Gear Drive Setup

So I have been wanting to try out gear drives, the instant torque is very appealing to me. My current setup is starting to break down recently more and more (wheel pulley / wheel combo). It’s my fault and I won’t bore you with the details but it requires me to buy new wheels.

Well if I am going to buy new wheels I might as well get some 110’s right? Sure! But then that means I need new mounts because my current idler would be in the way… and if I am getting new mounts then just go with gear drives! aaannnddd if I do that then I should mount them on awesome trucks since I need to pick my adapter anyways… and well that little speed wobble I get around 35mph might get some help if I picked split angles base plates…

Ok so you get the idea of how that happens. Ultimately I am having trouble finding a combo of:

  • Machined hanger and base plate
  • Split angle base plates
  • 8mm axles
  • Gear drives
  • 110 wheels

Closest I got was to what seems perfect was:

I could throw that on a Tayto… hummm…

But it seems they are not compatible together so next try:

I lose the split angles and truck width so no upgrading to 6379’s later.

I am used to riding RKP trucks too:

Ok this might work but now I have to deal with 10mm bearings.

Last one:

But now I have to use cast caliber II base plates… maybe just use an Evo man…

Anyone have personal experience with these setups?

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These Baseplates will fit either @3DServisas Fatboy or @Boardnamics precision hangers.
Then choose the gear drive of your liking.

Hope that helps.

what about moonular drive just under 300

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