Duality Trucks by Tito Systems

I’m proud to introduce Duality Trucks. This is a dual pivot truck design I’ve had in my mind for a minute. The goal was to create something that has a strong center and lots of lean, similar to Ronin trucks. Over the years I learned how to CAD and about a year ago I got a CNC mill in order to make this concept a reality.

The trucks are designed to fit mountainboard decks. They used tall skate bushings in any shape and are adjustable with a skate tool. They feature dual custom 96a WFB pivots from Riptide that removes any unwanted slop. The hangers are rakeless which gives you exceptional stability.

The listing is for 0 degree baseplate for the front and -15 degree baseplate for the rear. Recommended final angle is 35-30 front and 15 rear. This gives you a stable, deep lean setup.

270mm or 300mm hanger width available. The ends of the hanger have a standard profile of 22mm x 22mm radius 6mm to fit many off the shelf gear drives and belt drives. The axle diameter is 12mm and the length is 65mm with 7/16-20 nuts.





Riser/Wedge files

5mm riser.step (71.9 KB)
2.5 degree wedge.step (68.2 KB)
5 degree wedge.step (70.0 KB)
22.5 degree lean limit.step (51.0 KB)
20 degree lean limit.step (50.9 KB)

Let me know any questions you have.


Woo hoo!! :fire:



I’ve been providing my opinions to Tito for the past couple weeks as he’s been playing with different bushing compounds (along with a lot of other LA riders); I’ve had a non-negligible amount of time riding them. They are truly something special, and will be building myself another board around them. Excited for that!

They feel like channel trucks, without the downsides of channel trucks. There were a few moments riding on track where I forgot that I wasn’t on 3-links.


Can these also be mounted in both orientations to change the wheelbase and deck clearance?

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Yes, the hangers can be flipped. (They’re about 18mm off center.)


Awesome @tuckjohn glad to hear. Your feedback over the last could of weeks has been very helpful


Very cool dude!!!

They look great.


Dang, you got me hyped for these trucks. Ronins are my favourite RKP truck, so I imagine I would love the ride on these also. If I haven’t just finished a board on the new BN channels I would be grabbing a set right now.


Can you compare this a bit more to 3-links? Specifically how does the turn, lean, and rebound compare?


Damn I wish I needed these


Hard to describe. I think a lot of what contributes to it is how little slop/backlash there is in the trucks, and the predictably of channel-like trucks (when compared to TKP/DKP).

However, unlike channels (both with kaly/trampa barrel or Lacroix wedge type bushing), having the bushings in the center allows for a much more linear bushing setup… the trucks don’t harden up at the edges of travel, if that makes sense.

Tito would come out with track events with 2~3 boards, all with wildly different deck types, angles, and bushings. Some would feel more like DKP (Like @fessyfoo’s Proto), others would feel more like snowboarding. These trucks have a very wide range of ways they can be set up


If you like Ronins then I think you will like these. They ride very similar to those trucks with even more lean. I was trying to get a snowboard type feel that @tuckjohn described. It took some testing of different setups but the use of chubby bushings made the biggest difference… I would describe the feel as having a strong center where you don’t feel like the bushing loses contact with the bushing seat and the turns are flowy and linear feeling.


These things look beautiful. I wish I needed them for a build right now


The website is now up. Here is the link TitoSystems.com


:congratulations: :confetti_ball: :raised_hands:


This seems like a very notable point. Can you give the reasoning to go for the custom pivot cup over something like using a “standard” pivot like found on Caliber style (I actually mean the boardnamics precision pivots)

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I needed a custom size. I’m using steel pins as pivots instead having aluminum pivots as I found that it’s usually the part that wears down. Also the urethane pivot bushings outer diameter is a little bit bigger than normal to give a little extra cushion.

I don’t have any pictures of the pivots on hand, they’re similar to KORE bushings. I do have this picture of the mold.


270mm or 300mm hangers?

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So stoked for this build. Thanks Tito!


Could the -15 baseplate be flipped into +15?

I find that running anything less than 40-45 degrees front hurts low speed turning too much…

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