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ESC - Electric Speed Controllers

List of available ESC and data points. The table is too large to fit on screen w/o scrolling but is still helpful. a link to the google sheet is provided for easier viewing and filtering.

ESC and related definitions can be found in the Glossary of Terms under “ESC Configuration”

Available ESC Table


Manufacturer Name Dims LxWxH (mm) current_constant current_peak volt_range connector_phase connector_dc sensor_support motor_mode input_controller link_image link_purchase comments
Enertion Focbox_v1.7 64x64x22 60a 300a 8-60v 3.5mm bullet? XT60 unk BLDC?, FOC PPM, Analog, UART, USB, CAN-bus, I2C no longer in production
Enertion Unity 64x117x19 80a/160a 150a/300a 8-60v 3.5mm XT60
Flipsky ESC_v4.x Single
Flipsky ESC_v6.x Dual 78x78x20
Torqueboards ESC_v4.x Single 40x120x20 50A 240A 8V to 60V 5.5mm Bullet XT90
Torqueboards Torque ESC V6.64 80x70 💪 TORQUE ESC V6.64 - High Mileage Immediate Testers
Trampa VESC_6+ 75x70x18 80a 150a 6-60v 4mm bullet XT90 ABI, HALL, AS5047 DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
Trampa VESC_6_75/300 82x141x18 300a 450a 14-75v 4mm bullet *9 XT90 * 3 ABI, HALL, AS5047 DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal) Nautical, Robotic, Scientific, Industrial, EV, Weapons
Castle Designs Mamba_XLX 🏁 SRB Esc Approach 🏁
Freefly Arc200 93x54x22.5 60a* 200a* 13.6 - 50.4v 8mm Bullet XT90 Fully sensorless, digital hall sensors, PWM Torque mode (EV), speed mode (Multirotor, requires advanced user tuning), angle/servo mode (experimental, requires advanced user tuning and high-resolution motor encoder) 🔥 Freefly Arc200 Max peak phase current: 200A, Continuous current with little to no heatsinking (hot-side facing upwards and unobstructed): 60A, Continuous current when bolted to a typical EV aluminum chassis: 100-150A, Continuous current with infinite aluminum heatsink or water cooling, and forced air cooling on phase wires: 200A
Maker-X Dual_Drive_v4 76x60x18.5 40a/80a 100a/200a 8V - 60V unk unk Maker-X DUAL DRIVE VESC.4
Maker-X MINI_FOC 50x50x10 30a 100a 8V - 60V unk unk ABI, HALL, AS5047 DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal) Maker-X DUAL DRIVE VESC.4
Maker-X MINI_FOC_PLUS 60.5x50x12 50a 100a 8V - 60V unk unk ABI, HALL DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal) Maker-X DUAL DRIVE VESC.4
Maker-X OFFICIAL_VESC4 unk 50a 150a 8V - 60V unk unk ABI, HALL, AS5047 DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal) Maker-X DUAL DRIVE VESC.4
Maker-X VESC6_High_power unk 200a 100v unk unk unk unk
Suburban Marine Wavebreaker 114.3x53.34x27.94 100a 60v
ESCape Dual 136.5x67.5x14.2 FOC [WTS] [US] dual ESCape [SOLD] one off no longer in production
ESCape single one off no longer in production
shaman FOCer 45x101x 15V to 84V Some New FOCers (84V VESC 6 based controllers) Some New FOCers (84V VESC 6 based controllers)
neo neoBox 60x60x16.5 70a/ 60v neoBOX open source Focbox variant (HW 6 Design)
neo singularity? 60x80
neo 20s thing pending release 1.2 controller 68x72x20 60A 240A 8V - 60V optional xt60 FOC!/The-new-designed-esk8-1-2-controller-based-on-V-4-12-with-direct-fet´s-Single-Dual/p/56097898/category=15255004!/The-new-designed-esk8-1-2-controller-based-on-V-4-12-with-direct-fet´s-Single-Dual/p/56097898/category=15255004
Ollin VESC VESC 4.12 39x110x18 80A 120A 8v - 60v FOC
Axle VESC 5.5 mm bullet XT60
Vanda ESC 4.12 40x60 50A 240A 8V – 60V n/a n/a FOC
Faraday Motion VESC controller
Hobbywing ESC
Miami Electric Boards
Alien Power System
Setting up ESC

How to: Ackmaniac ESC Tool
ESC Battery cutoff settings
Optimum Vesc settings?
Battery Amps, Motor Amps and Duty Cycle… Please Explain
The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

Vote for your favorite ESC

  • Enertion FOCBOX V1.7
  • Enertion Unity
  • Flipsky Single
  • Flipsky Dual
  • Maker-X varient
  • Trampa VESC 6
  • Torqueboards V4.12
  • Other

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I have a Freefly Arc200. The table is a bit wrong, the Arc200 is capable of 150A continuous with heatsink or up to 200A with watercooling.


Thanks! i pulled the data from their confluence page but only focused on the product as shipped and failed to provide the complete information you noted above. updated table and sheet

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Unity uses 3.5mm bullets. Thank you for making this!

There is /was the Ollin VESC that was considered one of the most reliable vescs.

The Axle VESC that was also considered ok a few years back.

The german esk8 1.2 from, also a quality build.

The Taiwanese company Vanda made a few vesc models. Don’t know how they performed though.

Faraday Motion VESC. Danish company, but they don’t seem to be in business anymore.


Google Sheet is now publicly editable, sorry for the oversight with leaving it read only. i found the best method was to update the gsheet and copy/pasta into the wiki as the table formatting is a challenge.

@Venom121212 - thanks, updated
@Sebi - Rad! didnt know those existed, i will add to the sheet & table. i see the 1.2 from do you have a link to the Vanda and Faraday Motion ESCs? It would be nice if we could link to the source material
[edit] found some of the details for Vanda, Faraday Motion, Axle, and Ollin and updated.

Hobbywing ESCs are cheap and reliable solutions for simple, low power builds. Non-accessible configuration however.

Typically 10s 24A max. Newer models support 12s. Many features locked to B2B.


The are two more listed on their site. One with a water proof casing and one “pro version” that’s sold out. As I recall there were “high hopes” for these, but they turned out not to perform that well. Don’t take my word for it though.

The Faraday Motion site is down so I can’t find any specs, but the vesc is mentioned several times on the other forum. @L3chef used them and I believe he liked how they performed.
I found this listing on the other forum with several other escs.

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The odrive is an alternative open source speed controller I’ve eyeballed as well but not tried, know it is still somewhat early development so not sure it would be super safe to use in esk8 but maybe worth considering:

Escape by stewii
No doubt

Is that different than the “ESCape” listed in the table? Can you provide a link to the data sheets and update the workbook?

It is the ESCape

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cool, i’ll link to your picture in the workbook. do you happen to have a data sheet for the device? i could only find info by scaling the old forum

Check the dropbox links

Thanks the dropbox links appear to be dead now. if you are able to find the data sheet do you mind updating the google sheet with the data?

Don’t have it. Maybe another member does

its also the only one with a true sinewave operation. And its completely unavailable.


That’s the issue. I have one and can’t get a second one.

Yeah, they don’t make it selling them anymore. It makes be sad.