Introduce Yourself and Share Your Plans (SERIOUS)

If you’re new here, tell us about yourself and what you’re hoping to build. Welcome to the asylum!


Hey guys I’m Collin, I’m a college senior majoring in electrical engineering. Just joined a few days ago. I’ve been learning a lot about how to successfully navigate making a build and i’m ready to start making mistakes. Right now i’m looking at a 9s2p custom pack mated to the torqueboards direct drive kit. Probably going to use the same esc’s that Great Scott used in his vid. I’ve got a ton of great upgrades planned too but for now i’m just looking for a reliable build platform. A buddy of mine told me ya’ll were pretty cool, I’ve come to the same conclusion.


That’s a teeny weeny battery dude! Are you gonna build it yourself?


yeah i plan to build it with samsung inr 18650’s. tough part is finding a spot welder.


I can only recommend the kWeld. There is a good thread on it here, look it up :+1:


Hey, I am Bennet. I am close to finishing my computer science masters here in the north of Germany.
I was thinking about building an electric skateboard several years ago and came across the builders forum a few times already. But I hated that esk8s are illegal on public roads here in Germany (you could loose your driver’s license). About a year ago I joined the efoil builders forum and started planning an eFoil and was gathering parts for half a year or so. But little free time and little money prevented quick progress.
Then about a month ago I figured I could as well build an electric mountain board that I saw online using the components I already had. It would be a bit cheaper and easier to complete and more likely to be used on a regular basis. Laws aren’t that big of a deal with a MTB, as I would ride it far away from the city.
I am now very close to my first test ride on my Trampa/E-Toxx/80100 build. More details will follow soon in a build thread.

The community here is really great, I enjoy reading and participating :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, my name is Kaleb. I’m studying auto mechanics in northern Utah. Even though my title says regular I still feel new. Probably because I am still in the research and buying part of my first board. But I am looking at building a BIG BOY. 12s8p batt hummie deck w/custom integrated enclosure, dual 6374 tb gear drive, and 120 iWonder wheels.


Sick build, can’t wait to see it develop

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Me too! I have the motors and the wheels, just ordered the deck, still trying to find the trucks and escs for me. There are so many options and I am partially stuck between budget and wanting to go full out.
Edit: I know I want to go with a dkp truck setup and from what I’ve read two escs is the way to go.


I would go boardnamics and a unity, can’t go wrong


Pretty keen on seeing that build thread :call_me_hand:


Hey guys, I’m Christian. I’m form NRW, Germany and my friends and I are building the Community Board. You can check it here out, if you like:

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Name’s Thomas (Tom), french guy living in Prague for the past 8 years. Been longboarding for the past 6 years, fist time I jumped on it, I broke my meniscus… Moved to e-board 3 years ago as my company decided to move location. First board was a Meepo V2, which hooked me to the thing. Been putting roughly 1000km on it, before moving to DIY made of 12s5p Samsung 30Q, Unity, and Raptor 2.1 drivetrain. This shit broke my wrist in 3 places, titanium upgrade, and all that…

Currently rocking the same configuration but with TB DD and 110’s, put roughly 2500km on it so far, no issue whatsoever. I am in love with them, can’t get enough.

My plan for the end of winter is to upgrade to the new TB 40’ deck, and 12s8p made of either Sanyo 20700B or Samsung 40T, with TB enclosure that goes with it.



From the Great White North. I’ve been voraciously reading this forum for the past few months and am planning my first DIY build. I recently bought a bkb dual kit and was instantly hooked on the feeling of a powerful board propelling me at near-alarming levels of torque (at least imo a I’d only ever ridden a cheap hub board before).

I’ve almost collected all the parts for this build which will be based off of this beautiful downhill deck from Kebbek. 12s4p and big fuckin thanes on this one w a belt drive! Will start a build thread once I get my hands on a battery and TIA to all the resident experts for what is sure to be a lot of much-needed help and a steep learning curve.

And just a straight up high five to the community for being fucking awesome! The witty reparté makes my day just about everyday. :beer::beer:




Hello, guys. I am Eric. I am still new to esk8. So I am going to learn some skills to build my one wheel board.


Hey everyone! I’m Jordan, I’m an aerospace eng student from Canada.
My build consists of me trying to salvage anything I can from the stupid & naive build I started a few years ago without having a single clue what I was doing. I’m almost at the finish line and looking forward to tearing shit up with as many of y’all as I can when it’s done :smiley:


Who the fuck flagged this guy’s post?
Is this how you welcome someone new?


Jacky is hoping to make it big in the budget board market and hopes that we will do the work for him?


I see. Carry on then.