Everything that makes your ride safe

A RVCA backpack and a padded jacket(don’t know the brand.) I had a really small fall going maybe 10mph and fell on the backpack (before I got a padded jacket) it felt like falling on a massive pillow :grin:


Im still deciding between a New Olders or a TSG Pass

Also Lazyrolling armoured hoodie is the best, took one little spill and made it fell like nothing.


Non certified helmet vs certified.
I know what I would choose.


I went down the same rabbit hole and found this.

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I always wear my
TSG Pass
Lazy rolling hoodie
Fox launch knee/shin pads
Nike SB shoes


Complacency kills…


Im gonna fanboy a bit here. Surfrodz rear king pin trucks. They make me feel more safe because 1. The M10 shoulder bolts are more difficult to fall off then a nylock nut with barely any extra threads on the end. 2. Also CNC aluminum is more solid than cast aluminum which I have seen people snap in half on many brands. I don’t think you can snap a CNC truck in half?

So when I’m at max speed I feel there is fewer ways the truck can fail and make me street face.

Im still paranoid but less so then cast trucks!

  1. Way more stable with high speed bumps.

  2. If you use standard axels you can lock them in with the grub screw, for added safety. :ok_hand:t2::wink:


I love mine, they have taken some serious beatings and never move


One of the things that saved me just a few days ago are the padded shorts from gform. I hit a big stone which jammed the wheels and the board came to a standstill where as I came off my leiftech at a fair rate of knotts and landed straight on my hip. I think if that pad hadnt of been there I would be injured, as it was I got up and carried on!

The other thing I like are the pro esk8 gloves from flatland 3d. They have some materials issues with the first batch but once they get that licked they will be awesome

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The ERPM setting on VESC-based ESCs is a safety feature I use a lot. Limit your ERPM (and thusly your top speed) to your own riding ability - I think this feature is highly overlooked. Especially when you’re first trying out an esk8 you built yourself and you’re working out all the small problems.

Everyone focuses on having “insane” power and speed available, and of course we all love that! But there’s wisdom to starting slow.


This is very much related to ‘throttle curves’ as well. If you can limit the ERPM for top speed and use a liberal throttle curve (-40/-40 Natural) then you can create a ride experience that is much safer for newer riders.

I do this on most of my boards as a mode, for when I let people try out my board and when I just wanna cruise around without paying to much attention because Im talking or half drunk :).


Probably the best throttle curve you can get for mid weight riders isn’t even necessarily a throttle curve.

I don’t now and have never used a throttle curve when setting up my boards. In my experience, throttle curves have been used to hide the bad behaviors of over-zealous settings.

Everyone who rides my candy crusher or other boards tells me how amazingly smooth it is on startup and how it feels like there’s a ton of power in there but that its never really out of your control. I’ve been hearing that about my boards for a couple of years now.

The reason for this isn’t the throttle curve (there is none set). It’s the battery and motor settings in relation to your gearing and wheel height.

On my candy crusher, which has been ridden by total noobs repeatedly without incident, i’m running the following configuration: 100mm wheels, 16/36 gear ratio, 6355 sensored motors, 12S5P 30Q pack limited by bms to 60 amps, and a total battery draw of no more than 55 amps with motor amps also set at 55 and brake regen amps set at -7.

The only tuning i do for the remote is centering.

This cake-mix might not be right for power hungry speed freaks but it will do 37mph actual, isn’t slow about getting there, and is friendly enough in slow mode for a total noob. It will also turn itself off when the battery is dead, will not trip the BMS on hard braking (yet is perfectly capable of sliding the back wheels), and will work wonderfully with either dual focboxes or a single Unity.

I was also using similar settings and techniques with Ollin Board Company vesc based ESCs.


I’m wearing an helmet since day 1 of my esk8 journey. Classic helmet during the first year and full face since ? When I decided to buy a full face, I ordered a Ruroc on Black Friday Sale to test it and see by myself why it has got bad reviews for esk8 usage. At the same period, I also bought an used TSG Pass and a new TSG Pass on sale. The Ruroc was too big, sent it back and quickly received a smaller one but was still too big. Both TSG Pass I got fitted well, same size obviously)

My conclusions after testing Ruroc and TSG Pass are :

  • Ruroc has an awesome customer service !
  • Ruroc helmets size a bit big, my view was not clear and it moved when I shaked my head.
  • TSG Pass fitted perfectly, used it once under the rain and there was no problem.
  • TSG Pass air system is good for me

And beside a helmet, I always wear :

  • wrist protectors
  • knee pads
  • Troy Lee Designs UPL7855-HW Long Sleeve Shirt

I fell at 30mph once, had no armor (elbow pads) and no full face (classic bowl helmet) at this time but I managed to get a good body position before hitting the ground so I was okay in the end. My mind was more damaged than my body and it took me some time to go at this speed again, slowly and carefully rebuilding confidence with this build.


I try to wear the bare minimum to not have any permanent injuries: a helmet, and gloves to protect my wrists. (I fall seldom enough to warrant buying a new set of clothes when I do. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Since my broke-ass didn’t feel like spending >50$ on Flatland gloves, I got these for 13 pounds on Amazon:

The plastic palm protectors stick on with Velcro, so I repositioned the one in my right hand so that I can hold my remote better. It’s a bit annoying, so I might upgrade to the Flatland gloves in the future, but for the price it’s good value imo. They definitely do their job!


On a more serious note, thought I’d throw up some amazon finds for other sports which may be useful for esk8 with more of an emphasis on descrete wear for summer

uhlsport Anatomic Kevlar Goalkeeper Trousers

Leatt 3DF 5.0 Impact Shorts

Shorts Protective https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00F3Y2EO8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_jJkLCbMQ09GYV

Storelli Men’s Body Shield Ultimate Protection 3/4 Goalkeeper Pants


Here’s some pics I took of the Trilobite hoodie, really premium stitching, fabrics and protection, fits very nicely


where’s the link dude?

Got it here


They have a basic version for much less too


I have two sets of the Flatland esk8 gloves and can recommend both from a comfort and utility standpoint. They have the half-finger and full finger versions. The full finger version has wrist protection built in. I don’t know if the little pads work as designed, I have only gone down once with the gloves on. Didn’t really test the glove because I rolled. A lot of years of wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - one thing about skating I know is how to fall.

I use three different kinds of below the waist protection, depending on where I’m headed. I have G-form kneepads to wear under work pants for commute, Dakine mountain bike kneepads to wear over pants that are too tight around the knee for the G-form. Weekends I wear motorcycle jeans with Kevlar liner from the knees up and knee pads. The Kevlar worked well when I slid on a hip for a bit on pavement, even though I wasn’t wearing hip pads. I always wear one of two motorcycle jackets I have. There is a Cycle Gear a nice 3 or 4 mile ride from home.

The helmet took several tries to get right. I didn’t want a full face mask but did want a half-visor. I settled on a Kali City Helmet. It is a very nice commuter helmet. I haven’t really tested the protection on the helmet yet, other than hitting a couple overhead branches.
I replaced the earpads with these to get tunes
The battery life on the headphones has been very good.

Anything I didn’t like a lot I returned and replaced so I recommend everything listed.