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And where would we find the other top-tier electric skateboard forums?


You mean the ancient one, and the more-ancient one that is mostly for ebikes?


I suppose a n00b questions category has been considered, and dismissed?

it has the advantage that each question gets it’s own thread. so the convo is clearer. and no large topics.
it has the disadvantage/advantage that some people’s threads can get ignored easier.
it has the disadvantage that it pollutes the main page feed with a lot more topics. which is why I presume it’s dismissed. would be interesting if discourse had a plugin or something to filter a category from the main feed.

just wondering what the thinking has been.


this is a valid point and like the suggestion.

one thing i’ll say is we have the Esk8 mechanics section which i meant to handle all sorts of troubleshooting questions not limited to n00bs.

I’m going to bookmark this suggestion and revisit in a few days after others have chimed in. thanks again!

I would vote against that, if there was a poll

For most of the disadvantages you mentioned already :ok_hand:


I think i’m just barely over the line and would vote the same.

Though I see the types of problem this guy illustrates:

And I start wondering how to better solve things.

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I’m not just a guy. I’ve got needs, wants, and desires. Damn it. Why can’t you see that?


Well I’m trying to fix my verreal RS esc died
Bought a flipsky dual mini
Where can I get connectors for the 6368 motors or should I just upgrade and get new motors ?

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How did you even find this thread lol why is this here?


Some of the threads people dig up from years ago and then proceed to ask “how fix skaetbord” when the question thread is literally on the front page all the time and gets bumped every 15 minutes amazes me


Thats a “mt60” connector shown in picture.
Amazon should have some for ya.

Nice find on this thread, but you’ll have better luck here:


Noob to forums and esk8 here. I have a choice of buying a barely used Meepo awd pro or a Bustin v2. I want to gain more experience and knowledge as to esk8 s and riding. The bustin is $300 more. Is the bustin worth thee 300 more as far a quality and product?

Definite N00b question. Is there any way to get the most recent posts within topics to show up on TOP rather than on the bottom? Looked through all settings, couldn’t find it.

Bustin does have a couple models on sale at the moment. The black ones I believe. Pretty decent deal.

No, at least not from a user point of view. Not sure if the site admins can enable something which adds to the uder preference. I don’t think it’s that much of a difference to scroll from the bottom up, instead from top down.

Definite noob question: How do I create a standalone post?

I want to get feedback about wiring my BMS setup, but don’t want to spam another thread or post,

Choose one

Beginner question is for all sorts of questions (even if you are not a beginner)

Battery builders is everything around building or learning about batteries


Thanks for your reply @xsynatic, truly appreciated

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