Bigfoot | TB130 | Dogstar Stubbie | Unity Super Single | 10S3P 30Q [SRO]


an LEV build by b264

This build has been in some sort of “done” state for a few weeks now, but I’ve been tweaking things and I think this may be close to the final form.

This board is a little different. Firstly, it has some absolutely enormous TB130 wheels. These things are truly massive. Let’s compare to some 60mm OJ III Hot Juice wheels so the scale is apparent:

So what’s my favorite thing about this board?

That’s definitely the ride. It rides like a high-power park deck, except on clouds. It’s super nimble and super, SUPER easy to carry and pick up. It has not only a handle, but also a grabber :tm:.

This board is water resisted. The whole enclosure has zero holes. Even the top has a piece of sheet rubber laid across it and stuck to the enclosure with butyl tape, before being bolted to the deck.

What’s in it

The heart and soul of this build is its deck and wheels. That’d be the 10x31 Alva Power Station Dogstar Earl Boykins Stubbie deck and some prototype 72A 130mm @torqueboards TB130 polyurethane longboard wheels.

Parts list

  • Alva Power Station Dogstar Earl Boykins Stubbie deck
  • 72A 130mm TB130 polyurethane longboard wheels
  • custom handle underneath
  • custom grabber :tm: on top
  • Caliber 50° RKP baseplates
  • @Boardnamics 184mm hangers
  • Boardnamics motor mount and precision clamp
  • clear Mob Grip tape
  • Metroboard battery box
  • custom enclosure clamp
  • Riser lights from Metroboard, “2W” model, white and red colors
  • custom 10S3P 30Q battery by @b264 and @Agressivstreetlamp
  • black Powell Peralta tailbone
  • FOCBOX Unity
  • @3DServisas 48T kegel pulley
  • prototype high-power next-gen motor (early V4 Reacher)
  • Mini Remote

10S3P 30Q battery with bypassed BMS, 205Kv motor, 15/48 ratio single drive (rear heelside) with 130mm wheels

It’s using both sides of the Unity to hammer on the same motor at 160A motor max. It will burn out the drive wheel no problem, if you can stay on top. The amount of power is up there with or exceeding my dual drives. This single drive really hauls ass. I mean, it rips and tears.

Enough with the words, and in with the photos.

the Bigfoot

That tiny XT30 loopkey on the front of the enclosure turns off the lighting system and voltage gauge (when pulled) for Stealth / Max Range mode. (You can barely even see it in the recess next to the lighting wire)

the ass-end

overhead view

the wheels are so big it actually stands on its side


nose lighting

tail lighting

It has not sensor wires connected, but the temperature wire is connected

the powerplant

the firmware

This was an older 6374 motor testing out the software

Right before the maiden voyage


Bigfoot VariESC settings

VariESC Tool 3.00.beta 5.2.beta.16 CUSTOM
FOCBOX Unity Super Single

mode: FOC HFI

motor current max 160A
motor current min -71A
battery current max 33A
battery current min -20A
absolute maximum current 802A

battery: 10S3P 30Q 55A 9000mAh

throttle curve
7% deadband

L: 1.050ms, 1.9050ms, 1.5260ms

max wattage 1.5MW
min wattage -1.5MW

voltage cutoff
start 36V end 34V
BMS hard cutoff: none

Prototype motor 205Kv
I: 79.93A
R: 9.40mΩ
L: 4.09μH
λ: 3.76mWb
HFI samples: 16
HFI Start Voltage: 10V
HFI Run Voltage: 2.5V
HFI Max Voltage: 3.25V
Sensorless ERPM HFI: 1020.00
HFI Start Samples: 65
HFI Observer Override Time: 1.0ms
Current Controller Decoupling: FOC_CC_DECOUPLING_DISABLED

Control Mode: Current Hyst Reverse With Brake

max 100000 erpm
min -100000 erpm
erpm limit start 80%
Fault Stop Time 85ms
Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 90%

9.00V lighting circuit


These wheels.

These wheels are amazing. In fact, I already need more. They are huge. I mean, the word “huge” isn’t even right for them. They’re truly massive.


nod to @spade for discovering this deck


This is crazy in a good way, never would’ve thought i’ll see huge wheels like these on a shortboard.


Looking awesome :wink:
I always heard that risers weren’t good news for stability, is there any building trick to keep such a short board with high risers like that stable, or is it just riding skills speaking :thinking: ?


I feel like risers take away from stability far less than:

A) you think they do
B) tight trucks
C) wheelbite

and on a side note, I won’t be pushing so it doesn’t matter how far down to the ground it is :crazy_face: Risers absolutely suck if you’re pushing.

Anyway for me, adding just the amount of riser necessary to lean all the way over with loose trucks seems the most stable option. I’d definitely take this over some 78mm wheels with no riser and tight trucks.


This board has 39mm of hard riser.


3DS motor?

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I’m testing the motor for a secret brand.


Could you elaborate?..

You put the 30Q cells vertical right? What a huge battery you have on such a tiny board! :joy:

To use both sides of the unity one just connects them in parallel to each phase wire?

I also agree that the board height to the ground is overrated. My kicktail is also a bit higher than typical and I feel absolutely stable. In fact it’s a dream to carve with it.


Yes, the wiring diagram is in here


Yes, they are vertical.

This one actually has plenty of room. The Green One has a 10S5P in the same enclosure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


sorry i must but… :joy:

  • A brand that already exists or a new one?
  • A US, EU or Asian Brand?

Apart from that, i love this board so much. it’s like a mega monster truck except… a mini truck? haha. i love the white deck too, not enough of them.

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The deck is actually a light blue color but the MOB clear griptape makes it even lighter still.


Also love this build. Find very refreshing to see other concepts being tried, not only the same kind of boards.

  1. Regarding stability, you usually ride at a low to medium speed, right Brian? My calculations say this board has a max speed of around 56km/h (35mph :exploding_head: )
  2. How big of a game changer are these wheels? Do you really prefer this board over the lighter boards you have with 110mm wheels?
  3. That “grabber” hook looks like a tripping hazzard :laughing: Do you really prefer that over the regular handle?

Awesome build btw, it looks great! :slight_smile:


Dang, it’s that simple now? Here, hold my single…


Very cool. I love these last mile boards.

It’s always been so interesting bro me to see the subgenres body our hobby. Brian really owns the short board, urbanite, function first subgenre. Really really cool.

The motor is a 6374 size?
And can you compare that to say a maytech 200 single esc (or any equivalent single esc)


This looks so fun to tick tack lol