Homing Frequency

Got inspired arfter riding borh @tuckjohn and @ShutterShock boards with the Titos trucks.

Mine just came in yesterday, And im very excited to get this build going. Looking to run 18s6p after riding a race board another rider had built. Really loved the power delivery on that board.

Unfortunately this will be a slow build but i hope to get everything done by mid to late summer.

Here some planned out parts
-Duality trucks
-Apex Jump Drives
-mboards 7" novas
-SKP Dual +top box

Still working ot details on a deck but it will likely be from TomiBoi and 8 or 9 ply plus fiberglass.

The idea for this build is for a race capable board that i can commute and do group rides with. Need the extra traction from the novas. My current build is very limited with the madwheels. Maybe someday I’ll do race tires, but i gotta build this first.


Sick dude! These trucks are for sure awesome, looking forward to seeing another duality build. I need to make my build thread!

Also hi colin lol


I love the idea of having one board that can both do group rides and racing. Seems like there is always a compromise of some sorts. Curious to see how this build turns out.

The trucks sound awesome. Really trying to resist purchasing a set right now.


Hi ryan lol.
I made this account as a throwaway like a year ago when i was just getting into Eskate. But i guess it stays!
Cant wait to get this build really moving!

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Im sure there will be some sort of compromise.
Maybe range or needing to swap out gearing/tires for racing.

My current build is traction limited. Im running the Mboards Nexus trucks. Which i really like. But i need more turning capability and more traction. I could try pneumatics but my deck will get wheelbite.
*edited for spelling.

173kv motors ordered from SkyArtPower.

Spoke with chat (Artem i assume) and he told me the motors will be able to handle the 18s build but i may have heat issues with the 5.5:1 gearing. And i might have iron losses when it gets hot out. So looks like this build will definitely be on the race side once its on the 18s battery. Should be ok for group rides and commuting if i go easy on it. But definitely going to be more race oriented.

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Good part choice if I do say so myself. Looking forward to seeing the finished build.

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Thanks man!
Cant wait to get the deck and gear drives. Then I can actually run the trucks.

I can hear them wanting to be used instead of sitting on the filing cabinet.

Has anyine messed with the idea of running a very thin shim or a thicker washer board side to increase preload on the board side bushings?

I was contemplating this the other day. Thought it would be interesting to mess with. But obviously i need to get the trucks mounted and actually ride the board before messing with bushings.

The set screw on the side needs to be backed off to allow the bushings to be compressed equally.

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I want to thank Tucker for letting me take the Nothing Fancy Build out on the track last night.
Still trying to get used to the trucks, but still casually faster than my DIY.
Managed to get the Kendas in the rear to squeal a few corners, so that was fun! But also super sketchy for me since I’ve never done that before. Meanwhile Tucker was sreeching those tires all track night. Which was hilarious.

I was able to test it at higher speeds though. I took it on the street part of the parking lot and brought it up to speed. Maybe 35-40ish.
And i did get some wobble. Not full on RKP wobble but like a slow version.
I ran the test a few times, getting faster each time. I showed Tucker and the final pass was likely 40MPH or a little over. Maybe 40-42. (Honestly probably 40, but no GPS)
Still got the wobble/oscillation but was able to control it. Definitely felt fast. Especially since once you hit 25 on Nothing Fancy the power really comes in. 25 to 40 happens pretty fast!

May try messing with the bushings on my trucks once i get my deck. I’ll adjust the kingpin and try to tighten them up. I finally realized what Tito meant when he said to loosen the grub screw to evenly preload the bushings. Super cool stuff.

Cant wait to get this build going.


Best way we can describe it is “walking”. Feels very similar to 3-link setups at high speeds.

Not wobbles or instability, but wants to walk a little.

Whatever it was, it was faster then I’ve ever ridden Nothing Fancy😂


The board definitely rips once you hit 25-30 power comes in and boom “LOOK MOM IM GOIN FAST”

I wonder if tightening the bushings down more woukd reduce the “walking” effect. Or changing some angles. (Wedge/dewedge)


I wonder if harder or different style bushings would reduce walking as well?

Mine is still on the chubbies in the front, I think tucker changed his to tall barrels?


I’m also on tall barrels


Harder barrels seem to be more stable than soft chubbys… Then aps formula is more stable than krank formula because you can run more preload without affecting turn that much, just need more durability testing.


Interesting. I may have to try this out. I used to run APS on my previous DIY trucks.
Might need to try tall barrels or tall canons.

Ive run 92.5 canons on my BN220 trucks and loved em. Ran them looser than the 90a versions. (Both were APS)

Might have to mess with this idea. The endless bushing combos!


APS feels really nice. Soft duros in chubbies doesn’t last apparently, I am running APS 92.5A tall barrels front, and a single 92.5A APS tall chubby along with a 93A krank tall chubby on the rear. I removed the stock lean stoppers and I am running 25/10 final angles, leaning pretty hard, so if there’s any durability issues it will come out on my setup


One more step completed

They come with keys which is super nice! Didnt know that.

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And now I’m atleast 15HP faster.
Stickers add 5HP each.

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