I dont live in the US, I dont have 1000+$, BUT I WANNA RACE!

So I cannot be alone in this right? There must be thousands of long haired, unemployed mfks like me with practically 0 experience of esk8, or for inclusiveness sake, has some experience of building a (few) working board(s) and got the need for some speed!
So you spend days/weeks/years peddling through EVERYTHING race related, but questions remain;
Belt vs Spur, Low Kv high voltage vs High Kv low voltage, FWD vs RWD…
Where do you start? Pm all the racefreaks and pray that they shall show you mercy?
So fuck that you want to ride ofc!
So what would you build to get racing? (I know there are different specs depending on race styles etc but if you never raced how do you know?
Specs shouldn’t be insane but no damn street cruiser!
Lets put the budget at around 500$


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I hope that’s the budget for the safety gear, because that’s the first thing I would stock up with if I would want to get into real racing esk8.


Im thinking this:

Esc + Motor: 75 euro

Transmitter + reciever 25 euro

4S battery 44 euro
Maybe this Spur

5 euro
And this pinion

5 euro

Thats 179 Euros = 217$
Rest on board, trucks,mounts etc
Its one idea :call_me_hand:

Lets just say thats the other 500$ that i dont have :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all seriousness ofc that is extremely important but i belive there is such a thread already?

50+ results for safety gear should be fairly straightforward to find info on, racing not so much, only events and amazing high end builds, nothing for a beginner, hence this thread :slight_smile:

The easy way to get into racing is to make the racetrack fit your build. The faster the track is the more power you need. Make a tight short track and power gets way less important. And then concentrate on getting grippy wheels like pneumatics, and you are good to go. Grippy wheels might be the single thing that makes racing more fun right away. Being able to grip better than PU wheels.
I have a syl08. That’s under 500$ for a complete board and makes a good racer on the right track. Just put up some cones and experiment. Make sure the track is set up so you barely can max the board out, and then concentrate on track lines.
Or take it to the forrest / grass and find a path that doesn’t max out the board. I get lots of thrill by taking this relatively weak board out to the tight horse paths in the forrest.
But the syl08 won’t get you near the thrilling high speed uphill thing that’s so attractive. As you might be interested in according to your profile pic.
But both scenarios have its place and is fun.


You should definitely spend a few hundred dollars on safety gear, then spend a few hundred more on a nice analog longboard.

Regular longboards are how you race on a low budget.

Find some downhill riders near you and join them.


I don’t know shit about esk8 racing, but what I know is that 2800w it’s not a lot so I wouldn’t count on a very punchy acceleration, but you’re on a budget so who am I to judge.

I have a race car esc that I can sell to you for cheap if you want, it is 150a @6s max. X-car in hobbyking

On the other hand, you might have a hard time finding a motor mount that fits that weird mounting pattern that motor you picked has.

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THIS is what im looking for, solid advice and encouragement to (possibly) future racers!
Thank you for your input!

Amen, I’d much rather have a 400$ longboard than a 400$ electric skateboard


Yeah… we don’t need to complicate things too much. If you haven’t seen it try to find the video from the Chinese championship on the short track. That was held on standard backfire boards. It looked like they had tons of competitive fun.


Just playing with ideas here my good sir, no money in the bank whatsover :stuck_out_tongue:
But thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

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Oh, I thought you were planning a build!! Well if you end up planning and building you can get my esc for shipping and a beer!! So you can spend more on motor and other parts!

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At the moment its all theoretical, but I guess a build is never THAT far away… :drooling_face:
Where are you located? :slight_smile:

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I’m in Sevilla, Spain

Any suggestions on which ones?

Im in Barcelona atm, moving to the canaries in a month but maybe after that some building will be done…

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So you’d suggest a pre-built board over a DIY?
Simply focus on racing skill so that you won enough races that by the time your board fails you can afford a new one? :crazy_face:

At this price point, YES

Or an analog board if going fast is your desire as you’ve mentioned.

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