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what are these holes for? i can’t find any videos of installing this mount. I want to make a clone

The left one for the crossbar.
The other ones maybe grubscrews for tigthening it to the truck (maybe?)


Yah ones coming in from the side (of the circle, top one marked in your pic) are for a grub to lock it on to the truck only comes with one grub even though multiple holes apparently only need the one really along with tightening. Trick is just doing things in the right order need to make sure you let the c clamp part get tightened down before putting in the motor mount plate screws or else you stop the c from closing with those motor plate screws. Think the grub screw i did last but took a few tries of tighten and loosen and reposition things to get it “right” where it doesn’t move at all and is well aligned.

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Does this help?


Hi guys! I hope you guys are staying safe. I was hoping to find out what kind of protective gear I need and what are some good options for - helmets, wrist, elbow, knee gear.
I’m very new to skateboarding in general and I just ordered an electric skateboard.
Any advice would be great !?
I’m in chicago if anyone is around here, I’d be happy to ride together.


Hi AJ-

I bumped your account so you can post and message freely.

You can introduce yourself here as well:

Here’s a great thread on ride protection gear:



It’s possible to drop through mount Caliber trucks with motor mounts right? I’m pretty sure you can but I wanna sanity check it

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Works with boardnamics caliber style trucks if this helps?

BN mounts too?

I had them yes and worked, your mount is just parallel with the ground due to the length of boardnamics mounts

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Red flashing light on esc/ vesc third party don’t want to upset trampa :joy: did I f up the spider?? Idk but the motor won’t go it was fine yesterday then I put it in the enclosure and it didn’t work check tonight on vesc tool and this pops up when try to upload firmware

If your up @b264 I need you but if not we can try tomorrow

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Sounds like shorted phase wires or like something else shorted when you put the enclosure on

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So I’ve check the third party vesc from you guessed it mboards and nothing seemed burnt or melted is there a way to check on the vesc tool

Or should I try to return it ? I’ll mess with it tomorrow

@b264 i hereby summon your magic knowledge.

What is this and why is this?

I’ve never seen that one before. LoL no magic here, just no car to rely on, so skates MUST work at all costs


is there a document somewhere explaining all the different vesc-tool fault codes?


Oh :frowning: thank you.

My 2 days of googling and pulling hairs out until trampa answers says probably no.
Everything seems either drv(bad bad), over current(fix your shit), over temp, some magic fuckery with sensors or fireworks.

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