LoveDick Illegitimate Son to LoveChild

Hey guys. Haven’t done one of these for a while! Hopefully I know what I’m doing still.

As you guys may know already, there’s a new company in town. Derelict Robot Industries. Which is how this board came about and wouldn’t have happened without them and their support.

So… My good buddy Andrew (@DerelictRobot) once again got sick and tired of hearing me complain about my range anxiety woes (25 miles isn’t enough I guess). So in other words he said those days are over for me. It was a “Take my hand son… I’ll show you the way” type of moment.

So this is where it begins…

I’m over at Andrews one day and he says “Here. Take these and put them together.” Just looking at them I couldn’t say no. That’d be rude ya know. :wink:

So I put them all together and it made this…

I instantly fell in love. I actually don’t have the words to describe it.

So a little while later… Same story. “Take these and put them together.” So once again, I did what I was told. Even though I’ve never built a battery by myself before. I think there was mention of “Putting on my big boy pants”. I can’t remember.

12S8P Samsung 21700 40T’s

This is what came out of the mess… It was an emotional ride!

Then I had to grip it. I use viscous grip. Such awesome stuff.

Being how big the batteries are, I knew they wouldn’t fit in these Kaly enclosures. So after Andrew gave me some tips and taught me some Fusion360, I came up with my own custom gasket for these beauties. The balance and series wires are routed down and to the deck. This is a deck mounted battery so it only makes sense. These are printed in TPU.

Here’s what I came up with…

On to the next move. I didn’t want to just drill holes in these and run phase wires though the enclosures. That would be boring as fuck. So back to Fusion I went. I decided to use mr-60’s for the phase wires connections.

On to what’s controlling this beast. I’m using some TorqueBoards 6’s. Check em out guys!

Time to manage that battery I built earlier. I’ve had this DieBiems sitting around just waiting for this board and I didn’t even know it. It was meant to be. So I married them together with an awesome mount that @DerelictRobot made. It’s perfect!

One of my favorite features on this board is my FreeSK8 NRF52 BLE Module I’m using. @skate420 has absolutely killed it!!! You can get them here

This build thread feels way too long and I’m only 1/3 of the way posting all the info and pictures I have from it. Oh well. This is what happened in the end. I’m filing for a divorce and I’m marrying this esk8. I’m finally complete!!!

Say Hello to LoveDick guys. The illegitimate son to LoveChild…

Changed over to herringbone gear drives because mah boo wasn’t satisfied with the belts…

I couldn’t thank @DerelictRobot more for hooking me up, giving me advice, and troubleshooting with me through this one. This thing is fucking awesome and I wouldn’t change any part of it. What can I say? I like em big now I guess. :wink:


First :partying_face::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


We are all just going to move to your area. We all get a board?


Dare you to move here dude. Double dog…


How long do we need to occupy hang around Mr robots place to get a Kaly and some hyper trucks?


Come a long way from the Raptors


And you got a freesk8. :man_facepalming:


I have a place in my bathroom for you. Come on over and we’ll wait it out together.


One day everyone in this world will own a FreeSK8. It changes things for the better.


One of those builds that makes you want to abandon all your plans

Go ahead and live our fantasy


I’m still in shock dude…


Saw your post on the Lacroix group, you are out to convert those dads to the diy side. Anyone asked you guys to build a LOVESDICK for them?


One of my favorite builds by far. That deck is something else. Amazing job bro! @SeanHacker


Not yet… (Crosses fingers)


Thanks dude. I’m seriously loving it!


I mean how couldn’t you. It’s perfect


Hold up kade are you hunting you are going to sell the Killshot and build one of these :thinking: I swear if you do…

On topic, awesome build Sean, looks so nice!!


No topic. Proceed…


That is a piece of well executed joy Sean, you got a friend

So I love how you are becoming a 3d nerd and learning cad, good for fucking you it suits.

The gasket idea I was gonna do the inverse on a hyperbeast


Thanks dude. Yeah man. It’s been a fast ride. Got my first printer December last year. Then a second (resin) a month later. Then Andrew says you should try and make shit, check this out. Now it’s something I practice every day. Hoping to get good and be able to do for a while. This pandemic has been educational to say the least.