Homing Frequency

I just got my Duality’s set up yesterday and will be messing with some different bushing combos as well, so I’m glad to see more discussion in this thread. My build sounds similar to this in some regards - Duality’s, 18s6p, Tomiboi deck, Nova 7’s. I don’t race it, but I probably should try my hand at it.


I cant wait to order my Tomiboi deck. Next bonus! Then i will have a rolling chassis!


That laser engraving looks mint. It’s good reading more of the details of where you got the inspiration for the name for the build.

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Theres actually even more to the name!

There is a local bar in San Diego called
Mother Ship.
Its a space themed tiki bar. So imagine Millennium Falcon crashed on a moon. That’s pretty much what it looks like on the inside. So this bar has a drink that i enjoy called
Homing Beacon. Which i though would be a cool name too. They also have a drink called Forbidden Frequency, which is also quite excellent. Also, another cool name for a race board.

So adding both of names together and taking into account my love for tiki Drinks and the whole Frequency/ meditation/science thing.

Homing Frequency was born.

I was originally going to buy a new deck and run 6 inch pneumatics on my 12s6p build. Likely novas. BUT, then i Rode @tuckjohn s board and @ShutterShock boards…which completely wrecked my idea of just a deck and tire swap.

So i ordered the 300mm Duality trucks, and started the search for a deck that would work. Checked out Kynd Boards and Tomiboi, eventually deciding on a TomiBoi Hellhound.


I’m glad we sucked you further into the hobby lol


Full send now!

Bearings came in!