Battery Welding Service EU

Hey guys, I wanted to make a new thread with nicer text and pictures than the last ones on the original forum so here it is :slight_smile:

I have been making battery packs for almost 2 years now, I have made around 50 of them by now and there have been no problems what so ever

  • Im offering a full service:
  1. Gluing the p groups together
  2. Welding on 10x0.2mm pure nickel strip
  3. Connecting p groups in series
  4. Connecting a bms
  5. Adding a bunch of insulation
  6. Adding wire to help with the current
  7. Heatshrinking the pack
  • Also offering a partial service

Welding the p groups only
Welding on tabs for the pcb

Or what ever else you need that’s related with batteries like balancing etc

  • Description of my process
  1. Cells are glued with hot glue
  2. Positive terminal is insulated with fishpaper rings
  3. Nickel strip with cut off edges is welded on the p groups
  4. P groups are connected in series as in this diagram
  5. More fishpaper insulation is added between p groups
  6. The p groups are then glued together so they can not move/rub aggainst each other from vibrations
  7. 65mm wide fishpaper is then glued on top of the cells and balance wires are laid out on it and glued to it

What cells do I use?
I can use any cell that suits your build, or budget.
If you are not sure which to pick, I can help you out decide.

Where are the cells sourced from?
The cells are ordered from Nkon /Fogstar only.
You can also send me your own cells.

If you are interested whats my welding setup
its a kWeld spot welder with 2x kCap supercapacitors to provide more amps than you can imagine :smiley:


Nice, never enough battery builder !


Is it possible for you to install a BMS for a fee? I shorted mine while trying to solder on the wires, so I am kind of scared to do it again.

good service. have you had any problems shipping batteries through europe?

No, I have never had any problems, GLS is pretty reliable

@Yungdaff sure, I will send you a message

It’s really nice to see that you take safety so seriously. You can never have too much fishpaper/insulation when building a pack. Do you also try not to cross balance wires?

Can recommend @Acido
He is building all Bioboards batterys for EU.
All packs have been perfect :+1:


May I ask how you check that? They come with clear heat shrink?

They come in blue heat shrink, if a customer wants to check the battery, I can provide extra heatshrink so they can wrap the battery again themselves


Good job bro, keep up the good work :slight_smile: do I see you in Paris?

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Was no offense, just was interested how @mackann back up his quality statement.


Thanks, I would really like to go to a big group ride or any ESK8 event but Its out of my budget at the moment and Im not allowed to fly on an airplane for the next 2 months anyways :slight_smile:

Maybe next time :wink:

Normally next year I am going to Croatia. When I am in your neighbourhood we can do a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be nice!

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All orders are finished, line is more or less empty so if you want a battery you can get it pretty fast :wink:

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No prices in the OP? How much do you charge to make parallel packs of 4p?

20e per p group + bms + materials (When I’m providing him the cells) as a guestimation.

@Acido can you confirm.

Whats the cost to do this , a 4p pack.


That does not requiere much work, I guess 30€ / parts is fair :slight_smile:

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Hi interested in some p groups. U said Nkon only but that was e few mounts ago. I was thinking Fogstar the battery’s are almost half-price.