Vesc setting help

So bms would be on all the time

Not really; the ESC would have power all the time unless the battery was drained past a critically low amount, which is a good safeguard anyway.

You need to make sure your BMS is capable of the currents you need, though. Which BMS?

Bestech d596

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You should be okay with that.

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I didn’t know there were separate braking currents for high and low speeds- I always thought that “battery regen” was the maximum charge rate of the battery (1c of capacity, so a 5Ah Lipo must have regen set to -5). Do you happen to know how an esc decides which current to use/ what speeds or factors it switches by? And will the vescs default -60 regen damage batteries rated for significantly lower charge rates? Thanks in advance!

Typically the high regenerative charge rates achieved by smashing the brakes at a high speed will be so ephemeral that they won’t upset the cells.

If sustained, a charge rate that high could definitely be an issue. But once you start braking hard, you immediately begin losing the momentum that would be needed to sustain such hard braking.


I have a battery pack that is 60amp max continuous discharge and I have a dual drive system. My vesc clone is connected on CAN
BUS. Shouldd I set battery current max at around 30amp or 60amp? Becasue 30amp x2 is 60amp.

Depends on your ESC.

A lot of “dual” ESCs like Unity you’d set it at 60A and each side would draw only 30A.

A lot of the time on dual single ESCs, you’d halve each “battery” number but don’t halve the “motor” numbers. So that would be 30A.

Depends which ESCs.

I have 2 single fsesc 4.12.

halve the “battery min” and “battery max” and leave all other numbers same


@b264 And how it looks with vesc6 (flipsky 6.6 dual plus) ?
My battery is 12s4p (30q) 60 amps continuous.

I never personally used that one, maybe someone else knows.

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So I had to change my set up I have 2 focbox with split ppm
I set
Motor 60
Max break 50
Maximum cu 150
Bat max 30
Bat max regen was at - 22 breaks where weak so do I go to - 15 or so to make the stronger

Depends which brakes.

If high-speed brakes are weak, lower battery min from -22 to -25 or something.

If low-speed brakes are weak, lower motor min from -50 to -60.

If your motor min is at 50 you will have big problems.

Sorry max break is at - 50
Low speed and high speed breaks are weak
I’ll change them tomorrow
Getting a little bit of clogging on start up as well besides that feels good

Can you show how you conntected two single focboxes to a split ppm? I foud out that split could fry vesc.

Let me have a think about this even better I will take a pic this week end and send it to you

Did u get this sorted or do you still need photo

Connect the remote receiver PWM to one FOCBOX with all 3 wires: black, red, and white.

Connect the remote receiver PWM to the other FOCBOX with just one wire: white.