3rd round GB - Closed - few parts left_ Paris / Caliber2 / TB 218 / Kahua precision adjustable base plate_The Hammock Base_Sick of Angled Risers!

3rd Round. Below the link :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd GB on, Here the link to the post :wink:

Ok, I think it’s time. Sorry for the last 4 days with no updates, but I got a nice suggestion from @Ixf to take into account also the 0 degree for pure AT decks, like Trampa, with already 30 degree on their own. Therefore I started again from scratch, but I have to say, I like it even more now. Here the final features:

  • Adjustable base plate from 0 to your imagination (actually even below 0 :grin: ).
  • Each step gives you 5 degree, so starting from 0 you have 5,10,15…
  • Paris, caliber 2 and TB compatible. Probably it will also fit caliber based hanger such as Kahua Haggy, Randal ecc…
  • Pivot cup base on Caliber II, and will accept Riptide caliber, Paris pivot and probably others. I intentionally left 1-2mm of pivot sticking outside the pivot cup to better support the hanger during turns and help with avoiding the two metal parts to touch each other.
  • Material strong Aluminium 7000 series.
  • Colour probably matt black with white logo as shown. I din’t ask but but probably is possible to get another colour, so in case let me know and we make a pool.
  • Holes for new and old school decks
  • It will accept standard Kingpin, the one coming with caliber is perfect. If you want to buy one stay on the short side since now the kingpin mounts reverse. The one from caliber is the max length you can use. Since is reverse you use way more of the length so it’s plenty to stack fat bushings too. Dual barrel fits perfectly.

Some pictures at different degree from 0 to 50 degree. The hangers are Paris and caliber.


Enjoy… :grinning:

0 degree for AT board

Logo making


Ho Alessio … these masterpiece are fuck!ng gorgeous !!! :heart_eyes::zap:

I’m so glad to be part of this deal ! Thanks for the amazing work and the quality of your GB !!
I’m in for the next stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow, test with Kahua trucks :v:


Wait what? There was a group buy for these baseplates? @rey8801 will there be another round? I saw these earlier today and was going to em you about them. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. I NEED them in my life.


I think I will make another round soon. I also need more.


TB 218mm check


God dammit I’ve been eveying these up for ever if you’re ordering a set we better get 2 and split the shipping :joy:


The next stuff is in 3D printer these days :joy:


hooooooooooooooo :stuck_out_tongue:
are we talking about a Mhanger !?!? hehe


Yes sir.:smirk:


You hear that @rey8801? You’ve already sold 4. Those are exactly what I need on my haya with servaisas hangers. Pleeze make moar!!!


The plan was to make my precision hangar as well and run a new GB together. Let’s hear back from few people that test it and then I will make more. So I can see if I have to improve something.


Hammocks look super polished Rey! Interested in the design. How does the axle height relate to the angle adjustment position? Is the rotation of the hanger concentric with the axle? From the photos it looks like the height of the axle might vary depending on the angle of the hanger - is that right?


Keep the axle at the same height is possible if you limited the adjustments let say around 35-55 degrees. My first version was like that.
While if your want a full range of adjustments and keep it compact then the axle height changes a bit or at least that in my experience. I tried to find a good deal. Around the 50-35 degree the axle height doesn’t change or if does is really minimum. It changes a bit more for 0 degree AT set up but again that I couldn’t avoid it.

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Cool. Yeah, I suppose if the hammock rotation is centred on axle (meaning axle height doesn’t change with hanger angle) then the axle height is always going to be determined by the required hanger position at the maximum angle. As you say, the design wouldn’t be as compact as this, for angles near to 45degrees. :ok_hand:

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The rotation is centered on a virtual axle. If I would have used a specific axle then ti won’t be compatible with different hanger since they all have different height. If you make it for a specific hanger only then is probably possible. But really I think I tested and from 50 to 35-40 degree was like 1.5mm or less so not a big deal. Plus you can always add a thin raiser.


Ok ok, is your printer running hard this WE ^^ ?!
Can’t wait to see it (in prototype, not 3d render I mean).

Is the MR going to be the exact same length as the MF DD ?

Here compare with TB218 :

(I know, I will set a spacer at the outside of the wheel maybe, to bring the TB218 closer to the rear drive waiting for the Mad Ruby :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yeh I though the TB could be too wide on the ends. I will probably cut the axle and make new thread if need it. I also have a longer axle for the MAD Fury but do not really want to use it since I want to keep it compact and it is already rather wide.

Yeh the MAD Ruby precision Hanger is gonna be competible for both MAD Fury and Mad storm. I will make 2 different axle lenght. Main body 200mm and then the axle insert of different lenght.
I changed the design quite a lot so need to print it again :blush:

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Awesome !!!

:blush: sounds promising!

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With the wheels touching the hanger os the lenght more or less correct? I still didn’t try. I gave it as assumption that’s why I got TB as well but maybe are too wide. In that case I have to hurry up with the hanger

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