🏁 SRB Esc Approach 🏁

Stuff inside the Stooge Raceboard

Mamba Xlx by castle creations. $210.00
SSS 5694 800kv 60v 12kw $102.00
(SSS 56114 420kv)

4x lipo 10ah 30c 4s (2pac series, series packs in parallel) 580wh, 600a rated means you should have the 400a needed to push without sag on an 6ga buss.

Setup should see 26+miles on thane, 19+ on AT using a 40mph final drive with moderate riding.

Esc tunabity is fantastic. Reliability and brakes even better. ZERO esc failures with this setup, riding and racing over 2years.

Expect 135f esc temps with motors cool to the touch after miles of uphill hammering.

For Down Hill, Brakes are predictable, graph tunable and reliable. They will do everthing you ask out of them. Over E-rpm is a non issue.

I use the GT2B radio with a receiver on each esc. Any paralleled link gives a path to destroy the other in the event of a single fault.
No signal parallels.


is anyone else’s title saying ":.checkered_flag:SRB ESC Approach:checkered_flag:

edit: nvm

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From someone who’s first build was a castle esc and 6 then 8s this has been emotional.
I have a lot to learn by going back to the beginning but stepping outside the box :thinking:

Fuck it thats too hard I will just copy you.:sunglasses:


Is each esc ran by a 8s 10AH pack, or is it wired so that both esc’s are run off of the same 8s 20AH pack?

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@MoeStooge have you tried any other escs? I remember seeing on the other forum @NoWind using Max 6 escs for a inrunner mountain board build and I was wondering what your thoughts where on the max 6 esc and any others you might have tried.


So these ESC don’t have erpm limit?

Moe, can you add a little section at the start of your post explaining what you’re trying to convey here haha.

I had to read it twice to see that it’s not a build thread.


I think he hasn’t had enough racing yet and wants more people with monster boards so he can burn more tyres alongside the pack. He’s tired of genetic Meepo ESCs.


Thats exactly what it is. A build thread containing undisclosed secrets. I now want an SRB in my quiver. Totally impractical in the way a fully tricked out drift car is or that track day ariel atom…but want…


6ga bus runs the show. [quote=“MoeStooge, post:1, topic:3154”]
2pac series, series packs in parallel)


I have burned through a few “1/5” scale esc’s. Two years later the Xlx still leaves me not wanting. Not familiar with the Max 6. No other setup is putting watts to the street like this setup with zero esc fails. The end game is, with the success and failures of electronics, this setup is kicking ass, taking names and a proven solid platform.


E-rpm limits yes. With 800kv not likely. I have a set of 4092 1250kv motors on the Xlx that ran world cup and made two uphill races this year. 8:1 gear ratio on 120mm wheels. 8000w


You can dial the top speed. Pull power out. World Cup and short track racing I pull 40% power out (30mph). Colorado Race, David Bond’s SRB had 30% power pulled (40+mph) and still edged out the Bioboard entry. I think 12mph was the bottom with 80% pulled so a new rider could learn.
Its an affordable platform anyone can dial. Anyone can ride. Anyone can race with confidence.


This thread must be the one i pour over the most. Couple of questions.
Can you explain the 6ga bus term? Its probably me being a dumb ass but I never pretend to not be one. lol
This may be related but how do you charge and balance? Individually?
What kind of final drive are you running? Still chains?


There were never chains? Inrunner gear.


I’m sure there were chains on the original stooge? No? Am I being old and forgetful again?

Isn’t this the original? Gear-on-gear action!!




Yeah just went back through my enormous collection of moes bookmarks. :grimacing:
Time for a ct scan make sure its not early onset dementia.