eBoosted enclosures updates

Hello guys, this is a revamp from the builders forum, I’ll post all updates about new, current and upcoming enclosures here for future references.

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This is the latest enclosure I’ve designed, it’s a pretty nice upgrade for all Evolve Bamboo GT owner that, by this time, might have bad battery packs with loads of SAG, burnt BMSs wqhich you can’t get anywhere and need a remote upgrade because the Evolve one is not smooth enough.

The enclosure is perfect for a 12s4p battery made of Samsung 21700 30T cells, my favorite cells today:

Or you could also go 12s5p with 18650 cells and a full size BMS


The Subsonic Shadow will be made taking thje Kut/thank enclosure as model, it’s fits pretty much perfect, just needs surface leveling



just realized a 13s5p would fit with a d140 :crazy_face:


Are you able to stick more cells in if you stack them on the height like shown in the pics, rather than doing it on the width like most people seem to do?

Also, how does this enclosure hold up considering the flex of the evolve boards?

What do you mean? The enclosure is only single stack only on double stack you can do that.

The enclosure is made with flexible resine so it’s flexible enough for the bamboo deck

Really like this idea. Now I’m torn between getting a sidekick or a shadow. All I know is, I need a kick tail in my life!

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In the pictures you stacked the batteries like this:

Does that make it possible to fit more batteries in the enclosure rather than doing it like this:


Since he can fit 10 18mm wide batteries across. That means you have 180mm wide of space. If you were to run the batteries perpendicular it would not utilize the space as effectively because even if using 20700 cells it would be leaving 40mm of usable space. The short answer is yes, the way he stacks the batteries best utilizes the space in the enclosure.


You could, but you will waste a lot of space and will only fit a 12s4p or 10s4p, instead of a 13s5p

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I see, thank you for explaining!

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Hello guys, I’m pretty excited to release the new HS11/HolyPro SS enclosure for 20700/21700 cells.

This enclosure request has been made so many times I lost count, this was a challenge to create because the Trampa HS11/HolyPro deck is very narrow and the length was not ideal to fit 21700 cells. However, I was able to completely redesign this enclosure from scratch and made it long enough to hold a 12S4P made of 21700 cells.

The design has an extended flare on the nose and tail, which not only allows to increase the pockets length but to help a perfect seal for waterproofing making it ideal for rainy days.

Now you can fit Samsung 30Ts for an insane 140A of discharge on a just a single stack slim enclosure, Sanyo 20700s can also be used and they fit like a glove.

You may place an order here


Now im sad that i just finished my trampa build :frowning: i guess there is always the next one :slight_smile:


This enclosure was a challenge to make. The Trampa Carver deck has less space than the hs11, so I had to make some sacrifices. It took me quite sometime because there was no where else to run for space.

Anyways here is it


Damn fine work! I am about to make a segmented fibreglass enclosure, first time ever making something out of fibreglass so it’s a bit daunting but I think I’ve got it covered.

Do you use a gelcoat on the finished piece or just the mold?

I am planning to buy trampa hs11 ds and evo ds enclosure . How much time do you usually wait to get them shipped to US?

1 week to build it and 4 days to deliver if you choose dhl


Got your website bookmarked my friend. Can’t wait to use your enclosure for a future build!

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Hi Alan
Glad to see you are back on the Trampa carver decks. Is there still one more surprise to come this week? I was really hopping for that 12s4p 21700. A layout something like this.

Thanks for all your work mate.


Hey Colydog-

Good to see you here. Matched your trust level from Builder’s Forum.


There is no room in the carver deck for 12s4p for 20700 with bms, that won’t be possible unfortunately.

If you really want 20700s on your deck you should choose the Trampa hs11 and go with the new 20700 enclosure

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