🏆 2022 Build of the Year - Planning

I’m with @rosco, we need a “most excessive use of butyl tape” category.
@b264 and @whaddys would be front runners, but they cant make it because they’re too busy trying to get their enclosure off to make a build thread.



The idea is to not need to take it off. Taking off enclosures means you fucked up.


I need to do this soon and am regretting how much butyl tape I used already. I haven’t even started taking it off yet. Tis some strong stuff…

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Just go really slow. It comes off easy if you don’t try to rush it. Give it a slight pry and simply wait while it slowly unsticks itself. Or, try to rush it, and break the whole enclosure :laughing:

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So im writing up the BOTY 2022 Nominations thread right now. Last year we did two voting rounds, first round picks the category winners from all entries, second round picks BOTY winner from those category winners.

Thoughts on just doing one round of voting this year, and allowing all entries to compete in the BOTY race? That would give the possibility of there being 4 winners rather than 3, particularly if someone’s build is amazing but doesnt top any of the 3 categories.


Hi guys, completely new here :wink:, I just noticed this thread and was wondering if my build could be eligible for this BOTY contest ?
(it’s the HummerBoard, you may have seen on Facebook groups).

(Where can I please find the rules for this BOTY contest ?)
I don’t have any build thread on this forum, but I have one (in French :wink:) on another forum

Here are the specs:
Battery 12S (3x4s) Lipo 20Ah
2 hoverboard motherboards (reprogrammed)
4 all terrain hoverboard hub motors (8inches)
Power: 6KWatts in silence :wink:
Lights: front and rear
VMax: 50km/h
Range: 20km
DIY mudguards (PVC tube and metal frame).


(Well I can’t add any pic here… :neutral_face:, maybe because I’m new…)


Here’s a pic of the HummerBoard:


You need to write a build thread about it before the end of the year,then someone else has to nominate your board for the contest :+1:


This wildcard rule change is unfortunately a year too late for the glorious crab racoon


I’ve created the build threat here:
HummerBoard build topic


Wait are we not doing the 4 winners with BOTY being it’s own cat?

NVM missed it.

Well, life has been busy, I finished my build well before summer but forgot to update my thread with pics etc… is it too late to post the pics and consider it a 2022 build? :thinking:

Yes haha the rules are that the thread has to be completed in 2022

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That’s a big L then :C
Even though plenty pics were shared on here haha.

Hmm so what makes a build thread complete is the real question. I would argue that even an open build thread being constantly updated should be considered “complete” once the maiden voyage post is made. Everything after that is just updates.

Tricky since some of us make threads during the build planning and some make them to announce a build.

Ducktator rules!


These are all very good points, to which my response is


Jokes aside, @luastoned, if your build gets nominated then we’ll see :wink:


Does that mean I can sneak in some finished photos from summer? :*

I think a video clip or ride log of at least a mile could be a good benchmark for next year’s BOTY


Joke’s on you, i film all my videos by using motion capture on a dog and replace it with a board in post. None of my builds actually exist