dabo street racer | Own mother fucker deck | Stooge 3-link drivetrain | Stooge electronics | Stooge pneumatics.

I’ve had the pleasure of riding most of the Stooge Raceboards approach for a fast board, for some time now. Really the only thing I was missing from having a ful Stooge setup was the platform. I’ve had the 3-links, electronics and race wheels on different decks used in different settings. But I’ve never had it on a as gigantic platform as Moe uses himself.

I thought now was the time.

I love wooden decks and knew it had to be a plateform out of good old Canadian maple, and I wanted the deck to be optimized for the 3-links. A deck to get the most out of the 3-links as possible. I wanted it to be huge. I wanted the biggest wheelbase I’ve ever ridden. I wanted it to be targeted at high speed riding on roads / tracks where there is room to really let the muscles of the Stooge setup unfold.

So the process of developing a new deck from the ground began, and I was heavily inspired by the original Stooge platform.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a dropdown deck. I am a big fan of dropdowns and the nice features that gives a setup. Like lower center of gravity and the ability to use pneumatics. And with some clever designing the ability to use the drop to push against in accelerations.

The 3-links have almost endless adjustment possibilities controlling the turning radius. The turning radius is determined by the angle of the radius rods and of course the wheelbase. The radius rod angle can be changed by the three holes in the baseplate but also by the radius tab that sits on the axel.

The center heim controls ridding height, and the ridding height effects angle of the radius rods and thereby also turn-ability. So by chancing ridding height via the center heim we change how the setup turns, and things begins to be advanced / complicated when dailling in the setup.

I knew I wanted to be able to lower the gravity as much as possible, so I had to make room for the center heim to be possible to go through the deck.

Wheelbase is huge - 106 cm / 41.7 inch so I knew the flex might be a problem. I needed as much material as possible both at the drop and just before the trucks.

The shape over each truck is determined by the radius rods. I needed a little cutout in order to get full tilt without the rods hitting the deck.

The deck is directional. I made the rear drop longer / softer as I want to use the drop to push against. The front drop though were made a bit shorter and steeper to get closer to the truck with the front foot.

Also the rear truck sit a little further back as I wanted to be sure to have clearance when using the drop to push against.

Besides the work on the deck, Moe supplied me with new updated baseplate, and the widened wheels he makes from the metroboard hubs and tires. All in all I got myself a quite different ride than I had before.

The ride…. Must say I was surprised what influence the wheelbase made to quiet it down, making this setup extremely stable. I do a lot of riding on old un even roads which often makes the board dance a bit. Now that unevenness is barely noticeable. I have it set up as low as I can which makes the it a lot less turny. Set up as here it’s not a carving machine. It thrives at speeds above 40kmh / 25mph. It makes those speeds a lot more comfortable. Like night and day from the last deck this was on, which had a wheel base of 92cm / 36”.

Special thanks needs to go to mr Jamie for patiently answering questions and Brandon for stretching a long way to make this happen.

Partlist (sorry for not being more specific):

Deck: My own - and I am pretty proud of it!
Trucks: 3-links https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/nkp-3-link-evolution-thread/47413
Wheels: The widened metroboard hubs and tires.
Electronics: Read here: 🏁 SRB Esc Approach 🏁



Freaking awesome dude!


Great build brother!!! I can’t wait till I get my NKP @MoeStooge 3-links powered!!!


I’ve seen your metal enclosure a bit on your Instagram I think. You use removable lipos yeah?

Care to show us more of that?


Love this board man! We’ve talked on Instagram a couple of times, I love how you integrated the little foot support pockets into the back! Definitely watching this thread :smiley:


This is seriously cool. Would love to hear how the control compares to a vesc setup.


Dammm that thing looks fast asssf great build😎


And @MoeStooge I hope metroboard is sponsoring you because your wheels are sick🤙


Yes - I have two sets of batteries. My charging solution is slow so I need two sets when I need the setup to go for a longer period. As I do at the King In The North uphill event. I do the hill while one set is charging. I still need half an hour break between battery shifts. Charging solution is not fast enough.

@DEEIF Yeah - a lot of thoughts have been put in to this deck :slight_smile: The back drop has s perfect curve to push against.

Thanks @BillGordon. I run the mamba XlX esc’s. They have proved surprisingly manageabl. They have tons of adjustability options. And they are really easy to adjust. I really like that they use % instead of amps when I adjust power and breaks. I set it to the percentage I want. Its just easier for a nontechnical person like myself, that easy can get lost in amps :slight_smile: I can set it so my 10 year boy can slam the trigger or breaks and still have full control and I can set it so even Ayrton Senna wouldn’t have a change standing on it. Currently running 75% power and 50% break.

I have a throttle curve for the track, where I also run dragbreak, and a throttle curve for the street and uphill. Very pleased.

They do not start from a stop as smooth as a vesc. When up in speed I dont feel any difference. They are a bit bulky and have a cooling fan that makes a little noice. I am also building myself a new cruiser at the moment. Here I patiently waiting for the 60D to be available. That would be my choice for a street cruiser.

I switch the board on and off by taking apart the two black jacks. They have an anti spark in them. The setup is basic and simple and a bit cumbersome if it were my daily cruiser. But it’s made with a huge safety margin. I have had a vesc fail on me and a blown fuse. Never again. Fewer features = fewer things that can fail :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nacho & @kook Pretty proud :slight_smile:


Next step is to make an fiberglass enclosure to fit the huge bottom.


Looks great man! So you have (8) total batteries? What’s the cycle life of those lipos?

Yeah 8 batteries. 18km high speed cruising takes them from 4.2 to 3.7,
These sets are soon a year old and still strong. Them have been used regularly.


@davidbonde Deck: My own - and I am pretty proud of it! Wow just read that part i love that deck what’s the dimensions :call_me_hand:


This board is so sick. What’s it comfortable “cruising speed”? Like at what speed does the board feel happiest?

Over all length: 106cm
Wheelbase if axles are centered as on the 3links: 106cm
Platform length: 72 cm - then add some of the rear drop which are designed to also push against.
Width: 29.5 cm
Drop: 3.5 cm.
Concave a little under 1cm.

I have made a couple of adjustments to the deck. Like a little shorter frontdrop and a bit longer disstant from the end of frontdrop to the truck. And made the concave a little wider, so it runs over a longer distant. And and extra sheet of veneer for folks weighing more than my 75kg. Waiting for a new end mill for the cnc and then to make new mold for those adjustments. Then I think its very close to perfect.

@Ace Thanks man! As set up here I like to get over 20kmh. Then it’s turning and doing corners like a charm. From 20 and up it just feels so much more commutable doing higher speeds. I find it easy up til 60Kmh and then I need to start concentrating manageing the speed. I reach 70kmh way easier than before. Its not a carve monster though carving on this feels best at 40kmh. But ts just a matter of adjusting the trucks, and it will be at turns and carvy as anything :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. My board gets to oh shit I’m gonna die around 60kph and is only comfortable to about 50kph


what is your kv and gearing?

gearing 11/67



Dear david!!
Nice build
In your opinion what is a good size for a deck tht performs good on tracks and also for street race purpose?
Wht wheelbase would you recommend?
Under the precondition 3 link trucks are used
Kr and thx