*SCAM ALERT* neoBOX open source Focbox variant (HW 4 and HW6 Design)

This thread is primarily dedicated to the creation of the neoBOXES v4 and V6. The v6 Dual and Jeff’s own upcoming 20s ESC are included as well.

Huge thanks to @jeffwuneo for spending precious time and money on this project and putting up with all of our questions and @BillGordon for donating 2 Foxboxes.

Thanks to @wandagoner for the being the main contributer of the folding recap seen below.

Always remember : Jeff does this in his free time. He is really passionate about his projects and we all appreciate that!

To summarize the Topic :

@jeffwuneo is working on (4) different ESC variants to be released in the near future. https://focbox.com/ . These efforts began Nov2019. No devices have been released for community testing or GA at this time but we are very close.


The v4 Hardware costs 80$ (+shipping)
The v6 Hardware costs 120$ (+shipping)

REMEMBER : The neoBoxes are NEW and need testing. People who bought these test units should use them in their builds as soon as possible, not in 5 months. DO not buy them if don’t have anything to contribute in this Test phase, wait for the final batch. Report bugs, Film your build, record your telemetry and create a comprehensive “Review”. We need every bit of data we could get.


This is for second batch of neoBOX, can purchasing online for shipment April 2020.


Broken ESC?

If you break your ESC in the testing phase you get a free replacement.
All you need to do is ship the ESC to one of Jeffs Warehouses in the EU or US at your own expense. The Warehouse then ships it back to china and you’ll receive a new one at Jeffs expense.
Not sure how returns are handled for people outside the EU/US maybe shipping it directly to china (I’ll ask Jeff about that)

We have yet to talk about the “warranty” for the finished products.

NeoBox infos


dim: 65x65x22
voltage: 60v

cont current: 70a-80a (to be verified)
peak current: 150a
Conductor: 12awg silicone wire for power and phase
Connectors: XT60 soldered for power, phase cables are 12 AWG wire without connectors


dim: 65x65x22
voltage: 60v
cont current: 80a (possibly up to 100A but needs testing)
peak current: 200a

Conductor: 12awg silicone wire for power and phase
Connectors: XT60 soldered for power, phase cables are 12 AWG wire without connectors

20s Variant

neoBOXDual (March Releasing)

For specification is

  • 12/13S operating
  • Built in NRF for use with VESC app and some remote
  • 10AWG Silicon Motor wire
  • 10AWG Silicon Battery wire with XT90
  • 160A continuous current - 200A burst
  • Oversize capacitor
  • All aluminium enclosure with water protection.
  • 120 x 65 x 30mm (Approximate)
  • 6 layer PCB

For price we think is $299 but for first 100 we sell for $249.

Notable Updates

  • 6th January 2020

So currently the 2 main things that need work are the CNC Heatsinks and Anodizing the case.

  • 2nd Dec 2019:

Some additions


No need file. If send me one we can reverse engineer and make open for community.


Pleas dont cheep out on components. The reliability is what makes them so good.


We make car part for job. My factory only make good product.


My experience is that many of the factories that promise quality products, deliver that for the first few batches.

Then something happens and quality decreases little by little or even drastically.

In not saying you are one of them, I’m just hoping you’re not one of them. :four_leaf_clover:


We owning our factory and work with many large company. We not do this skateboard for making money is for fun only.

We make electric motor and battery and other part for car. Quality is only thing we knowing how to do.


That sounds great, and businesses taking quality seriously is always highly appreciated.

I wish you luck with that and looking forward to you delivering esk8 related products to selected forum members for some serious testing!

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You can see the deck we already make for friend here. We working on own ESC already to make easier for making dyi skateboard with focusing on reliability like car.


@jeffwuneo has offered to do this more than once now, somebody send the man a focbox! @b264 @Dareno surely one of you has a spare!?




Please Daddy, think of the children.


Lol at my title change :rofl:


That was not me and its not appropriate at all for a public forum. :rofl:

Who did that???

Bill. Fucking good one but just no. no


When DARENO is the voice of reason, the world is lost.


Send him those new ESCape’s :joy::joy:



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Touche. Not a fucking chance :rofl:


If someone can sending me we can reverse engineer and make same. We use same part (if not EOL) and we can making for community with good price. We donate some money back to this forum for helping to cost.

If anyone have any schematic for this already can be big helping.

It need maybe one week and we can make new layout and another week for make sample.


I’ll send you one, Jeff. Will PM you for details.


Thank you friend @BillGordon.