random CAD Dump update 4/7/21

Thought I would share some files that I have made. some of these are accurate to +/- 1mm. some of these are just used for visual aid aren’t dimensionally accurate. I have found all of these to be useful at some point so maybe they will help someone else too.

basic 12v horn
12v Horn v1.f3d (95.8 KB)

double kicktail skateshred deck

39_ kicktail deck v11.f3d (2.1 MB)

skateshred deck


based on these wheels. I dont own this product so the cad was done by eye.
115mm airless wheels v4.f3d (3.4 MB)

3d printed mount for this flashlight. mounts with double sided tape should work with any helmet.
1000lumin flashlight v19.f3d (574.9 KB)

enclosure for backfire g2 2019. should also fit any battery of similar dimensions to this . 3d printed with petg in 3 pieces and fused together with 3d pen.
backfire enclosure mod v19.f3d (3.3 MB)

trampa bigboi deck.
BIGBOI Trampa Deck v5.f3d (311.2 KB)

boardnamics mount with idler.
Boardnamics mount idler v21.f3d (641.6 KB)

boardnamics mount with no idler. also included pulley cover for 97mm wheels
Boardnamics mount no ideler v2.f3d (974.2 KB)

demonseed 42 deck. with eboosted SS enclosure. should be accurate, measured from product.
DemonSeed 42 v14.f3d (7.5 MB)

dual flashlight mount. 3d print with petg. both have been in use for a year+.
designed to work with this flashlight and this smart led. for you smart let you will need the “rear light cover file” if you want it to be water proof.

Dual Flashlight Mount 2.0 v16.f3d (821.1 KB)

Earthwing deck.i dont own the product, eyeball measurement.

Earthwing The Amazon 37 Deck v1.f3d (1.5 MB)

freebord binding. not very accurate just for visual aid.
freebord binding attempt v7.f3d (2.6 MB)

fsesc 4.2. accurate

FSESC 4.2 50A Single v7.f3d (668.3 KB)

fsesc 6.6. accurate
FSESC 6.6 Single v11.f3d (940.0 KB)

a 3d printable watertight rubber gland. for those of you that dont want to buy 20+ of them off amazon when you only need like 2. printed with petg(white) and tpu(red) 0.15mm layer height. tested several different designs at depth of ~3in. they lasted about 30sec -1min before leaking. amazon brand one lasted 3 mins before leaking. one fits 4 wires(3phase+sensor) and the other is for xt90.

Helix Gromet MK2 4Wire 20mm v5.f3d (253.1 KB)

Helix Gromet MK2 XT90 v5.f3d (268.6 KB)

trampa hs11

HS11 v3.f3d (1.2 MB)

3d printable gopro mount for leiftech. idk if it works for summerboard. I dont own one.

LeiftechGopro v3.f3d (166.1 KB)

LLT 20a bms for visual aid.

LLT 12S Li-ion 20A BMS v1.f3d (431.7 KB)

an abandoned loopkey design that I started. the key has one side that houses the xt90 and one side it “blank” and acts like a cover. that way when you remove the loop key you can flip it around to the blank side and plug it back in. should help keep the loopkey together with the board.

LoopKey assembly v2.f3d (1.7 MB)

designed to screw into the 3d printed riser on my board. but I suppose it can be made to attach to the deck or under the truck bolts.

MBS comp 95 deck.

MBS Comp 95 Deck v1.f3d (10.7 MB)

mud guards for mbs matrix II trucks and 8in tires. printed in petg fused together with 3d pen. untested for now.

MBS Truck 8in Fender v20.f3d (12.8 MB)

fender for moon drive with mbs truck and 8in tires. printed in petg fused together with 3d pen. untested for now.
MoonDrive Fender v17.step (14.3 MB)

3d printable Light cap for smart led and rear light mount.

Rear Light Cover v3.f3d (54.7 KB)

this smart led

Rear Light v2.f3d (140.0 KB)

3d printed riser. 1/2in by default. can easily be adjusted. should print in petg or abs or stronger. with 100% infil.

Riser v1.f3d (70.1 KB)

based on the 3d printed riser. also needs the rear light cap for the smart let to be waterproof.

Single TailLight v8.f3d (732.6 KB)

3d printable snapfit hooks for rubbermaid organizer.

rubbermaid hook v3.f3d (4.6 MB)

shredlights sr-200.

Shreadlights SR-200 v1.f3d (279.6 KB)

3d printable ziptie mounts. great for cable management. put some doublesided 3m tape on one side and stick it to the inside of your enclosure. or superglue it. one is 1/2x1/2in and the other is 1x1in

tie mount square v2.f3d (64.3 KB)

ZipTieMount v2.f3d (59.7 KB)

3d printable clip for cable management of all motor wires. use doublesided 3m tape for attaching.

WireClip v1.f3d (515.8 KB)

based on this deck from rayne.

NAE NAE 44_ v3.f3d (1001.5 KB)


this deck. eyeball measurement.
41_ Fiberglass flex v8.f3d (1.5 MB)

maytech 70 hub motors. eyeball measurement.
70mm Maytech Hub Motor v2.f3d (497.8 KB)

diyeboard 6in airless tires. accurate
Airless wheel v6.f3d (1.1 MB)

generic battery voltage gauge. accurate
Battery Voltage Display v1.f3d (88.9 KB)

diyeboard trucks. accurate
diyeboard trucks v35.f3d (1.9 MB)

diyeboard 10s belt drive esc. accurate
DiyEboard V1 ESC v6.f3d (219.8 KB)

skateshred deck. accurate
Double Kick 36in v6.f3d (4.0 MB)

this deck. eyeball measurement.

flux deck. eyeball measurement.
Flux Deck v1.f3d (1.8 MB)

freeboard deck. eyeball measurement.
Freebord Deck 87cm v3.f3d (440.3 KB)

gopro doublejoint.
GoProDoubleJoint v2.f3d (145.7 KB)

generic parametric motor.
ParaMotor v4.f3d (104.1 KB)

parametric battery pgroup.
ParaPgroup v14.f3d (131.8 KB)

pulley cover for boardnamics motor moter mount with 97mm wheels.

pulley cover 97mm wheel v14.f3d (938.4 KB)

Spintend remote with cover. cover can be printed in tpu filament.
Spintend Remote with cover v5.f3d (6.7 MB)

ubox. accurate.
Ubox v6.f3d (428.5 KB)

flipsky vx2 remote and tpu cover.
VX2 v12.f3d (9.4 MB)

subsonic GT40. eyeball measurement.
subsonic GT40 v7.f3d (1.1 MB)

FS VX1 remote. case is 3d printable in tpu filament.
FS VX1 v7.step (3.4 MB)


Boardnamics AT gear drive
BN AT Gear Drive v6.f3d (575.5 KB)

GX-16-3 charge port connector.
GX-16-3 v2.f3d (162.0 KB)

Generic Hobbywing remote. case is 3d printable in tpu filament.
Hobbywing remote v12.f3d (4.9 MB)

Clip on Led Light.
LED v3.f3d (7.1 MB)

MakerX mini fox. eyeball measurement.
MakerX Mini-Foc v2.f3d (2.7 MB)

MBS 5 star 9in tires.
MBS 5 Star 9in v9.f3d (15.4 MB)

MBS 5F binding and heelstrap.

MBS F5 Binding v17.step (4.7 MB)

Moondrive fender MK2. printed in petg assembled with 4M 10mm hex socket cap screw. same as moon drive itself
MoonDrive Fender MK2 v3.step (1.1 MB)

MBS front fender MK2. printed in petg assembled with 4M 10mm hex socket cap screw.

MBS Truck Fender MK2 v12.step (3.0 MB)

SUREWO Case Large. fits a 12s6p battery.

SUREWO Case Large v8.step (1.2 MB)

Trampa orrsom. diagram measurement.
Trampa orrsom 985mm(39in) v3.step (744.1 KB)

Kaly XL deck
Kaly XL deck v2.f3d (1.3 MB)

Update 12/16/21

Aileron Deck.step (620.2 KB)

Xenith Enclosure MK2 with cheapskate heatsink. Very durable been in use for the past year.
Xenith Enclosure MK2.usdz (3.8 MB)

Angular risers for MBS matrix II. Include risers for plus and minus 5 and 10 degrees. I’ve only used the plus 5 degrees on MBS colt 90. should be printed in TPU
Angular Risers MBS Matrix II .step (533.9 KB)

CheapSkate Heatsink accurate measured from actual product
CheapSkate Heatsink.step (2.4 MB)

Enclosure for spintend UBox esc. Based On the xenith esc enclosure.
UBox enclosure.step (5.3 MB)

Update 4/7/22

Boardnamics AT guard. Printed in TPU. not a prefect fit but thankfully TPU is flexible.
Boardnamics Fullguard.step (165.4 KB)

Freebord chaos maple 83cm deck eyeball measurement.
CHAOS MAPLE 83cm freebord deck.step (127.6 KB)

Universal GoPro mount for helmets. printed in petg used 3m doublesided tape for attachment.
GoProMount.step (149.7 KB)

Haero Bro 2021 Dawid Rzaca edition
Haero Bro 2021 Dawid Rzaca.step (1.3 MB)

Matrix II 3d printed light mount for this bike light. Snaps into place Should be printed with petg with custom supports included in the file.
Light Clamp Matrix II Metal.step (264.4 KB)

Loaded Icarus Deck. Eyeball measurement.
Loaded Icarus Deck.step (2.1 MB)

MBS colt 90 Deck. Eyeball measurement.
MBS colt 90 Deck.step (329.2 KB)

Mini Foc Plus. accurate.
Mini Foc Plus.step (415.4 KB)

Summerboard SBX deck. Eyeball measurement.
SBX deck.step (621.0 KB)

Better thumbwheel for spintend v1 remote. I dont know if it works for the V2, I dont own it.
designed to work with these Neodymium Magnets. The magnets in the original thumbwheel are slightly smaller and wont work.
Spintend Knobbed Thumbwheel .step (428.0 KB)

Spintend Remote case MK2. Slightly improved case.
Uploading: Spintend Remote & Cover MK2.step…


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nice. i wish there was a better way to archive and share cad with the community


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Excellent work, I appreciate the sharing spirit!

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Github repo?


Massive respect and gratitude, man. It takes a good heart and integrity to openly share one’s hard work for the benefit of the community. Nice one!


Nice thread! You’ve been busy

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Massive grabcad part libraries.

It’s just about getting one started and keeping it updated.

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yeah these are some of my fav projects over the past year. keeping myself occupied through the lockdown lol.

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Holy shit this was a nice surprise to wake up to. Thank @SpeedDemon! So many useful designs here!! Subbed! Lol

I know it’s off to topic, but got a link for those toe clips?
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toe clip?

not quite straps


this product has been discontinued. you can either try summerboard bindings or freebord bindings.
summerboard is the company that mades that board(leiftech v2) and freebord is the company that summerboard copied the design from. it doesn’t seem like either company sells the parts separate. you might have to ask their customer service to send you a pair.


I have some free board clips. I’m looking at other styles to pick the one I like best. Thanks


Foot hooks and bindings, not toe clips lmao