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Fogstar Wholesale - Exclusive battery prices for forum members in the UK and Europe

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ben and I own a small company called Fogstar. We supply Lithium Cells to vape stores and wholesalers, however through the contacts we’ve made on our journey we’ve discovered that we are quite competitive throughout several industries.

I know some of you may have used our services for your battery needs before, and if this is you - thank you very much. I’d like to bring you discounts on several cells that you may find interesting! I hope the admins don’t mind. These discounts are only available by emailing and quoting ‘Esk8 News’.

Samsung 40T - £3.36
Samsung 30T - £2.40
Samsung 30Q - £2.37
Samsung 25R - £1.77
Sony VTC6 - £2.50
Molicel P42A - £4.76

These prices are inclusive of VAT. We can offer good prices on other cells - just let us know what you need :slight_smile:.

If you are local, we welcome you to drop by and feel free to come and inspect any cells you wish to purchase beforehand! Thanks for your time!

Edit - We currently only ship to the UK and Europe due to shipping regulations.


welcome, I’ve bought from you guys a few times now, never a problem :slight_smile:


I’ve bought cells from you before and have had excellent service.
Thanks for the smoking hot deals. Enough to make you mericans eyes water.


Thanks, @sk8l8r :slight_smile: - Glad you are happy! Next time be sure to send us an email for an additional discount!

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Thanks @BigBen! Email for an additional discount on your next purchase! :slight_smile:


Did you have a special 30Q price too?


30Q price is currently £2.37 for forum members :slight_smile:

Pretty sure this is the cheapest around at the moment!


Including VAT too!!


Yes :slight_smile: We’ve opened up to great supply chains in regards to Samsung cells over the last couple of months. We’re happy to pass these discounts on.


Good stuff. Do you have any plans to offer a U tab spotweld service with the cells like nkon do? I think they charge 40 cents per cell.


I have bought from them before, great wholesale prices!


Hi Ben. I bumped your account so you’re good to go. Welcome!


Ben! Welcome. Just a few nights ago we were salivating over the prices, thank you.

Had some stuff from you in the past and the service has always been excellent.


These prices are great. Any change of awesome price’s for samsung 35E and 50E?

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Samsung 35E are currently at 2.46 and the 50E we don’t stock, but seems to be growing in popularity. Will definitely get some of those in :slight_smile:


Can definitely look into this @mutantbass if you think it would be popular :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Brenternet it’s been a great warm welcome here which is awesome.

I’m like the most welcoming person on the forum bud. You wait till the assholes log on later.

But seriously, your prices are hard to beat at the moment, any “serious bulk” further discounts to be had?


Haha thanks. Something to look forward to. Deffo some bespoke quotes available for larger orders. The more we order, the bigger the discount. Also open to suggestions on ways to improve our services and the products we offer.


We’ve got a bit of buying power here due to the sheer number of cells in our boards, which is ever increasing recently! Theres commonly 120 plus cell builds on the go now.

If we managed to band all the unwashed eu masses together here for a “group buy” over the winter months we could probably amass a large order. It’s a pity export laws are getting in the way of your north American customers :slightly_frowning_face: @Sender builds battery packs bigger than my house