🏆 2022 Build of the Year - Nominations

~12hrs to go! Nominations close at 11:59pm PST!


@Flyboy @Titoxd1000 @JoeyZ5 @rosco @lock @tomiboi @dskate @DeadLightning @rusins @havenever @ablairlamb @Ace @Savage1 @janpom @UFOskada @b264 @12sV @luastoned @BillGordon @Toughook @Linny

Alright everybody! We are nearly there. If your name is above, I need two things from you:

  1. If you have not already, make sure you have stated in this thread which category you want to compete in. @BillGordon, @Toughook, @Linny, I’m looking at yall.

  2. I am going to pull a glamour shot of your build from your build thread, to use in the voting thread. If you want to make my life easier, please either put your glamour shots in the first post of your build thread, or the last post (and tag me). Otherwise, I’m going to pull whatever picture I want from your thread, and I dont want to hear any whining.

Nominations are still open for a few hours, lets finish strong!


Y’all are out of the woods, I searched, but @NoWind didnt make a thread for the mini PsychoFrame.

(Insert collective sigh of relief)


lol I think @tomiboi has mtb BOTY in the bag, I think he certainly outdid me

I’m not allowed to compete anyways, I’m a host.


Is it limited to one glamour shot? Two? Three? More?

If it’s limited to one and someone submits four, do you just select one of the three with no whining permitted?

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My StreetCarver build is kinda dual purpose and now has off road tires and bindings, so although i still do plan to use it on roads at time, think it’s best in the OFF ROAD category

(I’m still not sure about naming my builds :joy:)


My vote is “Big Mac’s” after the beer that fueled the build

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The Batt deserves this alone

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I’ll pick the Street build category, and this picture for my build:

Bussin Sportster | DIY take an on Onsra


Street for me. Use the best pics you feel are good. I will also donate a set of @glyphiks antisink plates , (yet to come) to the winner.


I assume we couldn’t squeeze this past our feathery overlord given it’s a bolt or two short of a lap time?

Similarly sneaky but this monstrosity was also revamped in 2022? I feel like this actually was built this year

Ok there’s no fuckery with this one

And this little guy for the amount of craft and interesting ideas, especially dem wheels and big ol’ lipo pouches


One day I’ll build something above average :joy:


Street build! There are nicer pics on post #27 of my build thread, thanks!


@mr.shiteside thanks for the nom man, if it does scrape through, im tipping street is the prinary design focus though im sure it’ll end up on both regularly… if its not eligible, i guess itll have to wait for the 2023 noms.

Pretty chuffed for a first build to even be considered here amoungst some very talented builders and sexy decks.

Edit: on reflection and 4 hours creating more problems than i solved, i must politely decline this round, its clear to me that the story isnt yet over , if i didnt ride it by new year… it hasnt yet been charged…

Thanks for the consideration tho


I dont know what the fuck any of this means, but you posted it at 14:45 on the 15th so these nominations are fair game :kissing_heart:

@the2jakes @moog @Fatglottis I need to hear from y’all in the next couple of hours about which category you want to compete in, or you will not be entered into the voting.

Yeah that seems like the right call, I respect that decision.


One glamour shot, just like all the previous BOTY voting threads.

If it’s limited to one and someone submits four, I slowly lower them into an active volcano via a winch attached to their nipples. Unless I think they might enjoy that, in which case I just mock them publicly.


Hahahahaha sorry, I meant the board isn’t technically finished. Couple of bolts left before it takes its first run. And hummerboard v1 was built in a previous year but v3 was this year


Omg I can’t believe this is happening

Put me up under Esk8 Innovation then :blush:


Since my suggestion on adding a new category doesn’t seem to have been accepted :cry: , I guess I’ll try my luck in Esk8 Innovation. Cheers!


Voting is live