Z.mote , new esk8 remote

Has anyone else caught wind of this? I stumbled upon it the other night and it sounded interesting so i pulled the trigger, delivery from the EU will be a minute though.



@Avi u have it by any chance? i see a review under your name there


> The Z-mote is the only remote and receiver kit that quickly, easily, and reliably worked w/ VESC on my DIY electric snowboard.

calling BS

> After wasting time and money on the trampa wand, Flipsky vx2, and related receivers

That’s on you for buying shitty remotes.

guess that was a user review. Thanks Etsy for being shit.


There’s really quite a surprising amount of skate/esk8 stuff on Etsy. I actually intend to start one myself eventually.

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Yeah, I have one, it’s great. Good lighting and battery life. It’s on my dd build. He will make you one with reversed or standard thumb wheel, but it’s easy to resolder. If you need ppm it’s good.

With that being said I recently picked up two spintend v2s because I like the screen on my v1.


When did they start shipping v2? I think thats what i have.


Very recently.

I noticed they came out with a trigger version of the Z.mote. Has anyone tried it?

@Avi do you still have a good impression of the z.mote?


I still like it, but it’s on a little dkp dd board so I haven’t used it as much as my spintend remotes.

I have never had any cutouts or issues with it.


I have one on the way. Haven’t tried it yet.


Mine took about a month to arrive but i havent tried it yet. I took the battery from my now-defunct lycaon board’s remote but havent gotten around to installing it or changing the PPM connector on the receiver yet.

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It’s PWM, but VESC mislabels it as “PPM”

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Pulse Width Modulation, no? Whats PPM stand for?

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Parts per million


I don’t know shit about RF stuff, but PPM and PWM are different things. Why does VESC call it PPM if it’s really PWM? Is there documentation anywhere that explains it?

PWM and PPM Difference and Conversion - Oscar Liang

Difference Between PAM, PWM and PPM (with Comparison Chart) - Circuit Globe

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Brian put it on the scope and confirmed it’s pwm


Vedder just used the wrong term


Super interesting - thanks for linking Brian’s research


The GT2B is good, but not perfect. It’s a lot of work to mod it into a Mad Munkey or Baby Buffalo (slightly easier). If you use it a ton, the throttle pot eventually wears out and you get dead spots in it.

The Z.Mote uses a better throttle pot. From the creator:

Throttle gave me a bit of a trouble as well. I didn’t want to use hall sensor because they are hard to get it just right and the output values are sometimes jumpy which is not ideal. I turned my attention to potentiometers but again most of the products are rated for 10-20K turn lifecycles. I found 2-3 products which are just right and rated for 1KK(1million) turn lifecycle and they are incredibly steady.

It’s an Arduino/NRF24 based remote, which is somewhat older tech, but the receiver has a nice external antenna, and the remote could be modded so it had an external antenna too, but I haven’t had any dropouts yet so probably unnecessary.

It’s also a PWM (PPM) remote which I find a little easier to adjust and get right.

Here is my review on Etsy

I am loving this remote. The connection is very reliable, especially in areas where the mini remote cuts out. The light effects are fun and the seller’s communication about color options after the order was top notch!

I made a few modifications based on personal preference like disabling the trigger, reversing the thumb direction (forward is brake by default) and increasing throw.

Overall this is a very high quality remote with a lot of thought put into the design and assembly. I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking for a reliable remote.


:exploding_head: quite an odd choice :thinking:


If you are moving from a trigger remote to a thumb remote, its not as weird as you might think.

This remote looks excellent, i want to try one