Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Welcome to the new 2022/2023 edition of the Beginner Question Thread. If you have questions because you’re just starting out, ask them here. Feel free to continue conversations from the old Noob thread here as well.


how do I plug my vibrator into my charge port?


not even a full minute in. Congratulations, mammals, you’ve lost again.


Your butthole is not a charge port!


Then all the methane is going to waste? I need a backpack generator that converts farts to vibration

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Wasn’t the plan/idea to give the thread a non-noob name so no one feels put off asking in here?



I suppose that would be the polite thing to do but here we are plugging dildos into charge ports. Maybe I’ll update the title anyway, fuck it.


In a few days the comments will never be seen again, however the title will.

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I’ve updated to a more polite title.


I agree with this move.

But it does kind of bother me that so many people have such inflated egos that they couldn’t possibly handle being called a noob when that’s what they are.

Go through my very old post history and you’ll see me acting very much like a noob.

But whatever, fragile egos need esk8s too


unfortunately I keep being reminded that how we act is the only thing we have control over, and how other people feel isn’t.


Go through my current posts and you’ll see me still actively being a noob, there’s a lot less shame in it if we all embrace it IMO. You’re obviously right though, people bring their own baggage to it and it can’t all be undone by seeing folks who’ve been here for the full 3 years asking questions


I don’t mind the new name one bit as it sounds more professional. But I searched noob and didn’t know what to search next lmao

My question is a 2 piece: does anyone have a good US source for 10mm speed rings? And, is there really any functional difference between using a speed ring vs the inner race of a bearing as a spacer? Besides the obvious thickness part.


I use these off eBay for speedrings. They aren’t US based, but shipping time has been faster than most parts I order from US


Maybe I’m confused. Are “speedrings” the washers or the spacer between the bearings? Also, why are they not just called washers and spacers…


They are specifically designed to only contact the inner races of the bearing. A big washer would rub the face of the bearing and make bad drag.

Technically a speed ring is just a special washer just like a square is a special rectangle

Same with spacers.


The washers. It’s more fun to say. And, specifically they only sit against the inner race, so they do in fact reduce rotational friction, or “increase speed.” Though that’s more for kick push boards.
Justin is too fast for me.


noooooo now i can’t be the biggest noob :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Back when I street skated more I never used any of them and it never seemed to affect things. I wasn’t that concerned though I guess. I’d just get a pair of bones reds once a year, slap them in my wheels, tighten them on the trucks until the bearings stopped moving in the wheels, and back off half a turn, then not touch them for another year lol. Probably part of why the ends of my axels always got screwed up on the ends, but I’d pretty much just get a new complete once a year and switch the deck out about 5 times in between.

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Yeah they don’t make tooooo much difference imo. Not compared to good bearings anyways. My kick board can get about a hundred feet off a couple kicks unless I’m facing the wind, and I honestly don’t know if I have any on it rn. But I specifically need some 10mm ones because my spacers don’t add up to exactly where I need them to.