VOLOKNO integrated decks + enclosures

Hi guys! I have a nice integrated deck + fiberglass enclosure for sale here.

Mini Deck
Deck - 67x23,5x2,1cm (26,38x9,25x0,82inch); concave - about 1cm (0,4inch)
Hole - 34.5x15,2x1,7cm (13,58x6x0,67inch)
Weight (deck+enclosure) - about 1950gr

Deck - birch + epoxy + fiberglass
Enclosure - epoxy + fiberglass + little bit magic

The bottom side will be also black (instead of white like on photos).
Price: 160$ (incl worldwide shipping)

Long Deck:

with 97mm wheels:

with 6.5 inch whels:


Not a bad price including shipping.

@sofu @Winfly, is this choppys little brother?

That is a good looking mini-deck. I am curious why only 1 phase wire channel? what do you do with a dual motor build? Maybe better to put the channel in the center and make it a bit wider?

For all of you imperial tape measure cats, its 26.5 x 9.25 (roughly).


This ^^^^^

Cool little board tho.

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i designed it as a “one motor board”, but by request i can make an enclosure with the channel in the center :slight_smile:


I’m afraid not. We bought the choppy deck from Lowe’s. Also enclosure is overrated.

Long Deck

Deck - 88x23,5x2,1cm (34,65x9,25x0,82inch); concave - about 1cm (0,4inch)
Hole - 59.5x15,2x1,7cm (23,42x6x0,67inch)
Weight (deck+enclosure) - about 2500gr

Deck - birch + epoxy + fiberglass
Enclosure - epoxy + fiberglass + little bit magic

Price: 190$ (incl worldwide shipping)


got any pictures with trucks mounted to it ?


several new photos -
305mm (12inch) axle with 97mm wheels:

305mm (12 inch) axle with 6.5 inch whels:

6.5 inch wheels are not fixed because they are too wide for this axle.
if you want to use a mtb wheels on regular trucks you can take trampa superstar wheels with bearing adapter set, or finde an axle extender, or machine the hanger for about 10mm, or just take whole evolve 7" AT kit with trucks and wheels :slight_smile:


What’s going on here?


I literally never catch stuff like this. Shamed.

i just took parts laying around to make a photo how the deck will looks with different wheels. this 6.5 inch wheels are too wide for this axle so it needs little bit turning :slight_smile:


Cool. The reason I mention it is E-Toxx makes axle extenders and I thought it might be something like that. I would suggest only posting photos of stuff that you have actually tested, someone is likely to buy that same setup then start raising hell because it didn’t work like in the picture. Just some friendly advice.


sure, i just tried to “simulate” the form and look of evolve 7" AT kit or trampa SuperStar hub with bearing adapter set.
i will add an explanetion to my post


I would love to see some turing pics, I’m piecing together an AT commuter and thought your deck might work well after you posted that first pic with the green wheels but really couldn’t make out the clearance at that angle.

unfortunately i can’t do more pics because i have already packed and send this board to the customer.
the lowest point on this board is the enclosure. it is about 1.2cm lower that the deck. so for example the clearance (ground - enclosure) with double kingpin trucks and 6.5" wheels like on photo will be about 13.5cm (5.3")

My apologies, I’m sure the ground clearance is more than enough. I was referring to clearance from wheel bite with the large AT wheels.

unfortunately i can’t measure this clearance now, but a friend of mine uses this deck with 6*2" wheels and 10mm spacer without problems with turning.
his build: