would love that. lol

@Acido (Battery builder)

@akhlut (“Those X things” and motor mounts)

@Anubis (group buys and parts, Nexus Boards)

@ApexBoards (All kinds of supplies)

APS (motors)

@Arch (Lacroix high-end boards)

@ATC (Offroad nounts, pulleys, etc.)

@avX (avio gear drives)

@BCoad (idk he was on the list)
PM / Email

@Chibatterysystems (chiboards batteries, etc.)

@BigBen (great enclosures)

@Boardnamics (mounts, new CNC precision hangers)

@BuildKitBoards (motors, mounts, Tayto 31, up-and-coming kits, etc)

@bevilacqua (HAYA boards, super dope)

@davdBanner (motors, enclosures, etc)

@dickyho (mounts, pulleys, etc. cheap and good quality, takes feedback)
PM or Ebay shop eboard-shop on eBay

@EboardSolutions (many products, batteries, etc.)

@eBoosted (epic enclosures)

@BenF (Fogstar Battery Distribution) Reputable UK and EU seller with great deals for forum members

@eBoosted (Awesome enclosures)

@eLDoska (Russia components, integrated deck)

@Esk8supply (Various items)

@ none
FatDaddy Skate Shop:

@Guy746 (All types of batteries at a good price)
Battery Clearing House:

@Haeroboards (Haero Bro Model Deck )

@haggyboard.timo (famous wheels and components)
Email to or

hyperion1 (No longer trusted vendor - will update if things change)

@hummieee (best hub motor and dope decks)
hummie deck | Indiegogo, Hummie electric skateboard hub motors by john murphy — Kickstarter

Hobbyking (batteries, random parts, GT2b, etc)

@IDEA (drive trains, wheels, motor mounts etc.)
PM / Redirecting...

@ none
IMR Battery: Wholesale 18650 Batteries |

@janpom (DaveGA)
PM / DAVEGA X Updates

@Janux-esk8 (Drive trains, pulleys, etc.)

@jamie (Red Ember beautiful decks)
PM / Login • Instagram

jeffwuneo (scammed and dipped :frowning: )

@JohnnyMeduse (DRV wizard vesc fixer)

@JJHoyt (Hoyt high performance boards & Hoyt Puck remote)

@Kaly (Crazy street carvers)

@Kug3lis @3DServisas (crazy builds, Fatboy products, motor mounts, etc)

@LAZYROLLING (Protection gear)

@longhairedboy (badass killer Skatan boards)

liion (**batteries U.S.)

@LR-designs (general design work)

@mackann (the famous BioBoards owner)

@MarkOneBoards (decks, remotes, controllers, etc.)

Maytech (reliable motors, some e-switches, etc.)

@MBS (decks, trucks)

@ none (prebuilts)

@M.Hboards (Battery builder) do not confuse this with Mboards. Mboards is NOT good

Miami Boards (batteries, other supplies)

@moon (dope new gear drives, future products)
PM / Lycan 3GDrive - Testing

@murdomeek (Griptape graphics)

@NoWind (incredible quailty drivetrains and components), (batteries)

Overion (drives, motors, etc.)

@Psychotiller (enclosures, heXL trucks) - Business is questionable. Many users have reported long wait times and undelivered goods. Apparently working on regaining business.
“West Coast Customs”

@pjotr47 (Battery builder)
PM & Login • Instagram

@rey8801 (ChooChoo deck, Hammock risers, future products, design work)
PM / ChooChoo Short AT small batch GB_Completed

@Ricco (awesome lighting systems, split, TTL), TelTail Lights (TTL) - Interactive eSkate Lighting System

@RipTideSports (best bushings, cable risers, help, etc)

@rpasichnyk (Metr pro logging tool)

@SabreDynamics (Slick loop keys, “sabre blades”, fancy “x-things”)

@Sender (most beautiful decks in the game - skinning)
PM / Custom Deck Skinning! Variety of Decks and Enclosures!
Login • Instagram

Supower (BMS modules)

@thisguyhere (GB dude, parts)

@torqueboards (After years of good service, no longer considered a great vendor)
Avoid to stay safe. Again, sad.

@Trampa (mountainboard decks, drives, trucks, etc)

@Mikaelj (mounts, pulleys)



(maybe note that Overion also sell differents custom R2R eMTBoard :+1: )



(mtb/kite deck)

Thanks for the listing mate :+1:


Me, Amadride (now …), I’m off on custom build this yr, but I continu drawing, designing and testing things :v: :wink: )


What about enertion? :wink:


LOL. Well normally I would include them but at this point I wouldn’t even buy from them cuz who knows when it will show up


Love it having all these together in one place is gonna be so helpful when your new. Or even not so new but thinking about using a vender thats new to you.


For real if anything I can come here when I need to find them again, I always end up searching names to find things


This isn’t really a bump so much as a request for more vendors!

Someone recently mentioned that this wasn’t updated so I updated their inquiries, but now it is time for new vendors! I made this list some time ago, anyone else new? Anyone want to me featured? PM me!


I thought we already had a list like this, I just can’t remember the thread name

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Lol it’s this one bro




I think Ollin should no longer be on the list as they don’t seem to operate anymore.


You are correct, fixed. Quite unfortunate

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and hyperion


I did make a note on that vendor advising people that they are not regarded as trusted anymore.

I didn’t remove the name because people are still talking about them. Like I said we are working on making a trust level system of sorts.

Holy crap. Mboards! I wish I would have read all the comments/reviews. I made a pretty large purchase and it wasn’t even processed. I emailed multiple times. I even went to his youtube to make a comment to get in touch with me regarding my order. No response. So I left a message on Instagram-Same, no response. I just got off the phone with my bank to do a stop payment! Back to waiting for parts to begin my build.


Oh yeah he is in way over his head lol, we straight up say don’t ever buy from them. It’s kind of a meme at this point

MHboards and Mboards are different though. MHboards is chill


Yeah it was rough. After reading all the reviews I started to worry.
$35 dollar lesson learned for a stop payment.


*Update Mike called my cellphone and apologized about the mix up and said he is trying to turn his company around. I explained the reviews on here and why I cancelled my order. He said they grew too fast to quick in the past. I appreciated his honesty and his willingness to help out.


If you haven’t already read it, here is @kook’s adventure with Mike Beard.


Mike hasn’t changed at all. Last year he pulled the same “ive changed” / “I’m in the process of changing” stunt on .builders.

He has stocked different products, as far as I know, but he hasn’t changed.