HummerBoard - 4WD HoverBoard hub motors and motherboards

Hi, been making a 4WD e-mountainboard with hardware from offroad hoverboards.

Here are the specs:
Battery 12S (3x4s) Lipo 20Ah
2 hoverboard motherboards (reprogrammed)
4 all terrain hoverboard hub motors (8inches)
Power: 6KWatts in silence :wink:
Lights: front and rear
VMax: 50km/h
Range: 20km
DIY mudguards (PVC tube and metal frame).


Here’s the list of hardware parts:

  • 2 second hand hummer hoverboards: 180€
  • Deck: 120€
  • Batteries: 500€
  • Trucks: 50€
  • Eggshocks: 20€
  • Lights: 20€
  • Plastic Case: 120€
  • Screws etc…: 30€
  • Electric connectors : 15€
  • Cables&switches: 10€
  • Usb flasher: 5€
  • Remote control+receiver: 13€
  • Grip: 4€
  • Jauge and 45V to 12V converter: 5€
  • Batteries Charger: 60€
  • Snowboard Flow straps: 250€

TOTAL: 1400€


HummerBoard MakingOf

First Version ride

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Ride with Supra

Offroad ride 2022

This month was a big transformation/enhancement moment: all batteries and electronics have been put on top of the board, and I lowered the board to gain in stability.


Here’s today’s last ride of the year photo :wink:


Interested in seeing a race between this and the Hunter board I confused the title with.

Probably wins unless carrying it up stairs is part of the race.

What are the switches and buttons on the case for? Looks pretty clean.

Interesting build with cool aesthetics :call_me_hand:

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It should be part of every esk8 race, that’s a fantastic idea.

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Switches: master power on, lights, each hoverboard motherboard power on, fuse.

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This one came in from the left. Nice work.

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These are the last photos I made of it last december.


HummerBoard V3 first 2023 ride

TRON like video