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Fast Board Prototype

G’day G’day!
I’ve spent the past two years developing a prototype 4WD electric board with the intention of going into small scale production for the REAL fanatics out there. This is the kind of board you would ride around when you can’t be bothered driving out to the hills and want an instant adrenaline fix in your local neighbourhood. Was really loving the faces I was getting pinning it at 90+kmph through suburbia with people pushing prams and walking their dogs!

I aimed to make the ride feel as close to downhill skateboarding as possible and I think I’ve come pretty close. I also aimed to make it as safe as possible on the open road, and luckily touch wood I haven’t crashed the thing yet. I have also ridden this board down hills in Perth and this creates a whole new way of riding which I’m super excited about, being able to apply brakes just changes the game!

This was not aimed at entry level riders however on the lowest torque setting it’s actually surprisingly easy to ride and I’ve had many friends who aren’t skaters ride it around the block with ease. Open/high torque setting is a totally different world as I’m sure many of you are aware riding high torque machines. With this much torque I set the positive and negative ramping time quite high and this makes the board A LOT safer to use. The brakes are also a huge safety feature, with 4 motors in braking, the amount of braking force that you can produce is awesome which has already got me out of some sticky situations with cars, high negative ramping time is SAFE in this instance but also a personal preference.

FastBoard. Yeah I know it’s basic but it’s simple and I like it, the board goes fast.

I have started to develop a more moderate 2WD version also.
I come from a downhill skateboarding background and enjoy riding at what most would consider very high speeds. I also studied mechanical engineering.
I’m based in Perth, Western Australia. Here are the general details of the board:

Power: 10kW 4WD direct drive configuration. Top speed: somewhere 120kmph+, have clocked it at 107kmph so far, need to test on a smoother road. The board has so much torque the front wheels lift off and spin because I’m forced to hold the front of the board whilst accelerating.
32 inch wheel base, 46 degree front plate, 38 degree rear plate.

Would like to test it on some racetracks and get some serious racing off the ground! Just going to have to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

I’ll keep posting as things progress.


I’f you have questions, ask away! But I won’t be releasing any design detail on the prototype. Still a long way to go.


What battery cells/config do you have on it?

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Direct drive, with what looks to be Magnums? WOW :open_mouth:


That’s some serious speed but we’ve been left high and dry without any tangible info about the board are there any pictures?

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Pottsy, just here to share the froth mate. Won’t be releasing design specs of the board, that will come when I have a website and some stock to sell. Thanks for understanding.


Looks like a good ride. Any generic details you could share with us? Wheel base, truck width, penis size, etc.


Components used… Voltage… Anything to substantiate your claims? Heck, metr logs would be absolute gold!


Wheel base is approx. 32 inches nice, long and stable platform.
10.5 inch at widest point, carbon fibre foam-core deck, which will house the electronics eventually. The rear grip wears out locally where my rear foot sits, considering doing a permanent curundum grip for the rear, would look sexy too.
A big thought I had is on an e-board vs. a downhill race board is you want it to be fast and perform but you’re also riding around a considerable amount of money and won’t be taking the same risks as when you’re riding downhill because if you crash, your board is going to be a write off. A more conservative approach taken.
Truck width is 184mm, kept this as low as possible to improve traction and feel, super wide trucks feel dead but super narrow is just too much, keep in mind I’m 6’3" and 92kg and I don’t get into the narrow janky setups all the downhill guys love these days.


Are you @MoeStooge’s buddy with the crazy dds? Anyhow those speeds look pretty nuts man. Cool video. I’m sure you’re gonna get your butthole inspected with the big claims though. Best of luck.


You can clearly see the rope and tow car.

I’m putting my latex gloves on


I notice @FastBoard conveniently dodged the penis size.


Just clearing the air here, not here to prove anything to anyone, just here to spread some froth, I’ll just pack up and leave if people don’t appreciate my efforts haha, I’m sure that won’t happen.


So you’ve already ridden it faster than the official world record. Normally I would scoff, but you are tearing it up in those clips. Very interesting.


Nah, swat away the arrows and stay the course. We get a lot of people making bold claims and the like on here, so we tend to put them through the ringer at first.


Nah man, it’s Schrödingers record until proven or disproven and you seem like you’ve got some social skills so stick around regardless.

This forum challenges stats because it’s fun and shared shaming is tasty. Keep blasting :+1:


Those vids made my butthole pucker. Dont die before you can prove the doubters wrong :joy:


I mean, I don’t doubt, unlike all the good fellows around here, but the trailing vehicle could have at least given us a speedo shot?

Thinking that the eventual customers might want some proof too? Plus, how much can Metr logs hurt?


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