[SOLD] WTS Hammock Adj Baseplate 135$ (new)

Selling New Hammock Adj Baseplate 135$ + $10 for shipping
Located in Austin TX US
Has never been used as the board I never got to buying the rest of the parts I planned

Description from thread : 3rd round GB - Closes on 16/09/19_ Paris / Caliber2 / TB 218 / Kahua precision adjustable base plate_The Hammock Base_Sick of Angled Risers!

  • Adjustable base plate from 0 to your imagination (actually even below 0).
  • Each step gives you 5 degree, so starting from 0 you have 5,10,15…
  • Paris, caliber 2 and TB compatible. Probably it will also fit caliber based hanger such as Kahua Haggy, Randal ecc…
  • Pivot cup base on Caliber II, and will accept Riptide caliber, Paris pivot and probably others. I intentionally left 1-2mm of pivot sticking outside the pivot cup to better support the hanger during turns and help with avoiding the two metal parts to touch each other.
  • Material strong Aluminium 7000 series.
  • Colour probably matt black with white logo as shown. I din’t ask but but probably is possible to get another colour, so in case let me know and we make a pool.
  • Holes for new and old school decks
  • It will accept standard Kingpin, the one coming with caliber is perfect. If you want to buy one stay on the short side since now the kingpin mounts reverse. The one from caliber is the max length you can use. Since is reverse you use way more of the length so it’s plenty to stack fat bushings too. Dual barrel fits perfectly.




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