Everything that makes your ride safe

This thread should be all about safety gear.

Share your experience with your helmet, gloves, projectors etc.
You had a fall? Let us know what saved your skin!
What’s new out there? Is it really an innovation?

You found a good deal? Link it in the comments!

Share interest in a specific product and maybe we can even get a group buy organized.


As they creating some nice stuff especially designed for esk8, I think it’s worth mention lazyrolling

I personally own one of there kevlar hoddies but as it’s winter at the moment I couldn’t wear it that often.
What’s your thoughts experience with there products?


It would be nice if somebody could point out why the TSG pass/ pass pro is one of the most used helmets for downhill and esk8 and what’s his advantage over other helmets.
Which alternatives we have for an enclosed full face helmet that also hold up to the safety certificates?


I’m currently using the Triple 8 DH Racer and its DH certified and doesn’t obscure your field of view so I’d recommend that as an alternative to a TSG Pass


And Ruroc…don’t buy them. (Perhaps their new motorcycle line will be better for our application)

I’ve read nothing but quality issues with their helmets. They ARE built for snowboarding. Hitting snow vs hitting asphalt are 2 very different things.

Please buy a helmet meant for the activity you are doing.

I know that alot of people have multiple set ups for each type of riding they do. If I know that I’m going to be pushing my board past 30mph, I have a full face helmet and a leather riding jacket as well as knee and elbow protection.

If its a dainty jaunt around the neighborhood, Helmet and maybe knee pads.

Dress for the ride you are going on, but NEVER leave the helmet at home.


i use kevlar jeans with built in padding and a kevlar shirt which also has padding, both from revzilla.com

also a TSG pass.

it is designed specifically to keep your head safe while skateboarding very, very fast. It’s very lightweight, doesn’t fog, doesn’t feel like its smothering you, doesn’t get too hot, has a great field of view, and you can hear your surroundings very well in it.

Its not designed for snowboarding, or riding a motorcycle, or skiiing, or BMX. It’s designed for full face and head protection while skateboarding. I can personally verify its life-saving abilities. Based on the damage absorbed by my old helmet, I would be dead right now had i not been wearing it in Virginia a couple years ago. Instead, i got up and walked away after hitting the pavement at over 40mph.

I just wish they had some kind of fall insurance or discount replacement policy because they’re expensive.


That’s just a matter of where you set your priorities. Sure the helemet is not cheap, but
we ride boards for 2,3,4k $ or more.
I have seen the tsg pass pro for 180$ on sale.
For me it’s not too much to investigate in it.
Some of our escs already more expensive and if I look back how much drvs I already blew… :tipping_hand_man:


Where in VA?

I got alot of my motorcycle gear from there, they stock alot of really high quality stuff there. You can get kevlar lined flanel too!

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Just off the blue ridge parkway. Yeah i have the black and dark grey flannel kevlar shirt. It’s taken a few slides already lol


The non-influencer price of the lazy rollin’ didn’t appeal to me, it seems a nice product but not substantially better then the €50-€100 armored hoodies on amazon etc.

One thing that really appealed to me which I had before in a Mammut snowboarding to was the thumbholes in the sleeve, so I researched down that specific route and ended up here


Also these knee guards

I’ve an appt to get an MRI on my shoulder soon, the plan is to safety up this season

Will make a fear report in Spring

Haha just realized ok a fear and gear report


You’ve now got me looking on Amazon for cheap hoodies…
I have a TSG pass pro. XL and it’s very close fitting on my 60cm noggin. I also have a bern open face for short low speed hops.
I have full lapierre body armour which I wear often or leather armoured jacket. Knee pads and sector9 slide gloves. The hoodies sound good, might get a cheapie for science.


Could you compress the cheek pads in a woodworking vice…not squash exactly just a firm compression overnight

Love my TSG pass pro. The double d-ring strap is a bit tricky to fasten though.

Lazyrolling hoodie. Cann’t say anything bad about it. It’s comfy, looks good and makes you look buff and feel well protected.

Triple-8 shoulder, knee and wrist protectors.
Triple-8 exoskin gloves.

My old baseball Nike sliding pants with tucked-in soft knee pads the hip area for extra protection. I’ve fallen twice on that same hip, and I didn’t fancy the pain :slight_smile:

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I’ve taken them out!

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Presumably your face feels too close to the visor, not much you can do bout that.

Did you try the next size up?

It’s the largest one they do. It’s fine when it’s on but really uncomfortable going over my ears.
I used to have the regular pass which was the same size but was more roomy.


Which are better ?
-poc joint vdp 2.0 DH long
-tsg force 3 d3o
-tsg sk8 dhp
-killer 187

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Before reading this I was doing the exact same thing haha. I got POC wrist protectors a while back and I feel way more comfortable riding with them on than off now.

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I don’t know which are better but I’ve worn the living shit out of POC VPD’s, running around in the woods with them on and kneeling/standing/kneeling non stop. They weren’t designed for that but I swear you forget they are on and they take the abuse.

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Thanx for feedback @Brenternet
I don’t mind the bulkiness, I’m all about safety and don’t care if I look like a :clown_face:

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