VESC-Tool 2.0 and Firmware 4.0 - The beginning of a new era - (SERIOUS)

Just had my first real run on the new firmware with the old motor cfg and my usual board and I can say I am never using this version again, random acceleration spikes coupled with random cutouts/hard stops is not worth it for HFI. Tried connecting to it with the latest VESC tool to check for faults (no faults shown :expressionless:), but that just made things worse for some reason as the remote would not connect again and trying to do input detection again nothing came up… anyway had enough of trying to make this version work.


Eeeek, gonna wait for 5.0+ I guess to see if that makes a difference.


It’s back to ACK I go!


Ack brings you back on track.


You have to give credit where it’s due, the HFI feature can be really awesome.

But other than that, Ack is very good.


Putting this here for search reasons. Apparently I had trouble finding it again.

@Deodand HFI video


Anyone having trouble with setting up HFI on their own should watch this video and follow it step by step, super helpful


but what if it still won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s when you switch to Ack 3.103 and run BLDC

Or at least that’s the approach I have in many things esk8. If it doesn’t work, stop spending time on it and do it a different way.

Problem solved. :crazy_face:


Oh I forgot you need QUIET for stealth from 5-0

Maybe consider FOC unsensored

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Exactly what i did. That was a few days after hfi went public. Was keen on testing it out but i couldn’t get it to work. Haven’t tried since.

Currently running foc sensored on my mtb.

Ever since i tried FOC the first time a few months ago, i never looked back to bldc. The 4.12 vescs handle it very well


Have tried bldc in grass, but it was hard to get going. FOC no problem.

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What is your VESC HW ?
4.12 ?

Anyone having issue setting HFI up with FSESC 6.6 ?
I have no problem setting my SK3 149KV up but a friend couldn’t with his FSESC 6.6 with SK3 168KV.
He increased.Start voltage to 32V !
@Deodand BTW what are the safe limits for each setting ?


4.12 yes. Motor was sk3 192kv

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@Deodand I also have a question — how high can we set HFI Max Voltage? If we set it really high, does it cause any adverse affects, or does HFI just work with really high motor currents? What is the ceiling? What symptoms should we watch for if it’s too high?

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Can you get a graph with the 2.03 tool?

like i said, i haven’t tried ever since. I tested it on 2.01 but no graphs appeared. Not even that loud humming sound that was supposed to appear. Maybe i’ll give it a shot once my neos are here. My board currently runs perfect, can’t bother to possibly ruin it.

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I meant 6.6 with the sk3

I have graphs on 2.03 but the arrow keys don’t work. I had to use the remote like normal and just drive it with the trigger and watch the current levels.

Either a bug or operator error, but seemed like a bug based on what I saw. It did make a noise in the motor but never would drive it.

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ah got it. I don’t think so? Maybe later tonight i can try with your v6

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